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by OPOVV, ©2014

St. Andrew’s Cross appears on the flag of Scotland, which is also called the “Saltire”

(Sep. 28, 2014) — For sure, the Chieftains of the clans of old are all turning in their final resting places, for the Scottish vote to remain tied to Mother England by the umbilical cord of commerce has defiled the memory of those who gave up their lives for an independent country.  Scotland should’ve stood on her own two feet, willing to say “NO!” to the open-door immigration policy which is killing the sovereignty of the land that produced the Magna Carta and the works of William Shakespeare, among a host of other superb and renowned writers.

Been walking around the streets of London lately? Ever come across the “Sharia Zones?” Seen the burqas seemingly slithering up and down the sidewalks; listened to the speakers on the corners and in the parks spout off about “Western Imperialism” and “Woe to the Islamophobes?” Seen the many mosques, which last week were grocery stores? Get a whiff of the stench of decay, and not all of it garbage and dirty diapers, but of human misery caused by hopelessness and despair?

Millions of Muslims in Merry Old England: “Come on in! We’re glad you could come into our country and destroy us from within. We don’t care. Welcome.” Doing the very thing that the Germans couldn’t do; why, all Adolf had to do was to send his Nazis out across the globe to raise little Nazis and he would’ve won the war without having to fire a shot. No, he didn’t think of it, but the Muslims did.

As goes London, so goes the rest of the country, and so, too, goes the Empire. Wasted. And for what?

Scotland had her chance to stand tall, a chance to be at the forefront of what it means to be free, to be a sovereign nation among those of the United Nations (who, today, are nothing more than shadows of their once-admired and beautiful glory).

The history of Scotland must now be rewritten; her lofty ballads thrown in the trash heap; the poems which so eloquently yearned for a “Free Scotland, without the yoke of tyranny from a foreign King,” tossed aside, for it was all a myth, a drunken tale to be toasted, a promise of “We’ll get them yet,” but another tomorrow never will be, for the Scotland of tomorrow came and went, and even if it ever comes around again, the mortal damage has been done.

Where is “Scotland the Brave?”

“Hear me, Lads and Lasses, it was all a dream; it was all smoke and mirrors, this talk of ‘Freedom.’ It was shameful for those who were drawn and quartered, to be sure, but all is well, for we proved it by voting for our own demise. No, we won’t let England go down in the annals of ‘Countries that Once Were’ alone; we’ll fall with her and join France, Sweden, Norway and others, including the USA, to be taken over by Islam.”

That’s it, for without the will to deport one’s enemies, there can be no victory. England has refused to cleanse her lands of the cause of her own cancerous worms eating her from within, and Scotland just voluntarily joined her. Scotland had her one and last chance to make up her own mind about her future, but she choose to have the Jews targeted, then the Christians, and then any who may be left, to make way for the invading hoards of the savages who live for murder.

There can be no excuse to turn one’s back on a fact. The beheading of any Infidel is just a prelude of what’s in store for those who refuse to save themselves.

Semper Fi


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