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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Is everything going according to Obama’s plan?

(Sep. 24, 2014) — Everything is in order via the mind of Obama.  The bright shiny distractions are spinning everywhere so we the people won’t know what to do in time.  We are caught in the Obama/chaos ‘mind grip.’

Will the coming HOUSE and SENATE who is inside the circle of Obama deception, bribes and sellouts do what is needed to save America?  Americans are watching?  All Representatives, Senators and those on their way, understand this.  The next 3-6 months will reveal all of who you are and how you will be remembered in history.

Will the opportunity to save America and stand up against a growing tyrant be lost?  We are all living in this final chapter of  ‘America the beautiful.’  How do we plan to end the book?  We already know how Obama plans to end the book. It will be a merciless death scene where buildings, dreams and futures crash to the bloody ground.  Obama will sneer and give us a ‘Latte salute’ as he looks to the sky and flips off God.  Glancing in his mirror again and again, he will then walk to his plane for another island vacation.

We must stop the ‘stuck on stupid-shocked look’

Get over it!  It has been happening for the last six years.  Obama is arrogantly doing the ‘unbelievable.’  Americans who have self-imposed limits, a basic moral code and belief in God can’t imagine someone being so evil and deceitful.  How could Obama really want to hurt and destroy us???   Isn’t he just super-liberal?

Obama obviously disrespects — no, despises the law, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Obama has been clear from the very beginning that he is embarrassed and ashamed of America.  He believes our achievements, power and influence in the world were obtained through treachery and theft of other nations…thus, America must pay.  We must be beaten back, exceptionalism crushed and Judeo-Christian values smeared as he inserts Islam and Communism.

We all know way too much now and have no excuse anymore for allowing him to continue and thrive.  Our ears should be sore by now from hearing the loud and rude screaming from all leaders, state and federal, in the country. Instead, we hear a bold statement of courage from one or two, then back to silence, dinners and political-polite speech.

Crack the whip time

If those in the HOUSE and SENATE were real leaders and remotely concerned with our freedom, safety and laws, they should have long ago impeached Obama and tried him for Treason.  Most of our leaders have drunk the Obama Kool-Aid.  They are drunk with payoffs, delusions of grandeur and stuck in ‘Intimidation square.’

This isn’t conspiracy, extremist talk at all.  We do have a poser president who continues to get people killed; as in Benghazi, listen in on our phone calls through the illegal actions of the NSA; target, audit, threaten and destroy conservatives through the tactics of the IRS and arrogantly walk past the HOUSE and the SENATE, dominating and controlling with ‘executive orders.’

Obama is responsible for the proliferation and spread of ISIS, not ISIL.  He has made sure all kinds of weapons and funds have gotten to the ‘rebels’ in Syria which have given birth to ISIS and their offshoots.  Obama could give a rip about confronting ISIS.  The only reason we are ‘magically’ at war now with ISIS is due to the intense heat Obama got for saying he didn’t have a plan for ISIS after they had been slaughtering, beheading and cutting in half women and children in Iraq.

Americans got to see a glimpse of the real Obama as he talked for a few minutes about the beheading of one of our journalists, then ran back to his golf game.  The only reason we are in this poser war now against ISIS is to try and convince us right before the 2014 election cycle that Obama and the progressive left really are doing something and leading.  Too little and too late, Obama.

Understand this, people.  We all know there will be an endless sea of lies, perhaps a false flag event (we are getting used to those), and voter fraud.  Regardless, we all must vote…period.  Volunteer to be watchers and observers at voter precincts.  Whatever you do, vote for the conservative and not for the Obama-progressive this time.

Then, once the GOP and conservatives take back the Senate and fortify the HOUSE, do not trust a word they say!  Be all over them with our needs, our agenda and our goals to save the nation.  Let them know how little we care about their interns, parties or careers!  We care about freedom, our lives, God, family and country.

Start practicing what we are going to say to our leaders to get them focused

  • Repeal and crush Obamacare
  • Complete the investigations with arrests and closures – IRS and the NSA
  • America needs real tax reform, not more talk and tax increases
  • Rebuild and fund our military back to where it was
  • Conclude the Benghazi investigation and make arrests
  • Get ahead of the message and share weekly with the American people what is going on…the bills, the cleanup, the arrests, and the progress.  It’s called…be at the microphone and talk to us on a regular basis.  No reaction….ACTION

Let us build back the real American legacy that Obama has stolen.

Join me as I take on these issues on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC.  Listen in at:  www.ksbn.net or later on the archives at www.therothshow.com.

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