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by New York State Grassroots Groups

Is there a political sea change occurring in New York State?

(Sep. 24, 2014) — NOTE: BOLD action CAN turn the tide in New York. We continue to distribute a “Sea of Visual Protest.” We and The Banner Truck will be on hand at a SCOPE meeting at The Weedsport, NY American Legion, Wednesday, Sept. 24 , 7:00 pm (Clark-Heck American Legion Post 568 at 8844 S. Seneca St., Weedsport, NY) to discuss the following proposal with any and all people and candidates for office who are willing to take a stand. Please read our message below:

Are WE all that stupid?

Since the passage of the Safe Act it has been customary for politicians to make claims they are for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act at public gatherings and in speeches. And then at other times and in legislative sessions those same politicians say it is impossible to pass a Full Repeal of the Safe Act bill. Are WE all that stupid? NO – WE know there are “legislative tools” that could be used to achieve FULL Repeal of the Safe Act but the current incumbent legislators don’t have the conviction or courage to use them. Do WE want leaders or do WE want cowards representing US?

NOW is the time to VOTE or BOYCOTT – after elections is too late – to call the politicians’ bluff. Will they truly represent US or is it just typical election rhetoric (lies)? NOW is the time to force ALL candidates to “Pledge to the People.” DEMAND a “Pledge to the People” for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act and restoration of OUR basic rights. A public “Pledge Record” will list those who make a pledge and those who won’t.

WE have fought hard for almost two years now. The law and the authority are in OUR favor. Do YOU have the courage to stand by YOUR convictions? UNITE – take a stand – Demand a “Pledge to the People” from YOUR candidates for office – BOYCOTT all politicians who refuse.

Act NOW or continue to be “Taxed Into Poverty – Beaten Into Submission. Be BOLD – Submit the following document to YOUR candidates running for office.

NOTICE to ALL Candidates for Office:

WE, the people of New York, wish to support only candidates for office who are willing to sign a written “Pledge to the People.” We do not demand you make an unreasonable pledge – only a pledge YOU can adhere to. We have developed a reasonable pledge and offer it as a suggestion, hoping YOU will sign it in its entirety. BUT:  You may alter or add to the suggested pledge in any way YOU desire. The content of your pledge will be evaluated. An unanswered or no response to this request will be considered a refusal to sign a “Pledge to the People.”

I / WE hereby offer ____________________________________
(candidate name)
(office or position)

the opportunity to engage with the People of New York by making a written “Pledge to the People.” Your pledge and/or corresponding reply should be sent to:

_______________________________________       ______________________________________
Name and Mailing address                                                              Email address

Suggested “Pledge to the People”:

I, _____________________________, solemnly swear that when elected I will fully represent the people of New York and will remain loyal to correcting all LAWLESS government actions.

I will not vote for bloated budgets, crony capitalism, gimmicks or unnecessary government initiatives.

I will not vote on any legislation I have not read, has not been debated or has been brought up for vote by way of “Message of Necessity.”

1.      I will introduce support and sponsor legislation to restore our right of referendum.
2.      I will introduce support and sponsor legislation for term limits.
3.      I will introduce support and sponsor legislation to outlaw political donations used for criminal legal defense.

I will use ALL legislative “tools” available to:

·         Support any and ALL efforts of the Moreland Commission to prosecute corruption
·         Create Manufacturing Jobs without special tax breaks or grants.
·         Pass FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act
·         End Crony Capitalism. No more freebees for political special interests.
·         Lower Taxes for Everyone
·         Restore Local Decisions on Education
·         Protect the 2nd Amendment
·         Repeal Tax-Free Zones & Special Tax Break Schemes
·         Repeal NYS Common Core Education

I am running solely in civic duty to our state’s citizens. I will uphold my oath of office.

To this pledge I set my hand without any reservation whatsoever.

Please don’t delay – time is of the essence and will effect your rating – Thank You

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  1. We have plenty of Arm Chair Commanders/Cowards/Exploiters/Money Grubbers/Greedy Creeps/Aggressive Creeps/System Gamers/Promise Makers/Smiling Liars/Perverts/Weirdos/Entitlement Self Lovers/Phony Personalities/Phony Celebrities/Artificial Leaders/Pretenders, ETCCCCCCCC. We need REAL MEN & WOMAN that are EXPERIENCED LEADERS and we need MILITARY VETERANS involved in the damaged political processes to weed out the classic do nothings/dead beats/racial card bearers/buddy systems/career political criminals/self serving goons and as many Democrat members who are destroying America as they profit. How long will this go on? As long as people are making money from the problems and confusion. Start TERM LIMITS to begin with-that will get the attention of the politicians-elimination of all security after leaving “office”-if they want “protection” let them hire personal body guards or get a “license to carry” like the rest of the “commoners”-full reduction of all benefits and require all political employees to have same health plans as the working class-removal of all first class flight privileges-banning all “private jet” privileges such as Nancy Pelosi who flies to California every weekend year round on taxpayer money to maintain her wealth at others expense-stop all pork barrel and contract rewards systems-immediate action legal teams to stop cover ups and fraud-provide moderate housing in DC and elimination of all “mansion” privileges which is feeding the “culture of corruption” and criminal political elements that are encouraged and upheld by the Washington socialite lifestyles. Psychological screening of all entrants into political realms and employment in government and DC-elimination of positions for ANYONE belonging to “The American Communist Party” or other Muslim and Radical groups that are illegally getting paychecks for causing trouble and sabotaging the American way of life for their own personal gains.