New York State News: Sheriff Richard Mack, Government Corruption


by New York State Grassroots Groups

The Moreland Commission was established last fall to probe New York State public corruption, then abruptly shut down by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, an action which has placed Cuomo under federal scrutiny

(Aug. 7, 2014) — I want everyone to know WE are excited and pleased with Sheriff Mack’s interview on WNBF radio!!!!! He was scheduled for ten minutes but the host kept the Sheriff on for over 25!!!!!

They discussed the Constitution and the Safe Act and brought positive attention to OUR cause for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act to many thousands of people. Sheriff Mack won the admiration of the host, and as a result, the discussion was even better than we had hoped for. Sheriff Mack is so dedicated and correct it is infectious.

Also touched on was the Moreland Commission and corruption and how it is all related – even the Safe Act.

In the darkness of night – acting as they usually do, when they do their dirty deeds of corruption, they passed the Safe Act in January of last year. In the brightness of day, WE are fighting all the way until WE achieve FULL Repeal of the Safe Act.

Hear ye, hear ye – it is perfectly clear that the time is really here for ALL good citizens to come to the aid of OUR homeland. WE have rallied and protested from pillar to post on many different issues. Along the way WE have formed many new alliances – the best are outside of political circles. In OUR travels and journey we have learned many things about the tools of civic action. With much success and a few failures WE have endured many slings and arrows, but we remain totally committed to OUR Cause. With just a little more practice and experience WE will be on the threshold of Historic Achievement – beginning with the FULL repeal of the Safe Act.

We have grown from a few to many tens of thousands – it is time for everyone to JOIN US. Spread the word. Get Connected to OUR email list – – “Sign Me Up”

It is election time and this is the biggest part of OUR mission. It is time to BOYCOTT and vote the bums out – each and every one of them who has failed US. Vote For Someone New. It ain’t the other guy’s elected official – it is 99% likely it is YOURS.

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