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by OPOVV, ©2014

Was Obama’s goal to bring Sharia law to the United States?

(Aug. 28, 2014) — “2 Women = 1 Man as a Witness.”

“Kill Jews and Christians.”

“Slaughter those who do not believe.”

ONE QUESTION: When a Muslim moves from their living room to their kitchen in, say, Iran, does anything change in their belief system, habits, and the way they act? Do they think, for instance, the kitchen (or living room) is “off-limits” to an “honor killing” (otherwise known, in Western Civilization, as premeditated murder: Murder One)? When a Muslim moves from their living room in Afghanistan to, say, a living room in Paris or London, do they stop believing, all of a sudden, in killing Infidels? When a Muslim leaves Somalia and moves to Detroit, do they stop thinking about killing Jews and Christians, taking over America, destroying the “Great Satan” and doing us all in? When they leave their homeland and come to the United States, do they embrace the Constitution as their law where women have equal rights under the law?

Do they respect our schools where boys and girls attend the same classroom and play during recess together? Do they respect a woman teacher, professor, doctor? Do they have problems being pulled over by a woman police officer, being prosecuted by a woman District Attorney in a court presided over by a woman judge?

Do they come to America knowing that we respect Israel and will stand by her when her existence is threatened by her Arab “neighbors?”

This is what they DO know: that ISIS is Obama’s own little private army; that Obama made it from scratch; that it was Obama who, initially, armed and funded it through our emissaries in, at the outset, Libya (specifically, Benghazi).

They know that it has been the intention of Obama and this Administration to bring Sharia Law to replace the Constitution in America. They know that their fellow Muslims are employed in every facet of American government, including the Congress and the military.

They know that the American military didn’t actively come to Israel’s aid when Hamas (“No Jew between me and the sea”) sent thousands of randomly-exploding devices upon Israel. They didn’t see one US Navy warship bombarding Gaza or one US Air Force plane raining death, destruction and justice down upon their fellow Muslims.

That they support ISIS is a given: WORLDWIDE. They may say that they are “moderate,” but make no mistake: their goals mirror that of ISIS. They ARE ISIS. Given half the chance, they will act and behave exactly as ISIS is doing in the Middle East.

Eric Holder is making sure the Muslims who want to kill you and me will have their opportunity. CAIR is allowed to operate within our borders. The Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House. It was, after all, Obama who put the Muslim Brotherhood puppet as the president of Egypt. Obama killed Gaddafi (Okay, indirectly, but he surely must have known what the final outcome would be). It was Obama who made Libya a terrorist state.

Thousands of Muslims are crossing our borders every day, including our Southern border. Every mosque is an armory, every Islamoville a terrorist training camp.

If you and I can see what’s happening in England, where English females are raped and the police do nothing for fear of “offending anyone,” certainly we can envision what’s in our future.

It’s just a matter of time, time that we don’t have anymore. But it’s not too late, nor is it too late for Europe and the rest of the world. But if we don’t take the bull by the horns, then don’t act surprised when they come for you, and don’t act surprised when your 9-1-1 call goes unanswered. They’re here, already, and apparently we don’t have the guts to deport our sworn enemy.

And what does that make us? When we know the future? When all the facts have been laid out, in broad daylight, for all to see? No secrets here. And there’s no 2nd place, you understand. Remember Daniel Pearl and James Foley.

ISIS = Moderate = Islam = Jihad = Death

Semper Fi


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  1. You are right, there is NO daylight between a muslim terrorist or muslim in general. In the end they all drink from the same sewer and are all products or their environment and teaching.