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by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), Co-Founder, CombatVeteransForCongress.org

Why is Obama sending 3,000 U.S. troops to allegedly combat the Ebola virus when he will not position them at the U.S. southern border to keep out gang members, other criminals, and those carrying diseases?

(Sep. 18, 2014) — In the Middle East, for the past three years, Obama has avoided exercising traditional US leadership in the world community to mobilize support for the prevention of the continued slaughter of Christians. By his inaction, he has signaled ISIL that it is safe to continue slaughtering Christians.  Obama continues to state almost daily that there will be no boots on the ground in the Middle East; ISIL has become emboldened by his telling them what he will not do.

Instead of inserting boots on the ground with small Special Operations units in the Levant of what used to be Iraq to coordinate command and control, US air operations and strikes, and gathering of actionable intelligence, and instead of putting 3,000 military boots on the ground along the southern border to stem the massive influx of illegal immigrants, drug smugglers, human smugglers, and terrorists flooding across the southern border, Obama is executing a very dangerous plan to deploy 3,000 US military personnel to the Ebola-infected jungles of Liberia.  Obama has placed the 3,000 military personnel under the command of the State Department, not the Defense Department.

Helping contain Ebola is not the duty of the US Armed Forces to perform.  The US military is not an organization that possesses the technology to combat contagious and infectious diseases that have no cure.  It is something which the UN Health Organization, together with the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Disease at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, should be doing.  It is not a mission the military was properly trained to execute.  US Armed Forces personnel should be employed in combat operations; this is just another abuse of US military personnel by Obama.  (Please read the below listed article.)

The Obama administration representatives could not answer some very basic questions: were there adequate protective and preventive medical equipment and health training procedures that they would provide to the 3,000 military personnel to make sure military personnel would not get infected with Ebola?  The Obama administration had no answers to those question posed by the press. In recent days, health officials around the world have become alarmed by the prospect that the Ebola virus could mutate and become airborne, then the spread of infection would be virtually be impossible to contain.

Obama’s order to deploy 3,000 boots on the ground in West Africa to help contain Ebola is risking infecting the nation with a killer plague that has no medical cure.  This latest unsound and flawed initiative by the occupant of the Oval Office, hazarding the lives of 3,000 US military personnel with the possibility of being infected with Ebola, further displays a lack of cautious and intelligent leadership.   The Speaker of the House endorsed Obama’s perilous policy which risks the security of the nation and hazards the lives of children and the elderly in America.

Obama’s initiatives will be praised and celebrated by the left-of-center liberal media establishment.   Obama’s very dangerous decision will be hazarding the entire nation, especially when the 3000 military personnel return.  They should all be quarantined, offshore, for at least two months before they are allowed to set foot back on CONUS.  This risky initiative will result in more of the American people not trusting the judgment of the President or the Speaker of the House, since they are both supporting a policy that is endangering the safety and security of the American people.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt              USN(Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108

Fax: (619) 220-0109


Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8


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