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by Sharon Rondeau

Are Tennesseeans aware that their public offices are full of corruption?

(Sep. 20, 2014) — In response to an article at the Political Outcast blog entitled “What Happens if ISIS Attacks in Tennessee:  A Second Amendment Response,” commenters apparently from the Volunteer State discussed what their responses might be if members of the barbaric terrorist organization ISIS were to launch an attack in their neighborhood.

While some commenters noted that strict gun laws have been enacted in states such as California, Massachusetts and New York, possibly affecting their citizens’ ability to respond to such a terror attack, they affirmed Tennessee’s support of Second Amendment rights and self-defense.  Many expressed disdain or dislike for “libs” who favor restrictive gun laws.  Some were troubled that political correctness has muzzled discussions of the reality of Islamic terrorism.

In late May of last year, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee William C. Killian issued a veiled threat to anyone posting negative comments toward Islam, stating that he or she would be “subject to federal jurisdiction.”  In early June, Killian and then-Knoxville, TN FBI Director Kenneth Moore spoke at a “special meeting” sponsored by the Muslim Advisory Council in Manchester, TN titled “Public Discourse in a Diverse Society” at which they warned that offending followers of Islam could lead to “consequences” if the “civil rights” of Muslims were deemed to have been violated.

The audience was largely unreceptive to Killian and Moore and objected loudly to Killian’s presentation.

Blogger and author Pamela Geller, who attended the event, stated that an article issued by a reporter at The Tennesseandefamed patriots who stood for free speech.” Geller described two journalists representing the newspaper as “truth-challenged, agenda-driven, [and] pro-Muslim Brotherhood.”

One commenter at Political Outcast said, “…we can not even call it war or say Islam is evil!! How can you fight what you refuse to admit even EXISISTS!!!!!”  [sic]

That comment was followed by one by phrowt, a regular reader of The Post & Email who at one time was considering relocating to Tennessee.  His comment, which focused on Tennessee’s corrupt government, reads, “Problem with Tennessee is the Judiciary and all politicians and State Attorneys are completely corrupt. They put innocent people in jail/prison just for challenging that corruption. Maybe if the Muslims try something it would be a way to wake up the people in that messed up State.”

The response of a Tennessean to phrowt was, “Do you live in TN? If so your entitled to your statements, if not Please be quite. The only problem I have with my state is that (satan temple) in Murfreesboro. Now that we could do without.”

Referring to the hundreds of reports published at The Post & Email over the last five years on Tennessee corruption, Phrowt then responded:

Sorry if I offended you, however I did a lot of research on your State and found there to be so much corruption that I changed my mind about relocating there. I also found that it appears that most Tennesseans (you may be one of them) are unaware of what is going on in your Local Law Enforcement and Judiciary. I suggest you check out an internet news source (http://www.thepostemail.com/) that has reported extensively on specific cases of corruption in the Tenth Judicial District that includes many eastern Tennessee counties like McMinn, Monroe, Polk, Bradley and recently Lawrence.

There is so much corruption in Tennessee that even when many including myself have written letters to the Governor, Bill Haslam and other State and Federal representatives nothing is do or even recognized.

Here are some names you may be familiar with, if not I suggest you Google them and learn about what they are doing to the people of Tennessee.

Judges: Carol Lee Ross, Amy Reedy, Jon Kerry Blackwood, Patricia McGuire

Court Clerk: Martha Cook

Grand Jury Foremen: Gary Pettiway, Jeff Cunningham (Attorney & Banker)

Law Enforcement/ Prosecutors: A. Wayne Carter, Steven Bebb, Bill Bivens

Victims: Lt. Cmdr. Terry Lakin, Cmdr. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, George Raudenbush III, Marvin Young

Many of the people in public office in Tennessee profess to be Christian but it is hard to see that they are when innocent people are tried and convicted without due process as you will see should you take the time to do your own research.

By the way both the TBI and the FBI as well as Tennessee Senators and Representatives have been informed without any comment or action. So maybe it is not I that should be quite. Maybe you and others who are proud of your State need to make a loud voice as we who are only outside observers seem to have not been heard.

I pray I have not offended you further and only given you information in which you may educate yourself as to what we see. Again please check out the Post & Email as you will be amaze by the wealth of information about the corruption in Tennessee where Honorable Veterans who are Heroes are sentenced to Prison without benefit of the Constitutional rights you think you have. May you not run afoul of the law officers and judges in your State and may God bless you and yours.

Semper Fi

Results published from a joint study between the University of Indiana and the University of Hong Kong rated Tennessee as the third most corrupt state in the nation.  The Post & Email has reported on judicial corruption which has affected every grand jury indictment for at least 34 years; lack of response and denial to Public Records requests by hiding behind the wording of the Public Records Act, which states that “any citizen of this state” can obtain documents releasable under the conditions of the law; altered court transcripts and a law passed by the legislature assigning court reporters to judges and therefore enabling such “doctoring;” the unwarranted stopping of lawfully-traveling motorists by Tennessee Highway Patrolmen to garner instant cash flow; sheriffs and their deputies carrying out unwarranted brutality against their constituents; substandard jail conditions; confiscation of money, property, and goods from those arrested which fuel a prisoners-for-profit enterprise; district attorneys fulfilling the roles of both prosecutor and accuser, in violation of the Tennessee constitution; the issuance of and reliance upon forged charging documents; empaneling jurors known to have served a previous term in violation of state law; and juries condemning defendants to prison for decades for serious crimes without any forensic evidence.

The Post & Email has found that Tennessee media is largely unresponsive and not inquisitive about the corruption within the attorney general’s office, courts, executive branch and the grand juries whose indictment power has been co-opted by the “dictatorship of the judiciary.”

Subsequent commenters below the article do not appear to have tackled the issue of Tennessee government corruption as presented by phrowt; rather, the topic went “quiet.”

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  1. There seems to be a national movement amongst the prepper/doomsdayers to move to the southern Appalachians as a “safe haven”,e.g. the mountains of east TN. This came up most recently on The Daily Bell, an international, primarily financial, website. When the comment about the corruption in east TN was put in, that thread also deteriorated. The comment asked the question would it make sense to pay protection to assure a safe haven?
    The corruption in east TN is coming up on more and more websites. Letters have been sent to the TN tourist bureau pointing this out but they too do not respond.
    The “safe haven” phenomenon could be very lucrative to TN if they would or could correct their corrupt practices.