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by Sharon Rondeau

Fitzpatrick’s sentencing for trumped-up crimes is to be held at 10:00 a.m. EDT on August 19, 2014, presided over by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood

(Aug. 13, 2014) — During a special edition of the Abel Danger radio show on Tuesday, The Post & Email’s editor announced that filmmaker William F. Fain has been retained to film the events surrounding the upcoming sentencing hearing on August 19 for CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) in Athens, TN.

Fitzpatrick was arrested after attempting to submit a petition with criminal evidence to the McMinn County grand jury on March 18 of this year and charged with four crimes, three of which were felonies.

On June 24, he was convicted of two felonies, with one charge having been dismissed by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood and the other resulting in an acquittal.

On Monday night, a report generated by an investigator tasked with producing a pre-sentencing report stated that there was “no victim” in the case brought against Fitzpatrick.  The state identified no accuser during the trial, as the original alleged accuser, Jeffrey Cunningham, denied in sworn testimony that he filed any formal complaint against Fitzpatrick.

No police reports were produced before or during the trial, although an “investigative” report written by Calvin Rockholdt appeared in the pre-sentencing report of which neither Fitzpatrick nor his attorney, Van Irion, had been previously made aware.

In 2009, Fitzpatrick discovered that Tennessee grand juries are populated with 12 individuals allegedly chosen lawfully with a foreman who is hand-picked by the judge and can serve as long as the judge desires. Fitzpatrick had attempted to carry out a citizen’s arrest on then-grand jury foreman Gary Pettway on April 1, 2010, but Judge Carroll Ross ordered Fitzpatrick arrested and jailed.

At the arraignment hearing on June 28, 2010, Ross belligerently stated that Pettway would be retained for as long as the court wished.  “We’ll keep him here for 50 years if we want,” Ross said, although his statement did not appear in the court transcript.

At the state’s convenience, the grand jury foreman has been referred to both as a juror and as an administrator.  State law describes a grand jury as consisting of 13 randomly-selected citizens of the county who are eligible to serve.

While incarcerated in the Monroe County jail in 2011, Fitzpatrick learned that Pettway had attempted to coerce a confession out of an inmate.

In Davidson County, the hand-picking of a grand jury foreman led to the service of a convicted felon, which violates Tennessee code and necessitated the review of approximately 900 cases.

Anyone who has been victimized is invited to a prayer breakfast and barbecue which will be held on Monday, August 18 in support of Fitzpatrick and what is expected to be his last day of freedom in perhaps years. The breakfast will be held at the Cracker Barrel restaurant located at 110 Burkett L. Witt Blvd. in Athens, and the barbecue will be at the Athens Regional Park on State Route 30/Decatur Pike, also in Athens, from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The following day, August 19, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood is scheduled to sentence Fitzpatrick to jail or prison without his having committed a crime.

On August 12, Fitzpatrick’s attorney filed four briefs with the court, one of which requested a new trial and another “to suspend sentence pending appeal.”

Fain’s work began in 2008 after he learned of corruption in the Tennessee family courts, about which he produced a film entitled “A Father’s Rights.”  During his appearance on Abel Danger on Tuesday, Fain said that corruption in the courts exists everywhere in the country.  He asked that several hundred people attend on Monday and Tuesday to show support and to relate their stories on camera if they choose.

Fain and Abel Danger host Lt. Col. Field McConnell expect to create a documentary about the Fitzpatrick story to be marketed through Fain’s multiple connections with major media, Hollywood and corporate entities.

The Post & Email has recently learned of a corruption case in Tipton County in which prospective jurors are alleged to have lied in order serve on the jury with the intent of finding him guilty.  In 2007, Mike Parsons had run for county executive against Jeff Huffman, whose acquaintance had arrived on Parsons’ property and, unprovoked, shot and killed one of his dogs who did not pose a threat to him.  As did Fitzpatrick with Pettway, Parsons attempted to conduct a citizen’s arrest of the shooter, which began a downward spiral of retaliation by sheriff’s deputies, a compromised judge, and malfeasant defense attorneys.

Parsons is now in a state penitentiary in Pikeville, TN, from which he sent The Post & Email a lengthy description of the “politically corrupt cabal” which robbed him of his freedom for the second time.  The missive began on May 3, 2014 and ends with its last entry on July 20, 2014.

Parsons is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and former radio show host speaking about liberty issues.  He is also an entrepreneur, licensed pilot, gentleman farmer and general contractor.

On July 21, Irion told Dr. Laurie Roth of The Roth Show that there are some counties “in the South” which carry out retaliation with impunity to see that certain political enemies are silenced.

The Post & Email grants permission for this announcement to be reproduced, printed, distributed, and sent via email to as many people as possible, including both Tennesseans and those living in other states who are concerned about corruption in the courts.

Fain and his crew plan to film Fitzpatrick’s entrance into the McMinn County courthouse on Tuesday morning and the court proceedings, where McConnell said he will stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Fitzpatrick and file a wrongful death lawsuit against Barack Hussein Obama by proxy in Fargo, ND simultaneously.

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  1. Dear Sharon:
    Wasn’t sure if you or your reading audience has seen the following Presentations that are currently posted on National Liberty Alliance (NLA) website, but thought I’d share them anyway:


    We will be meeting Thursday, August 14th at 9PM EST to consider Presentments (indictment) on the following cases. Call-in number and access code is the same as our Monday call.

    TENNESSEE – The following files are in support of Comander Walter Fitzpatrick case we will be considering for indictment for trying to report treason to the Grand Jury, resulting in are concerning jury tampering and treason.

    10-04-01 Denial of hearing treason
    11-04-06 GJ Rejection
    13-03-18 Affidavit
    13-06-14 GJ Rejection
    13-12-16 Affidavit
    14-01-13 Affidavit
    14-02-12 Affidavit
    14-02-14 order protection
    14-02-18 Affidavit
    14-03-13 Affidavit
    14-08-08 Affidavit

    Source Link:

    Keep Up The Great Work-God Bless.
    Semper Fi!