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(Sep. 11, 2014) — Chris McDaniel’s lawsuit to overturn the US Senate election in Mississippi will be heard on October 2.  The Mississippi Supreme Court will decide whether or not the runoff race was lawful.  McDaniel won the initial primary by a very slim margin, which by law, required a runoff election, and it is the runoff election that has been called into question.

Senator Thad Cochran won the runoff and therefore his party’s nomination by using ugly smears (false claims of McDaniel racism), thousands of unlawful votes, and by “party raiding” (“THE ORGANIZED SWITCHING OF BLOCKS OF VOTERS FROM ONE PARTY TO ANOTHER IN ORDER TO MANIPULATE THE OUTCOME OF THE OTHER PARTY’S PRIMARY ELECTION”).
Voters who chose to use a Democratic ballot in the primary were not allowed to vote in the Republican runoff, but thousands did in order to prevent a McDaniel victory.  In the meantime, Republicans of Mississippi are up in arms. Can you blame them?  They don’t want another election like this, so they have invited several officials to hear their concerns and answer their questions at a public forum—the exact date is currently pending.
There is no shame in throwing your hat into the ring. Challenging an incumbent is a good thing. It shines a bright light on the performance of the elected official.  As a result, we get better candidates, but there is great shame in stealing an election.  Our Liberty Elections supported Chris McDaniel during the primary, and if the court should decide in his favor, we hope the Cochran supporters will rally around him.  And if Cochran should prevail, we must remember that our nation’s future hangs in the balance, which means the GOP must take control of the Senate.  If your state GOP is considering an open primary, they would be well advised to look at the turmoil it caused in Mississippi.
E Dee Monnen writes for www.OurLibertyElections.com

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