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by William F. Fain and Lt. Col. Field McConnell, USAF (Ret.)

A “pitch episode” of “The Field Report” is in production now with media representation

(Aug. 30, 2014) — Pending studio approval, Field McConnell will launch a new TV program with filming to start in Nashville, TN with filmmaker William F. Fain.  The program will concentrate on exposing wrongs done to present and former Military Veterans.

Mr. McConnell’s military career and experience give him the knowledge needed to expose the truth about the many “wrongs” our veterans deal with each day.

The show producers are looking for stories now about veterans.   If you have a story or know of of one, you can send the information to fieldmcconnell@gmail.com.

A “pitch episode” of the show is currently being assembled, and a website and further videos will be launched in the near future.


Editor’s Note:  On Friday, a promotional video for The Field Report was released on its YouTube channel.  Included on the channel is a promo for a video Fain will be releasing in the near future of CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who was convicted of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” in June after taking a series of petitions to the McMinn County, TN grand jury containing allegations of misconduct and violations of law on the part of criminal court judges, grand jury foremen, and law enforcement officers.

On August 19, Fitzpatrick was sentenced to three years in prison, 30% of which must be served while incarcerated.  On August 26, Fitzpatrick was moved from the McMinn County jail to the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex (BCCX) in Pikeville, TN.  On Friday, an inside source confirmed that Fitzpatrick was “upbeat…safe and well fed.”

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  1. Dear Field, I am a loyal fan and follower of Abel Danger on YouTube. Have been attempting to subscribe on your email list and and the site won’t allow it to go thru. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a survivor and also an RN, BSN of 30+ years and would like to invest and help at the MVR and with the Childrens Crusade. Gratefully, Ellie Ellsworth

  2. Thank you, Field McConnell and William Fain, for helping Walt and all the other Veterans who have been treated like criminals for standing up for the Constitution and also trying to expose the DNC Coup that is in effect for the last 6 years with courts and media locked down at the same time by DNC Operatives to protect all the criminals operating inside the political and law enforcement halls. Law enforcement is already under enough pressure with Muslim Terrorist Warnings on high alert and people taunting them on the streets. Law enforcement doesn’t need inside criminal activity like McMinn and Monroe County, Tennessee “officials” making the good people in law enforcement look bad. It is time to expose them for what they are, what they do and have done and how they have violated their oaths, Constitution and ethics of being a sworn official to serve the citizens rather than themselves. The criminal activity we have seen over the last few years has been an abomination of law and law ethics that probably couldn’t be outdone in America. It has gone on for decades with buddy systems and abuse of authority and oaths, shaking down and threatening citizens, Veterans and anyone who doesn’t go along with their personal/political agendas. It’s what the movie “Rambo” was all about in the beginning when Stallone was told, “We don’t want your kind in this town.” What were they afraid of: honest people? We know the Police Chief of Monroe and his 3 “crony” LEO’s are suspected of the murder of the former Republican Commissioner Jim Miller there who was brutally beaten and his body was thrown in the back of a car that was set on fire.