by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 16, 2014) — On Monday, August 18, concerned citizens from New York, Wisconsin and other states will gather in Athens, McMinn County, TN to support CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who was arrested, tried and convicted on bogus charges stemming from his attempts to demonstrate to the grand jury that judges, prosecutors and court personnel are engaged in systemic crime committed against the citizenry of the county.

The prosecution was unable to produce specifics as to the alleged crimes; the grand jury which issued the indictments was compromised; then-grand jury foreman Jeffrey Cunningham is a licensed attorney who should not have held the position; during sworn testimony, Cunningham recanted on having accused Fitzpatrick of a crime, leaving no accuser or victim; and prosecutor A. Wayne Carter was untruthful during his argument for the state.

Without an accuser, the prosecution routinely takes on that role in cases against Tennessee citizens.

Fitzpatrick is scheduled to be sentenced for “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” on Tuesday, August 19, at the McMinn County courthouse, where “criminal” court Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood will decide Fitzpatrick’s fate.  In the past, Blackwood has been noted for failing to recuse himself after exhibiting a conflict of interest in cases; for shouting at a Knox County prosecutor during court proceedings in 2012; for denying defendants their constitutional right to defense counsel; and for reappointing the same grand jury foreman for decades in Roane and other counties, then claiming that the foreman is the same “as any other member of the grand jury.”

In June 2010, Blackwood honored the indictment of a grand jury which had two members serving in violation of state law, of which he was made aware.  Judges throughout Tennessee wield enormous, unchecked power in the courtroom and routinely collude with sheriff’s deputies, detectives, defense attorneys, the prosecutor’s office, and their hand-picked grand jury foreman to see that a defendant they don’t like or who they wish to incarcerate for other reasons is convicted.

McMinn is one of four counties in Tennessee’s Tenth Judicial District, where the same judges preside over criminal cases on specific days in rotation.  The other counties of Monroe, Polk and Bradley have also been noted for extensive criminal conduct on the part of sheriffs, their deputies, and local police departments working within a racketeering enterprise which imprisons the innocent and the guilty without due process and in violation of their Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights.

In the fall of 2009, Fitzpatrick discovered that judges routinely appoint the grand jury foreman, who remains in the position for as long as the judge wishes.  The foreman then unduly influences the grand jurors allegedly chosen by legal, automated means, often coercing the production of “a True Bill” or bills against an individual out of retaliation on the part of the government or a desire to punish the individual for personal or other reasons.

The overcrowding of the Monroe County jail is pervasive and has coexisted with below-standard sanitation, indoor temperature in the winter months, and a rat-infested kitchen described by former inmates.

The Tenth Judicial District’s prosecutor’s office is deeply entrenched in the corruption and refuses to prosecute evidence of crimes if the object of the investigation is a crony or politically-connected individual.

Local media have failed to report on the systemic abuses which exist in Tennessee courts.

State and federal legislators have refused to take action on the judicial corruption they know is preying on their constituents, as have Tennessee Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr. and Gov. Bill Haslam.

The Knoxville FBI and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) have also failed to take action despite compelling, “smoking-gun” evidence having been presented to them at great personal risk to Fitzpatrick and others.

McMinn County is awash in the illegal production and distribution of methamphetamine, addiction to which is a major problem in the mountainous eastern section of The Volunteer State.

On Monday at 10:00 a.m., the group will meet at the Cracker Barrel restaurant at 110 Burkett L. Witt Blvd. for a prayer breakfast followed by a barbecue at Athens Regional Park on State Route 30/Decatur Pike from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, Lt. Col. Field McConnell, USMC Ret., will accompany Fitzpatrick into the courthouse with an unknown number of citizens to observe the sentencing proceedings in Blackwood’s courtroom.  McConnell is a former Marine and commercial airline pilot and currently hosts the Abel Danger radio show, which has featured the Fitzpatrick story each week since a “jury” convicted Fitzpatrick of two felonies on June 24.

McConnell has called the convictions and sentencing a “serial abuse of justice” against Fitzpatrick, who has been a whistleblower on government corruption for 24 years, the same length of time he served in the U.S. Navy.

Early last week, a professional filmmaker, William F. Fain, was contracted to film the events of Monday and Tuesday and produce a video which will be widely distributed, with the expectation of making a documentary on the serial abuse meted out to Fitzpatrick and thousands of other Tennesseans by corrupt courts.

In 2008, Fain began concentrating on making films focusing on government corruption after learning of corruption in the Tennessee family courts.  On Tuesday, he stated on McConnell’s show that a police detective with whom he is acquainted had informed him of The Post & Email’s extensive work on the Fitzpatrick case, which has its roots in Fitzpatrick’s 2009 discovery of the tainted grand juries.

On Saturday morning, The Post & Email received an email from a reader directed to not only McMinn County elected officials, but also figures working in the area of international law and human rights.  The email was published as a letter to the editor and received the following response from McConnell:


Thank you for encouraging justice to be restored in America beginning, possibly, in Tennessee on Tuesday, 19 August.  As you must be aware Wisconsin, Georgia and New York will be at a Prayer Breakfast at Cracker Barrel at 1000 on Monday, 18 August.  That same day at 3pm until 8pm we are hosting a public BBQ featuring Tennessee BBQ, Wisconsin Brat, Cheese Curds and Cheese, and Tacos made in New York’s patented Taco Racks.  We will ensure that a bottle of 19 Crimes Australia wine is available to toast any success in ensuring a 24 year veteran is not abused in McMinn County, Tennessee.

Because the world is watching, here are websites for the products to be enjoyed at this public, free, BBQ.

Sailer’s Meats

Sailer’s Meats
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19 Crimes


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Mr. XXXXXX, we have a professional movie producer filming the entire event on Monday and Tuesday and if we have good news to report I will lift high the bottle of 19 Crimes and thank Australia, on camera, for being part of the effort to block the commission of a 20th crime.

Patriots in the United States salute you, and in fact have been faithfully exposing the Houston-Truss mismanagement of the Serco search for a plane that was never missing.

Field McConnell
Global Ops Director
Abel Danger Private Intel
+001 715 307 8222

McConnell has fronted the $1,300 required by Fain to rearrange his schedule and accompany two crewmen to take video footage of the activity on Monday and Tuesday and produce a professional-quality video afterward.  However, donations to defray McConnell’s costs can be made via Paypal to with a notation that the funds are intended to go toward the production of the video.  To date, $400 has been raised to that end.

Last week, Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion, filed four motions in the case which asked for a new trial; that the court suspend Fitzpatrick’s sentence pending an appeal; a Motion to Arrest Judgment; and a Statement of Mitigating Factors.

Irion has been representing Fitzpatrick for two years on a pro bono basis and is asking for donations to cover the cost of transcripts, filings, and other expenses associated with Fitzpatrick’s defense against the unconstitutional Tennessee judiciary. Irion has additionally appealed a case arising in Monroe County in December 2011 to the Tennessee Supreme Court concerning the legitimacy of the grand jury foreman who was judicially-appointed, which the appellate court had failed to address.

Concerned citizen Linda Jordan also launched a fund to help Fitzpatrick, the proceeds from which will be sent directly to Irion’s law office.

Members of the public have been urged to attend on both Monday and Tuesday, to include veterans and other victims of Tennessee judicial corruption.

The theme of the two-day gathering is “Stand with Walter, Stand for America, Stand with Jesus.  Stand.”

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  1. Veterans and others are capable of multi-tasking and must not totally abandon one campaign to expose Obama to work with Walt’s cause. Do BOTH. The milieu of graft and corruption is growing and prospering because of generalized corruption in the US Government. It was the Navy that first beset upon Walter with groundless charges. Now in the midst of a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization called the Obama “administration” the corruption that is occurring in Tennessee and elsewhere is flourishing. The FBI and Inspector Generals who would normally act as stop gaps in cases of such overt infringements of a Citizen’s rights are being encouraged to abrogate that duty by a criminal executive branch and two branches that are following very close behind. The Constitution IS “written law”. We must protect and preserve it at every level.

  2. Come on Veteran Brothers! Let’s stand for Walt and pray for JUSTICE OF THE WRITTEN LAW not DNC USURPATION TACTICS BY AN ILLEGAL POTUS!