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by Sharon Rondeau

Mike Bottoms retired on August 31, 2014 as District Attorney General for Tennessee’s 22nd District. Bottoms is named as a defendant in the case of Arthur Jay Hirsch v. McGuire, Bottoms, et al

(Sep. 19, 2014) — In a brief filed by Lawrence County, TN General Sessions Judge Patricia McGuire by her counsel in the case of Arthur Jay Hirsch v. Judge Patricia B. McGuire, District Attorney General Mike C. Bottoms, et al, McGuire’s defense counsel referred to Bottoms as “Former District Attorney General Mike Bottoms.”

The plaintiff in the case, Arthur Hirsch, alleged constitutional and civil rights violations on the part of the defendants, which included several assistant district attorneys general and two Tennessee Highway Patrolmen in addition to McGuire and Bottoms.

On Friday, The Post & Email contacted the office of the District Attorneys General for Tennessee’s 22nd District, asking for the media representative.  The woman who answered the telephone stated that she was the only person in the office at the time.  When we asked when Bottoms left his post and whether or not he assumed another position, she said, “He retired.”  When we asked the effective date of his retirement, the response was, “August 31st.”  We then asked if the retirement had been planned, to which we were told, “Yes.”  When we asked if there was anything “unusual” about Bottoms’ retirement, the woman adamantly, almost shouting, said, “No!!”

Indeed, Bottoms had announced his retirement in January of this year.

Bottoms’ former credential still appears in numerous internet searches.  One search invoking “Mike Bottoms” directs to the prosecutor’s website where Brent Cooper, the new district attorney general, is pictured.

The district encompasses the counties of Maury, Lawrence, Wayne and Giles.

Cooper, a Republican, was a candidate for the position for the August 7 election, having worked as an assistant prosecutor under Bottoms for 14 years.

Cooper is also named as a defendant in Hirsch’s lawsuit.

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  1. There is a pattern of all these Democrat entitlement clowns with fishing pole in hands waiting for the big day and “retirement spending sprees” to unfold. It is almost a comedy watching taxpayer monies burning in the background as phony ceremonies announce what a great job many of these parasites have done when in reality they have operated in a criminal ring of extortion behind public view as they spent years duping the public or following orders of “supervisors” as cover ups and obfuscations abound each day in under their “job titles” for paychecks that are never deserved. There are many “public trustee/servants” that DO perform their jobs well and according to the law. In many small and large cities or towns there are always people in the “system” that rarely are caught or prosecuted for breaking the law or misusing positions for personal gains or other crooked agendas. Punishing the public or playing the system is their game and they are the worst types that seem to always be hired by government management. I had applied to some of those jobs as a Veteran and saw what was going on. They usually looks for a certain type of personality type that fits their “team player” guidelines-in other words-someone that won’t be “by the book” or a “whistleblower”. Fortunately for the rest of the population-there is usually someone with a “conscience” that reports wrongdoing and may get an investigation started. Most of these “government positions” protect themselves including full blown cover ups, lying to the press, performing “internal investigations” that go no where or some other form of hanky panky to throw off outside prosecutions or leads. Nothing new.