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by OPOVV, ©2014

(Aug. 30, 2014) — My professional writing career started with “Letters to the Editor,” where I would read about what a great (or not-so-great) writer I was in reporting the sports activities of a (small, really small) Southern Mississippi town. My next feedback audience was the political wing of Craigslist where the feedback would be 1) immediate and 2) rarely supportive.  Then I moved on to various political blogs until I found a home here, at The Post & Email, where I used to get lots of responses but now there’s a drought of comments. The result? My sounding board has dried up.

I write about the need for each and every illegal illegal immigrant deported, for a nation without laws or borders is no nation. I write about Islam taking over the world but the Muslim population of Western Civilization is growing at the same rate as Western Civilization is declining. I write about Affirmative Action and “Do-Gooders” paving the way to hell. I write about telling the United Nations to take a hike. I write about everything under the sun that is either an immediate or future threat to the health of our Constitution, and therefore the longevity of our country.

Does anybody listen? I’ve spent my life’s savings on tires and gas traveling across our country warning people, if nothing else, to “PAY ATTENTION.” And what do they do? Reelect the de facto president. I’ve warned people about the DOJ being the legal arm of CAIR and that Eric Holder, if the law were upheld, would be spending the rest of his days in a federal penitentiary. And what’s the result? Zero.

Muslims in the military kill our guys and gals in uniform (Ft. Hood), yet we still recruit Muslims within the ranks of our military.

So, I’ve come to the point of soliciting positive feedback, immediate positive feedback, from my cat. That’s right. My cat wants, demands, that each and every illegal immigrant be deported today, if not yesterday, and that includes so-called “anchor babies” 18 years old or younger. My cat agrees with me that all the countries that make up Western Civilization deport all of their Muslims back to the Islamic States.

My cat agrees with me on everything I write, which I appreciate, but my checkbook appreciates it even more, because a 40-pound bag of cat food is a lot cheaper than gas and tires since I don’t have to drive to my audience.

I’ve found with my cat as my primary critic/audience/sounding board, I have more free time around the house rather than having to be on the road traveling day after day. So, what do I do with my new-found free time? Why, shooting targets from my back porch. My latest hobby is to enter “Quick-Draw” contests after a few more years of practice. They called Doc Holiday the undertaker’s friend because he always shot between the eyes, therefore eliminating the possibility of an “open casket” wake.

I’m not even “fast” on my quick-draw, but my shooting ain’t bad. Ever watch the opening of Gunsmoke? Marshal Dillon shoots last but he only needs one shot: I get the feeling that he got ’em between the eyes. So nobody listens to OPOVV except my cat, which is fine by me, because I’m having a blast spending more time on the shooting range, something that each of us needs to do.

Semper Fi


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