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by OPOVV, ©2014

On April 2, 2009, shortly after Obama took office, he bowed to Saudi Arabian King Abdullah at the G20 Summit in London

(Sep. 20, 2014) — Hello, and thank you for stopping by. This editorial is brought to you by someone who believes in the Constitution and common sense. If you, for whatever sorry excuse, don’t agree with either the Constitution or the ability to see through the lies that have been spewing out of Obama’s lying mouth for the past six years, please do yourself a great big favor and tune in to “The View” or any other worthless television program that you’ll find on MSNBC and CNN.

That said, for those of you who are left, once again, thank you for taking the time and making the effort to read a synopsis of what we’ve inherited from a bunch of low-information voters (that would be your Obots) and felons (for not counting legally-submitted votes), so we ended up with a Muslim as president, just seven years after 9-11. That is like electing a Nazi just seven years after the end of World War II.

In 2008, at the small-dog park, there was a Jewish lady who was an Obama supporter. When I pointed out the fact that Hussein Obama was a Muslim and, as a good little Muslim, would like nothing more than to kill every Jew in the world, she just gave me a blank look and said, “But we’ve always voted Democrat.”

So how is Obama doing? What was his agenda and how far along is he on it? Well, to answer the first question, Obama is doing very well. From someone who shouldn’t have lasted six months, he’s been in six years. From someone who hasn’t been vetted, who is using a stolen Social Security number, and who has a documented history of using multiple aliases, addresses and phone numbers, not to mention ever more fraudulent Social Security numbers (money laundering, anybody?), Congress should’ve sent him, along with his sidekick Attorney General Eric Holder, to Gitmo, long before now.

As far as Obama’s agenda, one roadblock was not getting the Muslim Brotherhood ensconced in Egypt, although he really did try. Obama also had a reluctant ally of the US, Muammar Gaddafi, murdered, which opened the door for the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. So let’s chalk Libya up, along with arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, aka ISIS, and letting the Taliban in Afghanistan take back their country from, well, now, there’s a good question. And then there’s Pakistan, another worthless country, ally-wise, that we, for whatever reason, give a lot of money to so they won’t nuke India. Why not let India nuke Pakistan and do us, and everyone else, a huge favor? Anybody have a problem with that scenario?

Here’s the point: the primary reason why the Muslim power brokers backed Obama was to weaken America so as to, eventually, replace the Constitution with Sharia Law. The secondary reason was to surround Israel with the Army of the Muslim Brotherhood, aka Hezbollah, Palestinian Liberation Nonsense, Hamas, al-Qaeda, and so on: call it by any other name and it’s still Iran’s physical foreign policy in action. Immediate goal? None other than the complete destruction of Israel and to kill every Jew and Christian in the Middle East. Period. No “ands’, “ifs”, or “buts.’. No discussion, argument, whining and/or wailing will change that simple and obvious fact: Obama’s current job is to assist, in every conceivable possible way, the Muslim’s Brotherhood’s destruction of Israel. One question: Where was the US Navy when Israel was being bombarded with thousands of bombs raining down upon them?

Really, now, I wouldn’t count on the USA watching my back, so why would any country expect any different? Television specials in just about every country but ours have run programs explaining why Obama is Constitutionally ineligible to be an employee in the United States government in the job of president, collecting his green paycheck, just as millions of other government checks are green. Obama isn’t special: he’s just an illegal Muslim immigrant. No “racial profiling” here in America; no FBI raids on Muslim armories (mosques); no law enforcement scrutiny on all the Islamovilles scattered around our land; in short, no profiling of any kind.

Yes, Obama’s primary reason is alive and going strong: right on target. And the target? You and your family are caught in the crosshairs. Our laws are on the line. And thanks to all those who had a hand on Obama’s name being on the ballot, our country is back to Square ONE.

Semper Fi


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