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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

(Sep. 11, 2014) — Is there ever a time we will get sick of the word and political games regarding our treatment of Islam?  “It is a religion of peace,” former President Bush reminded us again and again after 9-11.  Sorry, Bush, but you were wrong. As the current Islamic murderers wipe out everyone in sight in Iraq and Syria, Obama is quick to remind us in his latest inspired speech… “ISIL is not Islamic.”  Apparently, according to Obama, all the groups who torture, behead and murder others are terrorists, hiding perhaps in Islam but not reflective of Islam at all.

The only problem with this endless “peace” propaganda about Islam is that it reflects only the dementia, intimidation and lies of the person speaking.

Obama talks about “routing out militants” from ISIS.  The tragic and deadly truth is that there are no good guys or bad guys in Islam or routing out anything.  Rather, there are over 1.5 billion in this family who believe in the words and holy books of Islam that reflect the teachings of Muhammad and Allah.  The Koran, Hadith and Sharia law reflect the skeletal core of their belief system and how they live their lives.

Regardless of who fires the gun or cuts the head off, all are guilty who dare believe what the Koran says and how they are to relate to the “infidels.”  According to their own statements, the last half of the Koran trumps and dominates the earlier, more peaceful-type writings of the first half.

So, what does just a little look at the last half of the Koran reveal to us?  Chapter 9:  We have 3 choices:  1) Forcibly convert to Islam  2) Submit to their Mafia-like tax just to stay alive, making sure we are humiliated, or 3) be killed.

The Koran is not a book for terrorists, but rather, for anyone who believes in Muhammad and Allah.  Any group, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, and on and on the brand names go…following the literal teachings of Muhammad and the Koran, will either kill, torture and/or enslave people of difference.  The rest will support, fund and pray for their “hero” killers in their various organizations.  None of this is good for Americans who want to stay alive and experience freedom.

As Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch said ages ago, some Islamics are committed to either “silent jihad” or “violent jihad.”

If the stated goal of Islam per their own holy books is to subjugate, enslave, convert or murder the rest of us, how does Obama magically disconnect Islam from all this?  Do Muslims who say they want peace expect anyone to believe them when those Islamics who lash out against us infidels are only following the vision and mission of Muhammad per the Koran?

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  1. Anyone who follows the Koran is subject to it’s laws. If an Emam calls for Jihad in any Mosque they can require all members to follow, that it to kill any Kufar or non-Muslim who may have “offended” someone in their clan for any reason they believe OR make up. Once the Muslims develop volume in our communities, they will easily use the “majority vote” by sheer numbers to take over our cities and towns. By that time, most of the DNC criminals that are now pushing to bring in more Muslims/Mexicans and “unknowns” for future votes, will be retired and getting retirement for destroying what gave them those benefits. They don’t care, they will be dead. The children now, will pay for this for the next 40 years long into their elder years. Most Americans take it very lightly when ISIS says they will plant their flag on the White House. An illegal Muslim has been illegally empowered by Pelosi and Biden when they falsified the DNC Vetting papers of Obama in 2008. The young people that will be force to live their own folly, will pay for this into their medicare enrollement as current DNC members did very well stealing “stimulus funds” “kickbacks” for pork programs and contract fraud. Bill Clinton is making a fortune stealing money with phony contracts, business “advisement fees” and buddy programs for his cronies while the illegal Haitian Pres installed by the U.S. feeds a little to Poppa Doc and Duvalier who returned within weeks of the $4.3 Billion hitting the pot of gold for Haitian “recovery” programs. Many Haitians that I know and have spoken to have said everywhere you look there- nothing has been done. Gangs roam the streets and rob people at night-the only difference is now the people there have both dictators back in country and one of the most murderous and crooked men that ever stood in the White House stealing along side them hand to hand with no accountability or checks and balances. FOX ran a short story on the theft but why hasn’t FOX featured any stories on the Veterans that Obama’s thugs have illegally imprisoned for standing up for our Constitution and against an illegal POTUS who is destroying our country? http://www.creepingsharia.wordpress.com is for your education-I have mine. I am an American Veteran that will stand with my fellow Veterans against the overthrow of America when the danger becomes evident. We will also be watching the cowards that fought us as we stood for the Constitution and our freedom.