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by OPOVV, ©2014

Benedict Arnold fought for the colonial army, then switched sides and became a general in the British Army, retiring with a pension in Great Britain

(Sep. 26, 2014) — Benedict Arnold and Eric Holder, two names that will live in infamy as the two arch-traitors to the Constitution of the United States of America. As a reminder, they hung Arnold, but they didn’t have Gitmo then: we do now. I will personally pay for the transportation of Holder to a cage down in Gitmo, there to spend the rest of his sorry, worthless and traitorous life. It’s the very least I can do for my country.

The harm that Holder, as the Attorney General of the USA, has done to the US is incalculable, but let’s try.

First on the list is Holder’s refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers for committing multiple felonies, on camera, mind you, of plain-sight voter intimidation. It is no secret that the presidential “election” was wrought with voter fraud, thanks mainly to ACORN. The honest chance that Obama got the number of votes reported is exactly the same chance of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in the Year of Our Lord, 2014.

Then we have Fast and Furious, the Keystone Cops fiasco of the feeble attempt to abolish the Second Amendment, and it really would be funny if a whole lot of people weren’t killed, including at least one of our own border agents (Brian Terry).

It’s no secret that those who troll on the bottom of the Democratic Party hierarchy hate America with a fanatical vengeance and publicly state that they support the concept of Socialism/Communism/Totalitarianism. The list is endless, from Obama, Hillary, Gore, Bidden, Reid, Pelosi, and so on, and Eric Holder. The concept of an honest work ethic is anathema to those who live in the shadow of lies.

One time I worked for a company that I learned was keeping THREE separate books: one for the IRS, one for the partners, and one for the CEO. When I left I was owed for back pay and vacation time, and for the longest time they wouldn’t send me the money that I was due because, I learned, they believed I had to be stealing and they were out to catch me, therefore avoiding paying me. But I wasn’t stealing, which they eventually concluded. You see, because they were dishonest, they thought everybody was just as corrupt as they were and were to be treated accordingly. So to Holder’s view of the Constitution: a worthless document that has no intrinsic value; something to be circumvented; of no account, which goes to show what a shallow and traitorous individual Holder really is.

Holder’s tying the shoestrings of the FBI are legion, and after he leaves I’m sure all kinds of horror stories will pop up from time to time about his stopping an investigation, transferring employees who got too close to the truth about Obama being an illegal Muslim immigrant, and so on, but especially protecting Obama’s background, identity, and the planned endgame for America.

Now, any of us with an ounce of reasoning ability have plainly concluded that Holder was, at the very best, the worst choice Congress could’ve approved to be the AG. The fact that he was speaks volumes of the extent of the corruption in the government. Reminds me of that company I worked for: everyone a crook.

The history for America has yet to be written, but when it is, Eric Holder’s name will be synonymous with that of Benedict Arnold’s.

Semper Fi


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  1. Interestingly, on the history channel last night, was an expose on Benedict Arnold. Experts in hand writing analysis found that B. Arnold’s wife was most likely the mastermind of the act of treason and she talked her husband into supporting this. She was shrewd and devoid of mental illness, despite her apparent mental breakdown in front of Gen. Geo Washington, who came to arrest Benedict. Gen. Washington on seeing her “melt down” sent her to be with relatives in Philadelphia. Although a Benedict Arnold is synonymous with traitor, it is more likely to have been his wife.