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Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood disparaged the U.S. Constitution and people invoking their “constitutional rights” during a sentencing hearing for CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who received a three-year prison sentence for approaching his local grand jury with evidence of judicial corruption

On Wednesday the following letter was sent to Chris at Tennessee Watchdog:

Hi Chris,

I read your story on The Daily Signal and they provided a link to your site which I went to and found that you are the originator of the article.  That however is not why I write to you.  At the conclusion you have this request (Contact Christopher Butler at chris@tennesseewatchdog.org or follow him and submit story ideas on his official Facebook page.) so thought I would suggest you contact Sharon Rondeau.  Maybe you already know of her and The Post & Email that she owns and has been producing stories, for more than five years, of the rampant Judicial Corruption that is occurring in the State of Tennessee.

I do not live in Tennessee and became interested in what happens in your State when I was making a decision to move there around 10 years ago.  Like any responsible person I wanted to know what Tennessee was like.  In my research I read stories of the LEOs stopping families going and coming to church and the arrests made just to extort money, I changed my mind.  However I kept hoping I would see stories that someone was taking action to fix these potential problems I could ultimately face should I make Tennessee my new home, but no.  It seems the press is in cahoots with or afraid of reporting about the corruption in especially Eastern Tennessee (where I was particularly interested).  I also remember having conversations with real estate persons and found that they were oblivious to what I was becoming aware of.

I took the liberty of forwarding your story to Sharon this morning and really feel that you should take a look at her paper where you will find many instances of INNOCENT Tennesseans are being locked up without due process.  You will find a plethora of Judicial corruption where even the TBI, FBI, State and Federal legislators, including your Governor Bill Haslam have done nothing to turn around or expose.  The latest happened yesterday with a Judge Blackwood who, in open court stated “I’m sick and tired of all these people who want to talk about their Constitutional Rights” as he sentenced Cmdr. Fitzpatrick to 3 years in jail without evidence of a crime.

Chris, please take an interest in this as it is going to be bigger than what is happening currently in Ferguson, Missouri.  You will be of great service to your State and America in the education of all citizens about their liberties taken away by the few who have the ability to take everything they have, damn the Constitution,  including you and your 1st amendment rights.  Sharon has the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all involved parties.

Thank you for your article today and I hope you don’t say “CORRUPTION IN TENNESSEE so what else is new?”.

Concerned in California


Editor’s Note:  Tennessee Watchdog contains a story on John Jay Hooker’s quest for judicial reform and his plan to take evidence of corruption to the Davidson County grand jury.  “Tennessee law allows private citizens who think they’ve suffered some sort of criminal aggrievement to approach their local grand jury,” states the article, quoting the District Attorney General, Torry Johnson.

It was Johnson who discovered early last year that Eugene Grayer, the Davidson County grand jury foreman in 2011, had been serving in violation of state law because he was a convicted felon.  For nearly five years, Fitzpatrick has exposed why grand jury foremen cannot be selected by judges “from wherever they choose” as a constitutional and legal violation.  Fitzpatrick is now imprisoned for acting as a whistleblower against the corrupt Tennessee judicial machine.

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