Race-Based Injustice


by Nicholas Purpura, ©2014, Eagle on the Air

Nick Purpura is a Former Managing Director and General Partner at Bear Stearns and Co. He is also Former Publisher of the Staten Island Eagle Newspaper, a newspaper that circulates over 131,000 copies. In 1983, he became a judicial activist because of the hundreds of millions of dollars of corruption he uncovered in NY land deals in Staten Island. He then became a chaplain because these land deals spilled over to the Catholic church. He is also co-founder of of Project Home Front, a successful charity that supported our troops overseas. He is famous for saying that “Education is a national security issue.”

(Sep. 2, 2014) — Join us at Students for a Better Future/Eagle on the Air on Thursday, September 4th at 8:00 PM EDT with our special guest the Hon. Judge R. Chambers from Missouri. We originally planned to continue the discussion on the need for Judicial Reform and will do so in the coming weeks demonstrating that the judiciary has become a dictatorship unconstitutionally governing without legislative authority and corrupting our Constitution.

Instead, on Thursday, September 4th we will address two separate incidents:  the Ferguson, Missouri incident concerning a lowlife thieving gangbanger Michael Brown, who was justifiably shot by a police officer in self-defense after being attacked.

That set the stage for the race-baiters and looters to come out of the woodwork, giving the lowest of low in society the opportunity to steal, loot, and murder.

Out from under their rocks came the Media and the anti-white, self-serving opportunists; Al (the instigator, no justice, no peace) Sharpton and Jessie (the extortionist) Jackson posing as black leaders with their usual vitriol in order to secure their group of supposed victims, justice and truth be damned.

If the situation wasn’t bad enough, Obama sent in his number 1 racist agitator Attorney General, Eric Holder to Missouri under further order to widen the racial divide. “I am the Attorney General of the United States, but I am also a black man.” Whoopee, I guess that statement justified the behavior of the degenerates who have no regard for life, property, or law because of the pigment of their skin.

Over the last six years this administration’s modus operandi has been to slander the police as well as the white community stirring up racial strife as an excuse to call martial law, all this while a true miscarriage of justice is taking place in the People’s Republic of New Jersey.

I ask, “Mr. Holder, where are you, Obama and the two race-mongers while whites are being murdered throughout the country by black gangbangers?”

Why is the media silent concerning what took place in New Jersey?  Could it be because it’s a Second Amendment issue? Where is the media concerning the increase of black-on-white crime as well as black-on-black criminal behavior? I suggest everyone read the article by Mychal Massie in “The Daily Rant” dated August 22, 2014. “If Whites Were Black Their Murders Would Matter.”

On September 4th we will address the plight of Ms. Shaneen Allen, a black American mother of two, medical assistant who mistakenly crossed the Pennsylvania border into the People’s Republic of New Jersey. For her honesty she now faces 3-10 years in jail. Believing she was following the law (as required in PA), she informed a State Trooper during a traffic violation that she had a concealed-carry permit and was armed. For so doing she was immediately handcuffed and hauled off to jail and now faces 3-10 years in jail, denied release as if she were a risk to society.

The question the Eagle asks is where are the peaceful protestors? Where are the so-called black leaders coming to her defense? Only white Americans are standing at her side and groups such as the NJ2Amendment Society, among many others. The press and the race-mongers are nowhere to be found.

Sadly, in New Jersey, the Second Amendment is meaningless, unlike 90% of the country. New Jersey has become a progressive police state. Governor Christie’s prosecutors and most of the legislature would rather make an example of Ms. Adams to disarm all law-abiding citizens through intimidation and draconian law. We will address the constitutionality of New Jersey’s firearms restrictions in relationship to the Constitution of the United States.

If ever there was a reason to institute “Nullification,” Ms. Allen’s plight warrants every citizen of the State of New Jersey summoned to sit as jurors to demand the Court explain their options prior to deliberation.

The Eagle, Constitutionalist Nick Purpura

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