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by Sharon Rondeau

Bill Bivens served two terms as Monroe County,TN Sheriff and was said to be participating in a racketeering enterprise through the jail he operated

(Aug. 11, 2014) — According to unofficial election returns from Thursday, August 7, Monroe County, TN Sheriff Bill Bivens was ousted in favor of Republican challenger Randy White in a 5,572 to 4,869-vote contest.

Statewide local elections throughout Tennessee included those for county commissioners, sheriffs, district prosecutors, judges and primary contests for the governor and congressional offices.

All appellate judges on the ballot for “retention” or “replacement” by a law which contradicts the Tennessee constitution’s provisions that all judges are to be voted on directly by the people were retained.

Corruption within the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and the judiciary statewide has been reported in detail by The Post & Email over nearly five years.

Tenth Judicial District Criminal Court Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy was defeated by Seventh Judicial District deputy prosecutor Sandra Donaghy, who told The Post & Email during the primary campaign that she would “follow the law” in all cases if elected.  Donaghy, however, has prosecuted cases arising out of grand juries which use a long-serving grand jury foreman appointed by a criminal court judge without a vetting process, a phenomenon not found in Tennessee law or criminal court rules, which are approved by the legislature.

Democrats fared poorly overall in elections for State Executive Committeemen.  A summary of all Tennessee election results was compiled by Politico.

Prior to the election, the Monroe County Democrat Party and Bivens filed a lawsuit challenging White’s eligibility to serve as sheriff, which is now pending litigation.  While still a candidate, White wrote an open letter to Monroe County residents stating that he was qualified for the position but that he might require a “waiver” by the commission which reviews candidates’ documentation to determine eligibility.

On a Monroe County candidates’ website, White states that he has “worked in the law enforcement field for over 23 years,” but the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (POST), which reviews candidate qualifications, “rescinded” its certification of White’s eligibility before the election was held.  Tenth Judicial District chief prosecutor Stephen Crump stated that POST asked him to investigate White’s background.

White said that waivers have been granted to other candidates in the past and that his comparatively small salary as an officer at the Vonore Police Department was not indicative of part-time employment as presumed by his opponent and the Democrat Party.

Monroe County Sheriff-Elect Randy White lists extensive police and EMS training in his resume

On Monday, The Post & Email contacted Atty. Jerome Melson, who serves as Monroe County attorney, for comment on the lawsuit against White.  We also contacted Jerry Ogle, Chairman of the Monroe County Democrat Party, for comment.

During the fall of 2009, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) submitted a petition naming Barack Hussein Obama in the commission of treason against the United States and as a “foreign born domestic enemy.”  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president and commander-in-chief to be a “natural born Citizen.”  After several months of delay, then-grand jury foreman of 28 years Gary Pettway refused to allow the entire grand jury to review the petition, and Judge Carroll Lee Ross declared that “federal” charges, including treason, could not be brought to county grand juries in Tennessee.

Dozens of courts across the country have refused to review Obama’s eligibility for office over the last six years, bringing the U.S. to a point where Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil is now a stated goal of the brutal organization ISIS, which has been slaughtering Iraqi soldiers, Christians and other minority sects by the thousands over the last two months with virtually no response from the White House.

Obama’s eligibility is further brought into question by the “computer-generated forgery” of his long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form as declared by a law enforcement investigation more than two years ago.

In conjunction with the FBI, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), TBI, Tennessee Department of Homeland Security and Safety, and U.S. Department of Justice, a law enforcement training program was assembled in 2011 naming anyone doubting the authenticity of Obama’s short-form birth certificate as a “Sovereign Citizen” in the pejorative.  Fitzpatrick, Darren Huff and George Raudenbush were pictured in the Powerpoint slides used to train sheriffs’ deputies and others, appearing in the same category as a known father-and-son murder team.

Bivens and the Tenth Judicial District never investigated the murder of Republican Elections Commissioner Jim Miller, which Fitzpatrick described as “a government hit.”

All three men characterized as “Sovereign Citizens” have been the targets of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.  Huff is serving a four-year sentence for a crime that “never happened;” Raudenbush served two and one-half years on invented traffic violations and was denied a defense attorney by Ross; and Fitzpatrick has spent considerable time in the Monroe County jail after exposing Pettway as an illegal juror in April 2010.  The Monroe County jail is known for its overcrowding and substandard sanitation facilities despite Bivens’s claim to the contrary.

Fitzpatrick described racketeering activity in the Monroe County jail by means of the confiscation of funds donated to prisoners and a “prisoners-for-profit” scheme which incarcerates as many people as possible through a systematic denial of due process in the courts.  Bivens employed deputies who were particularly brutal to Fitzpatrick and people arrested without due cause.

White promised during the campaign that ” Officers will be held accountable for their actions or inaction.”

Articles of Impeachment have been drafted by the North American Law Center (NALC) against Obama on the grounds that he has engaged in “criminal identity fraud,” among other “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  Many members of the public have now joined Fitzpatrick in accusing Obama of treason.

In the Articles, Obama is accused of “training, financing, funding and arming” ISIS.  Lead attorney Stephen Pidgeon is certain that Obama is a Muslim based on his associations and behavior.

The media did not permit any vetting of Obama prior to either the 2008 or 2012 elections and have still refused to report the findings of forgery and fraud in regard to his only proffered documentation.  Obama’s eligibility was raised in December 2007 by MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews, who stated that Obama was “born in Indonesia.”  Others have stated, as recently as last week, that Obama is “from Kenya,” then hastily corrected themselves to say that Obama’s father was Kenyan.

Many believe that the meaning of “natural born Citizen” is a person born in the United States to two parents who are citizens at the time of the birth.  Obama’s claimed father was never a U.S. citizen.

The Obama regime has also targeted its political opposition by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), through intimidation, false arrests and incarcerations, and the media.

A retired military member has suggested that the military remove Obama from office because of national and international security concerns.

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  1. Let’s Subpoena Obama’s records from DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle and see the real things rather than keep beating around the bushes and playing any more guesswork.