by Sharon Rondeau

William F. Fain is a film producer who exposes government corruption

(Aug. 12, 2014) — The Abel Danger radio show held a special episode on Tuesday to announce that William Fain of William Fain Productions has agreed to provide video coverage of the August 18 prayer breakfast, barbecue, and August 19 sentencing hearing for CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who was convicted of two felonies in McMinn County, TN after attempting to take a petition to the grand jury.

Fitzpatrick began exposing corruption in Tennessee’s Tenth Judicial District in 2009 after discovering that the Monroe County grand jury foreman had been serving for at least two decades.  Fitzpatrick then found that it is widely accepted throughout the state that criminal court judges appoint grand jury foremen “from wherever they choose” and retain them for years, if not decades.

The latest case against Fitzpatrick, which took place in McMinn County, arose when he tried to submit a petition to the grand jury containing allegations of criminal acts on the part of judges, court clerks, then-grand jury foreman Jeffrey Cunningham, and prosecutors working in the District Attorney General’s office.

The grand jury which indicted Fitzpatrick was compromised, as was Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood.  Nevertheless, Blackwood held a show trial without an accuser, after which he was convicted of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion.”

During Tuesday’s broadcast, Fain told this writer and Abel Danger host Lt. Col. Field McConnell (Ret.) that he has uncovered substantial evidence of criminality involving former District Attorney R. Steven Bebb, who resigned early after Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion, began issuing subpoenas for witnesses to defend his client.

Bebb had asked Judge Amy Reedy to appear as a witness, although she did not testify during either the pre-trial hearing on June 16 or the trial on June 23 and 24.  Fain stated that Bebb “knows who he [Fain] is.”

Fain has discovered family court corruption in Knox County as evidenced by missing case records and was referred to The Post & Email’s work by a person he identified as “a detective.”

Fain plans on videotaping the events on Monday and Tuesday and requested anyone in the community who has been victimized by judicial corruption to attend the prayer breakfast and/or barbecue.  He stated that he believes the Fitzpatrick story will make an outstanding documentary that he believes he can market nationally.

Judicial corruption in Tennessee has imprisoned an unknown number of citizens who were forced through a system without constitutional due process or observance of Tennessee code.

Also on Tuesday, Irion filed four motions with the court, one of which requests a new trial.

Fitz II Motion for a New Trial 1.2

Fitz II Motion for Suspended Sentence Pending Appeal 2.1

Fitz II Motion to Arrest Judgment 1.2

Fitz II Statement of Mitigating Factors 1.2

Irion interprets the jury’s decision as having criminalized a citizen’s right to petition his government for redress of grievances as stated in the First Amendment.

Fain has produced such films as A Fathers Rights, Grant Returns to Denmark and Unknown The Best Area:  The Jackie Beard Story.  He has filmed for his documentaries in virtually every state in the country and worked with “A” and “B” actors in Hollywood.

His interview with Alex Jones about the late state senator from Georgia, Nancy Schaefer, who died under very questionable circumstances along with her husband on March 26, 2010, was uploaded on the same day on which CDR Fitzpatrick conducted a citizen’s arrest on Pettway and was then ordered jailed, beginning a chain of events which led to his pending sentencing for a victimless crime today.

In working with Schaefer, Fain learned how the child protective service industry does not always serve children’s best interests.

Donations to offset Fain’s expenses can be accepted here.  Anyone wishing to help defray Irion’s expenses in defending Fitzpatrick pro bono can donate here.

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  1. When America once again has a legal sitting president we must petition that president to issue a presidential pardon for Walter Fitzpatrick as well as to present the American hero with a Congressional Medal of Honor for his selfless stand in defense of the Constitution and the rule of law.

    I wish I could offer Cmdr. Fitzpatrick a quicker solution, and I pray that the Creator from whom all men are endowed with certain unalienable rights including the right to Liberty will sooner rescue Walter Fitzpatrick from the cruel injustice to which he is being subjected.

    Hold your head high Walter Fitzpatrick. Truth will prevail.

    I would like to know if at the release of all the findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold-Case-Posse Mr. Fitzpatrick’s horrendous situation will be mentioned as an issue which needs must be righted by Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court–less the two Supreme Court justices illegally appointed by the usurper-in-chief while in commission of his criminal usurpation of the presidency of course–in light of the information that is then released.

    Ms. Rondeau, Would you please inquire along those lines at the upcoming press release conference to be held by Sheriff Joe’s posse?

  2. I prayed that experienced people would come forward to help Walt with this and now they are there. This is only the beginning and we are praying for more involvement to get this off the ground. Thank God and we hope that the people and citizens of these counties will come to the barbecue that have been victimized by the corruption in Tennessee Counties. Eventually, higher authorities will become involved and criminal prosecutions need to commence as soon as possible. All these criminal trustees need to be removed and imprisoned until trials can begin. These people are no different than the professional criminals operating in the DNC in Washington at this time. Pelosi and Biden should be the first to be arrested since they falsified Bari Malik Shabazz’s Constitutional Eligibility vetting papers in 2008 to 50 states.