by Gerry Donaldson, ©2014, Drawaline.org

(Aug. 13, 2014) — I know, the title is WAY TOO MUCH! (and it doesn’t cover everything!)

With everything going on, where do we start? What do we focus our attention on?

In recent articles, I’ve pointed out the real issue with our southern borders, overloading our welfare systems and schools, massive influx of criminal activity, and then, of course, it means that we have opened the doors wide open to terrorists, either backed by the U.S. government and otherwise, that have since been identified. Now we are also faced with an Ebola panic when, according to contagious disease experts, it should have burned itself out in April!  These potential carriers of Ebola could also be coming across the border and into the U.S. courtesy of the U.S. Border Patrol and their bus vouchers.

I have been contacted by many subscribers around Texas and former listeners to my radio show asking me what they/we should do?  There are no easy answers to that question.

We can all agree that we are getting no solutions out of Washington D.C., neither are we getting anything substantial out of Texas Governor Rick Perry.  I have sent my suggestions to him, catering to the political environment, but these suggestions are only a part of what I would do if I were sitting in that office.

As I have mentioned in recent articles, while each of these issues is horrible on its own, it is the sheer number of the issues that is really telling.

These issues are symptoms of a metastasizing America. America is now under the control of megalomaniacs whose inaction against these issues show very clearly that the intent is to destroy us!

If we only had to tackle one or two of the main issues, we might be able to turn things around while trying to continue down the path of the Tea Party to reform our system…over time.  Even with a complete takeover in the November elections, we still won’t be able to address all issues we face without going through at least a decade of depression and misery, such as we have never faced in American history!  We have run out of time!

No one comprehends the SEVERITY of what we currently face.

Every honest “conservative” Christian I know is focused on solutions, specific solutions, but they don’t address the larger picture. They are still hoping beyond hope that there is some form of political solution that will turn things around.  Unfortunately, this is the typical “child whistling in the graveyard” scenario.  It is time for a REAL wakeup call!

We are going to have to “close ranks” and deal with the problems right where we live, erasing the slate and beginning again.  We are going to need to close our borders ourselves. We have to restore a free trade economy within our own state borders.  This would mean we have to establish our own gold-backed currency. We have to restore our own manufacturing base, restore our own job creation, restore our medical and education systems, and basically, draw a hard line of absolutes on our  individual, God-given rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

We must also take all of our churches out of the 501c3 status and restore the principled leadership of our pastors by restoring their ability to speak out on all the issues we face from a Biblical perspective (see www.LibertyChurchProject.com for more info!).

But Here Is The Important Point!  If we take ANY of these actions, we will be in violation of U.S. Law and Statutes!  Let that sink in!


As many of you may know, I have always been pretty out front about the fact that I believe God has the highest sovereignty and then I declare my individual rights and sovereignty as next highest level in priorities.  Next would, of course, be that of the rights and sovereignty of my family and posterity and the rest of the American people, then the state I reside in, and lastly, the Federal government. This is as the founders intended.

I have been exhorting people to take back their local cities and counties, and some have made a degree of progress, but that has not been sufficient to turn things around. I have spoken at events with Texas Nationalist Movement, but I have always thought they were focused too much on the political process. Now, I believe it is a grassroots process and we HAVE to secure our borders, and I include our borders with Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana!

I would think that several of these states would also recognize they are in the same state of emergency, and that we might get agreements to work together.

We are left, especially in this time, with reforming our State.

With our time running out and events about to spin out of control, I have been asked about meeting to discuss the situation.  If you, as concerned individuals who are truly ready to step up to the plate, would like to discuss our options, I have tentatively planned to meet at Washington on the Brazos on August 24th.  This is the birthplace of Texas and thus fitting for such an impromptu meeting.

If you need directions or further information, send me an email directly to gerry.drawaline@gmail.com

It is time for action and we cannot wait for the governor or the Texas legislature to act in our behalf!

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  1. Dear Gerry,
    Somewhere out there, in a parallel universe, everyone who was eligible to vote voted in the 2012 presidential election.
    Everyone, Obots and patriots alike, wrote “OPOVV” as their write-in candidate, with Larry Meyer as his VP. We’re talking every single ballot cast, without exception. No fraud. Even the dead in Cook County stayed home.
    And OPOVV named you, Gerry, as his Chief of Staff.
    So, from somewhere out there (or maybe it’s right here) in a parallel universe, congratulations. I’m sure you’ll do the family name and your president and country proud.
    And in this “parallel universe”, someone is speculating “What if OPOVV wasn’t elected? What if Mr. De Facto Obama was reelected, what kind of mayhem would the world be in?”
    Well, look around.
    Where do we start? Is it too late? Can we ever go back? Will the Joint Chiefs of Staff ever honor their Oath to “defend the Constitution”?
    And while we’re all waiting for the other boot to drop, be cleaning your gun.