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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Does Congress have the courage to abolish the IRS?

(Sep. 23, 2014) — It is known all over America by now that during the last six years of Obama’s tyrannical reign, he has used the IRS to do just what he said he would do – punish his enemies.  The IRS has been caught red-handed targeting, harassing, ignoring and auditing conservative groups.  This harassment and endless auditing push has forced many into bankruptcy and non-existence…which was exactly the plan.

As investigations began to unfold in 2013, it was revealed that dozens of Tea Party groups had been harassed and audited by the IRS.  In fact, as of May 2014, at least twenty-five conservative and Tea Party groups had filed suit against the IRS.

The IRS has become one of Obama’s favored assault weapons against conservatives and those who dare oppose him.  He has assigned the dreaded IRS as head of the UN-Constitutional Obamacare rollout.  Imagine how healthy we all feel at the end of a hard work week just knowing that we can look forward to the long lines for health care, minimized care as we need it and data-mining of our personal business.

The joys of Obama’s nearly 700-million-dollar computer failing again and again while losing, chewing up or selling our personal information is beyond what anyone can take. The cherry on top is the forced health insurance that we all must have or we get to be put on the IRS “punish and growing fines list.”

Ironically, for those who blindly wanted to jump in and “obey” Obama and the IRS, they couldn’t.  The computer system was brazenly incompetent, full of glitches and not even safe against hackers.  We all know now that millions of us were dumped from our insurance plans. Many insurance companies had to go under or drop all kinds of clients since they couldn’t afford to comply. That was the plan.

Back to the bigger picture and vision of the IRS under Barack Hussein Obama

Obama threatens, manipulates, rewards and punishes through our now highly-compromised health care system…headed by his SS – the IRS.  Just as in the days of Adolph Hitler, Obama with his god complex will attempt to control everyone’s health and life span.

Obama and the IRS will continue their slaughter by auditing, threatening and harassing conservative groups and the Tea Party world.  Obama can’t have groups organizing against him and his progressive backbone by raising money and getting more volunteers.  Conservatives must be threatened and audited until they are beyond distraction and crushed.

The investigation under Rep. Trey Gowdy

Representative and criminal prosecutor Rep. Trey Gowdy is investigating and shining the light on the many crimes and lies of the IRS against the people.  Lois Lerner tried to plead the 5th a few times but that didn’t quite work.  Then she wanted protection from prosecution if she did testify…so the game of self-protection goes.

Emails between Lois Lerner and other high-ups connecting all the way back the White House have been found.  The crimes and droppings on the trail are become clearer and clearer as Rep. Gowdy digs and finds more.  Pray for Gowdy, folks.  He is standing tall and investigating the crimes in Benghazi and the IRS, let alone other scandals that keep surfacing with this administration.

The IRS must be disbanded and arrests must be made for their crimes against conservatives that have no doubt shaped the last Obama election in a fraudulent way.

Americans are still forced to file their taxes and submit to IRS’s demands and threats or else endure the endless fines and seizing of assets.

Many in our country have been buried with the ongoing recession and very challenged job and housing markets.  Millions have found themselves not able to pay all their taxes or are simply behind, just trying to stay in their homes.

To-do list

We don’t all have a Rep. Trey Gowdy to help us with our situation…and we are all in a potentially growing, nightmarish situation of tax threats, fines and controls laced all through Obamacare.  I am with you and waiting on what they will try next if the HOUSE and SENATE can’t and won’t destroy and/or defund Obamacare.

We must write, email, fax and call our Representatives and Senators to build the pressure for them to demand justice regarding the IRS.  They need to be dramatically pushed back and preferably shut down…along with many arrests for their crimes against the people.

If we find ourselves in business or personal tax trouble or in an audit nightmare, don’t face the IRS alone.  They will threaten and manipulate you into submission and likely take most of what you have before you can even breathe.  Not every group can really help you, but many can sure make things worse.  A group I researched, read reviews on and found was www.taxtiger.com.  They are known for their ethics, service and bottom-line help strategies for normal folks like us.  I have personally interviewed the CEO of this company, Kathy Hill, and have bludgeoned her with endless questions.  She didn’t waver at my heat and I was most impressed.  So, if you are one of the countless sea of people caught in the IRS net of horror, try them out.  Do your own research and think carefully.

Keep really detailed and good records and move some of your money, especially for family, bills and emergencies, out of some of your accounts that might get garnished or messed with if you are in trouble.

Let us make the 2014 elections count and get back our SENATE while fortifying our HOUSE.  Once we get both the HOUSE and the SENATE back…and I think we will, the real work begins.  It is time for us to keep regular and vivid pressure on our Representatives and Senators to 1) destroy and defund Obamacare in whatever way possible 2) finish the investigation about Benghazi  – with arrests 3) finish the investigation of the IRS – with arrests and closers  4) Demand that our military be built back to what it was 5) Demand a complete tax overhaul to encourage business growth and economic healing. 6) finish the investigation with the NSA – with arrests.

I want way more heat on the IRS, not us.  We already have very dark tans and sunburns from their heat.  I do believe the sun lamp is coming their direction.  I hope they have their papers ready.

I am starting a new IRS series on my national radio show every Friday from 7-8pm PAC.  Join me and hear experts, make plans and learn how to survive.  This will start October 3rd, 2014.  Listen in at www.ksbn.net.

Join me each day as I take on these issues from 7-10pm PAC. You can listen to my show from 7-10pm PAC at www.ksbn.net or later on the show archives at www.therothshow.com.

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