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Contact :      Amanda Morello
Assemblyman Tim Donnelly
Assembly District 33
Capitol Office
(916)319-2033 Office
(916)319-2133 Fax

On Tuesday, California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly held a protest of Gov. Jerry Brown’s luncheon meeting with other members of the California legislature and Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto

(Aug. 27, 2014) — SACRAMENTO – As law enforcement prepared and the political who’s who gathered to attend Governor Brown’s luncheon to “Honor” the President of Mexico,  Assemblyman Tim Donnelly led several hundred protestors to demand the immediate release of Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi.

For nearly 6 hours, patriots from across the state united to voice their support of Donnelly’s protest after he publically declined Governor Brown’s invitation to Honor the Mexican President.  Donnelly began  his formal  RSVP to Governor brown  with, “I am writing to decline your luncheon invitation, and to express my deep disappointment that you would entertain the President of a nation that is holding an active-duty US Marine captive. How you could visit Mexico and not publicly demand the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, is beyond me.” He continues, “You had a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership by taking a stand for a California citizen that has put himself in harm’s way for our freedom. Instead of visiting our imprisoned Marine, you were feted by his captors instead of fighting for his release.”

Donnelly’s strong  stance in defense of an American Hero  brought together Veterans, Pro-troop organizations and activist groups from across the nation publically united to ensure the massive crowd outside the luncheon to demand the release of Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi who has been held captive in a Mexican Jail for over 150 days. First-time activists joined the crowd to Demand the immediate release of Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi.

Donnelly, armed with only a Bullhorn and American Pride, led rally calls directed at the honored guest inside the Leland Stanford Museum, “ President Nieto, LET OUR MARINE GO!”  The magnitude of the chants followed by a commanding “OOOOOH RAH,” which was amplified by the entire crowd, echoed throughout the streets of downtown Sacramento as cars, busses and even a few lightrail drivers honked in support with a big thumbs up.

If the Governor and his Honored Guest thought the luncheon was the only focus of Donnelly’s message, they were wrong.   As the entourage was preparing to head back to the Capitol for a Joint Legislative Address from the Mexican President, Donnelly spearheaded a march up the center of Capitol Mall in order to regroup under a massive United States Flag which was floating over the center of the road.

Assemblyman Donnelly has been a vocal advocate for Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi since this nightmare began.  He has utilized his Legislative office to advocate on Andrews behalf to The President of United States, the Border Department and any other government agency which may have the authority to assist in facilitating the release of Our Marine.  The  outpouring of support we saw yesterday is not a one-time deal.  This weekend,  August  30th,  “Overpass For America” which was one of yesterday’s supporting organizations, will host a national demand to Free Our Marine from Overpasses across America.

The family of Sgt Tahmooressi has a Facebook Like Page in support of Andrew. You can send messages and stay updated on what is currently happening with Andrew and his nightmare in Mexico.

You can also view more photos and video from this event  here:


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  1. This shows how hard our “public trustees” under “Corporate Trust Law” work for those “paychecks and entitlements”!!! If that was the “governors” son, do you think a different result would be under way??? America is under siege and coup by Democrats and entitlement creeps that the taxpayer’s have allowed to divide and conquer our legal and tax system. The “Clinton” never left office and still running the White House through this administration with the assistance of Marxist/Liberals like David Axelrod, probably a relative of Marx, Lenon and Engels, who have conspired to reduce America and it’s Military through Cloward Piven and Alinsky theology to it’s current state of nowhere. Two more years of this?

  2. Valiant effort by all. Noble gestures. But in the end, Thamoressi is still held in a foreign dungeon, just like Fitzpatrick is in prison for 3 years. History is repeating some vert awful times ….. Bolsheviks …. Nazis Khmer Rouge …. The 40 million slaughtered under Chairmen Mao. We must pray harder. Pray more often. Maybe that is the answer.