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by Sharon Rondeau

False charges brought against CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) for taking a petition with criminal evidence to the McMinn County grand jury on March 18, 2014.  The jury convicted Fitzpatrick of the perjury and extortion charges without a police report or any evidence other than Fitzpatrick’s grand jury petitions.

(Aug. 17, 2014) — The Post & Email can report that all elements are on schedule for the filming of a Monday morning prayer breakfast and afternoon barbecue to honor CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who is set to be sentenced at the McMinn County, TN courthouse on two false convictions on Tuesday, August 19.

The events will take place in Athens, TN, with a prayer breakfast at Cracker Barrel at 10:00 a.m. EDT on Monday; afternoon barbecue from 3:00 to 8:00 at the Athens Regional Park; and a gathering to accompany Fitzpatrick into the courthouse on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

Fitzpatrick has been exposing systemic corruption in Tennessee’s judiciary, particularly in the Tenth Judicial District, which includes the counties of McMinn, Monroe, Polk and Bradley. In 2009, Fitzpatrick found that grand juries are commandeered by judicially-selected foremen who serve for years or even decades; jurors sometimes serve for consecutive terms in violation of state law; judges, prosecutors, and sheriffs’ deputies collude to ensure a defendant’s conviction, and trial juries are improperly empaneled.

In 2009, the Monroe County grand jury refused to consider Fitzpatrick’s petition naming Barack Hussein Obama in the commission of treason against the United States.  Today, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have asked a grand jury to examine evidence of criminal behavior on the part of operatives employed by the Obama regime to work against the American public.

Documentation in the possession of The Post & Email shows that jury selection in the Tenth District is not carried out by “automated means,” as the law specifies.

Last week, professional filmmaker William F. Fain joined with Lt. Col. Field McConnell, USMC (Ret.) and The Post & Email to be on site to create a video of the events of Monday and Tuesday.  With enough financial support, Fain plans to create a documentary of Fitzpatrick’s five-year saga wherein as a whistleblower on local government corruption, he has suffered repeated jailings, death threats, IRS abuse of power, the theft of nearly all of his personal possessions and savings without prosecution of the perpetrators, and the latest convictions of two felonies for attempting to exercise his First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Anyone victimized by the Tennessee courts is encouraged to attend to tell his story, on camera, if possible.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent men and women have been jailed and their lives ruined by a corrupt, retaliatory judiciary working with “law enforcement” to conduct a decades-old “prisoners-for-profit” operation.

To date, The Post & Email has covered similar cases to Fitzpatrick’s emanating from Monroe County, Tipton County, Sevier County, Sumner County and Madison County.

Fitzpatrick’s case admittedly had no accuser or victim, but the prosecution, carried out by part-time pastor A. Wayne Carter, assumed that role, which violates the Tennessee constitution, U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

The Fitzpatrick story is now receiving international attention.

Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood is undoubtedly a player in Fitzpatrick’s conviction

On Tuesday, Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, who is guilty of criminal behavior on the bench, will proclaim Fitzpatrick’s sentence for taking a petition naming judges, the grand jury foreman, prosecutors and others in the commission of crimes to the McMinn County grand jury for its review.

Fain expects to film the entire court proceeding, as cameras in Tennessee trial courtrooms are legal.

The Post & Email has received an invitation from a large Tea Party group to appear by Skype to explain the Fitzpatrick case and its ramifications for all Americans.  We anticipate that the appearance will act as a springboard to others in which the “dictatorship of the judiciary” in Tennessee is exposed to the nation.

The Post & Email and its readers have called for FBI and congressional investigations into the criminal enterprise of the Tenth Judicial District without response to date.

Contributions to produce the video and documentary can be sent to payments@thepostemail.com via Paypal or by check to The Post & Email, P.O. Box 195, Stafford Springs, CT  06076.

Contributions to Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion, who has been working pro bono for more than two years and established a fund to defray court expenses, can be made here.

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