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(Sep. 16, 2014) — “Islam is a religion of peace,” so said England’s Prime Minister David Cameron, and with those five words England lost her sovereignty and became just another Islamic State, thus condemning to death every Christian in the British Isles. The followers of the “religion of peace” will fulfill their “religious” obligations by murdering the followers of The Christ, a preacher of the Golden Rule.

England has the opportunity to save itself, time-wise, but the clock is ticking and it’s the eleventh hour. And as England, the United States has her own Quislings, traitors amongst us, not some nut-case willing to blow themselves up from Somalia. Our back-stabbers, as England’s, are in-house, born and bred in the very country they’re out to destroy.

Many of life’s mysteries have been made clear to us: the number pi and the physical reason as to how the moon goes through its phases of light and shadow, but the greatest mystery of them all is for people to deny the facts set before them: no wonder that Moses lost his cool and smashed the Ten Commandments. For the last 1,400 years, the followers of Islam have been inexorably spreading fear, death and destruction, day by day and year after year. This spreading of man’s domination over women and children, the culturally-acceptable practice of cruelty to animals and the wanton murder of those who they perceive as their enemies, has been, more or less, held in check until oil was discovered underneath heretofore economically worthless piles of sand.

Petrol dollars represent a powerful force, and as all other forces, it can be used for ill or good. Money can finance cancer research or, perhaps even more importantly, Ebola research, or it can finance the spreading of terror. Money can be used for good or evil, beneficial or destructiveness. Terror takes money: explosives, weapons, food, and clothing be purchased and the rent must be paid. Isn’t it ironic that the one group of people who could have had a hand in doing mankind the most good is using the monetary windfall to do the most harm by spreading their personal brand hatred and death (Islam)?

Contemplate, for a moment, had the Jews taken a right turn, instead of a left, when they made their exodus from Egypt. But the Good Lord works in mysterious ways indeed, and we must play the hand that we are dealt, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination when comparing a Jewish settlement adjacent to a Muslim one: the demarcation between the two is as great as night and day; green fields vs. desolate waste; women and children at the marketplace vs. wailing and sleep deprivation, flies and garbage, despair and filth, helplessness and hopelessness. Yet it is the latter that Cameron seems to admire: the pure, unadulterated evil that displaces hard work and great rewards, and there’s no better example than to compare the State of Israel with its surrounding neighbors. Which to choose: Enlightenment or Despotism; doing Good or doing Harm; Pride or Sloth; Honor or Shame; faces held up to the light of scrutiny or hiding behind a mask, afraid to be recognized as a serial killer, a psychopath, a murderer, a rapist, a child abuser, and animal hater, a despicable and totally worthless human being that possesses no redeeming qualities whatsoever, except that of feeding the ants, grubs and worms that inhabit the world down below. And the Prime Minister of England has the audacity to refer to Islam as a “peaceful religion.”

Not yesterday; not yester-year; not yester-century; and not even yester-millennia; but for OVER 1,400 YEARS!  Islam has been killing, killing, killing. So we wonder at the mental capabilities of our leaders; we question the sincerity of them; we ask ourselves are they the best people we have to protect us, to face the evil of today’s reality, or are they just part of the problem?

Obama and Cameron: members of the same team; traitors to the people they represent; purveyors of The New World Order: millions of Muslims in England, and all the PM has to say is that “Islam is a peaceful religion,” just as Obama extorts Islam’s contribution to the United States, yet failing to mention the Barbary Pirates, Ft. Hood and on some desolate sand pile where an American is decapitated by a coward who is afraid to show his face; afraid to let people know who he is; afraid to be identified in some future line-up; afraid that his cowardly actions will come back to bite him someday and he’ll have to answer for his deplorable deeds. The evidence is clear: England is being done-in from within.

Semper Fi


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  1. Anyone who follows the Koran is subject to it’s laws. Kufar or non-Muslims who don’t convert to Islam will be called out for death by the Islamic laws. Any Imam can call Jihad and start a “Holy War” against any faction or person that they feel is against Islam. Many British friends I know left England and came to America because they were fed up with their government ignoring the problems with Muslims there. See http://www.creepingsharia.wordpress.com and see how much OUR “government” isn’t telling us because they are using immigrants for gaining votes. Hillary got the Muslims classified as “displaced minorities” so they will all get the same free benefits that all the Mexican illegals are getting. The cost to Americans now is up to nearly $72 billion dollars yearly-a double leveraged scheme to gain votes and future revenue for DNC entitlement scams. Not bad if you can pull it off.