August 20, 2014

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick (seated, in background with raised glass) was sentenced to three years in prison on Tuesday by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, who disdained people invoking their “constitutional rights” in his courtroom and called Fitzpatrick a “moral coward” for attempting to submit evidence of crimes committed by judges and other officials to the McMinn County grand jury.  Photo taken at prayer breakfast on Monday morning hosted by Lt. Col. Field McConnell, USMC (Ret.), who traveled from his home in Wisconsin to lend support to Fitzpatrick prior to the sentencing

Dear Walter Fitzpatrick (Lt Cmdr ret.)

Sir, when the USS America was retired 18 years early and unceremoniously sunk by Gordon English, John Shalikashvili, Mr and Mrs Clinton and George Bush, my colleagues and I had a sense of foreboding as to the direction America was taking.

Yesterday I noted a comment by Judge Blackwood where he said “I’m sick and tired of all these people who want to talk about their Constitutional rights.”

These rights are what my and you family, and a hell of a lot of other families, fought for, suffered for and died for, world over.

A careful study of events in Germany leading up to World War II reveal a political rhetoric and judicial takeover closely resembling that against which you stand. I will follow your appeal closely as will my colleagues.

Yours sincerely



Editor’s Note:  Donations to help defray the costs of CDR Fitzpatrick’s appeal can be made here.  A video and documentary are planned detailing Fitzpatrick’s exposure of systemic judicial corruption in Tennessee over the last five years if enough funds can be raised.

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  1. Remember what led up to the forming of the Nazi Party. After 1917 and the Bolshevik Revolution had gained momentum and was attempting to take over Germany hoping to control it’s industrial abilities. Germany was in recession from WW1 and their leader was getting too old to manage as president. Unemployment was high-money had lost it’s value-people were desperately searching for a leader who would step up-in rises Adolf Hitler-the promises were being made and bang-Marshall Law-guns were taken away and only Hitler’s body guard and other followers had firepower. We have a large portion of the DNC that are and have been members of The American Communist Party-we have an installed puppet dual citizen who is a Black Panther Muslim who has taken up the footsteps of Malcolm X, Obama’s father. Obama’s mother-Elizabeth Ann Newman-a young radical community organizer who was with Bill Ayers when they bombed the Washington Navy Yard Computer Building in 1969 is another part of a scheme designed in the late 1050’s joining white Marxist atheists and Black Panther Muslim’s to bring baby Obama to their agenda at all costs. The press/media/government has worked hard to protect Obama/Axelrod/Biden/Pelosi/Reid while furthering their personal financial gains.