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by JB Williams, ©2014

Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution provides for the accusation and removal of office of the president and other federal office-holders and appointees, including judges

(Aug. 5, 2014) — One of the most intriguing and frustrating elements of today’s “constitutionalist” movement is the fact that many self-proclaimed constitutionalists seem to experience a great deal of difficulty in just following the Constitution. Desperate to find solutions to the rapid decline of our Constitutional Republic, the remedies prescribed in the Constitution seem to be the first remedies most often overlooked, ignored or tossed out.

In any effort to gain an honest assessment of public support for Impeachment, we must break it down into steps towards impeachment to see where the support exists and at what point in the process support might begin to wither, and more importantly, why.

The Obama Dictatorship

The vast majority of Americans, nearly eighty percent, believe that our country has been in steady decline for many years, but in an accelerating rapid descent since the installation of the Obama regime in January 2009, an opinion easily backed by a mountain of hard evidence.

When asked if they believe the Obama regime is governing in an anti-American fashion and beyond executive branch constitutional authority, 89% of Republicans polled say YES and 52% of registered Independent voters AGREE. Over half of Americans believe that Obama is guilty of Impeachable offenses and that his regime should be held accountable.

So, why don’t constitutionalists simply follow the constitution and Impeach?

Leaders of the People’s Resistance?

Members of Congress and a growing number of right-leaning Tea Party leaders like Sarah Palin, Lt. Col. Allen West and General Jerry Boykin have openly called for Impeachment. Yet so far, they have refused to act on those calls themselves, preferring instead to only use Impeachment as a fund-raising tool for their political PACs. If you want to know why, you will have to ask them. I don’t know!

Before leaving on August recess, 225 House Republicans voted to “sue Obama” over a minor handful of “impeachable offenses” when they needed only 218 votes to Impeach Obama on a growing laundry list of Impeachable offenses. The strangest part of the House suit is that House Republicans totally ignored a thousand illegal impeachable offenses in their suit and focused only on the fact that Obama has illegally failed to “enforce ObamaCare laws” that Republicans allegedly oppose altogether.

Making matters worse, so-called “right-wing” talking heads and “political experts” have joined in a chorus of “We Can’t Impeach Obama Because,” regurgitating a plethora of reasons why House Republicans simply “cannot” keep their oaths to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic and hold the Obama regime accountable for their many anti-American breaches of oath and public trust.

In short, the leaders of the people’s resistance are strong on words, but absent on actions!

A Thousand Competing Solutions?

Meanwhile, every self-proclaimed expert with access to an Internet blog is muddying the water with a hundred bad ideas and “the people” are so baffled by the steady diet of bravo sierra that they have no clue which way to run.

  • Mark Levin says an Article V Convention of the states (aka Constitutional Convention) and his eleven proposed constitutional amendments is the solution. But even Levin knows that his suggestion is based upon a faulty interpretation of Article V. He just can’t afford to pull his book from the shelves.
  • A small group of legal beagles insist that a Quo Warranto civil suit is the only solution, ignoring the fact that numerous Quo Warranto suits have been filed by numerous plaintiffs in numerous courts between 2008 and 2014 and that all of them have been dismissed or ignored altogether by every court, and that a Quo Warranto against an Oval Office occupant must be authorized by Eric Holder, at the helm of the U.S. Justice Department. They also claim that “you can’t impeach a usurper” despite the fact the Founders specifically named “usurpation of office” as a primary impeachable offense and purpose for impeachment.
  • More extreme libertarian anarchists say “just arrest Obama and hang him…” forgetting that even an acting president of the United States has constitutional rights against illegal search, seizure, arrest and prosecution under the Fifth Amendment.
  • More extreme ideas include total nonsense like “our government is a corporation titled U.S.A., Inc. and the people have no recourse whatsoever against the corporation. Never mind the fact that there are no Articles of Incorporation or corporate filings of any kind to support the claim.
  • Some think the County Sheriff can solve the problem, forgetting that the jurisdiction of every County Sheriff stops at the county line and that no sheriff in America has jurisdiction over the Oval Office.
  • Others think the U.S. Military can and should initiate a military-led coup d’état and remove the Obama regime from power by force, just like Mubarak was removed in Egypt. But unlike the Egyptian Military forced into that action by the Egyptian people or any other 3rd world society, we have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights and elections. Our Military operates under the command of Barack Hussein Obama, remember?
  • Still others think state-level “nullification” measures are the answer, refusing to acknowledge the easily confirmed fact that even Jefferson and Madison failed in their efforts to nullify federal policies at the state level and that no federal law has ever been successfully “nullified” by a state in the 238 years since.
  • And still others think the solution is to toss out the Constitution and Bill of Rights altogether and live in anarchy under a “sovereign citizen” movement wherein it is every man for himself in a survival of the fittest environment.

It’s no wonder that with all of these misguided competing theories and misinterpretations of reality, the vast majority of Americans are paralyzed and unable to unite in any one realistic solution today. It doesn’t matter if these people all mean well. It only matters that they are standing in the way of the people doing the constitutional thing. It doesn’t matter why!

The Only “Constitutional Solution”

When our Constitutional Republic finds itself in a position where the people must take measures to secure the future of national sovereignty, security, freedom, liberty and the rule of Constitutional Law, the Founders provided the solution for removing “bad actors” from power in a peaceful and orderly way. That process is called Impeachment.

Article II – Section IV states – “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

When we find ourselves in a state of assault from within our Executive branch, it is the authority and duty of Congress to end that threat by indicting the “bad actors” in the executive branch via impeachment and removing them from power.

In such a circumstance, the Constitution does not say we are to sue the president, call a constitutional convention, file a Quo Warranto brief, violate the Fifth Amendment and arrest him, form a Military coup or terminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights and become a “sovereign citizen.”

It says we shall remove such “bad actors” from power by impeachment. It further states under Article I Section III“Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States: but the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgment and punishment, according to law.”

So, although the general belief that the Obama regime is the worst anti-American criminal cabal to ever seize control of our Federal Government in U.S. history, the people remain confused about which direction to run and what to do about it as a direct result of a thousand screaming voices in their heads.

However, if they tune out everything but the voices of our Founding Fathers, they will quickly arrive at the only solution prescribed in the U.S. Constitution for how to properly, peacefully and constitutionally deal with our current national tragedy.

To be or not to be? – Constitutional

No matter what everyone else’s “expert opinion” might be, the Founders made it very simple, leaving all pro-Constitution and Bill of Rights Americans with only ONE decision to make!


If We the People don’t follow it, there is no reason to expect that anyone else will.

Can it Happen?

  1. It takes only ONE member of the House to initiate Impeachment
  2. It takes only 21 Republicans to pass Articles of Impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee
  3. It takes only 218 Republicans to pass Articles of Impeachment in the full House
  4. Harry Reid (or any future Republican Senate leader) does not have any power over the Senate Impeachment process
  5. The Chief Justice (not Harry Reid) must preside under the rules of evidence and process
  6. Senate members are forced to serve as jurors under a strict set of laws governing a criminal jury
  7. The people only need 21 Democrat Senators to convict and remove Obama & Co.
  8. Nobody knows what will happen in the Senate until the evidence is presented before the court of public opinion
  9. 2010 and 2012 elections prove that after the 2014 election, no matter the outcome, D.C. will return to business as usual. The only time Republicans “have to act” is between now and November. After the election, they are under no political pressure to do anything until the next election cycle.

So far, Republicans have not had the intestinal fortitude to stop anything Obama & Co. has rammed down American throats.

That’s because so far, the American people have not had the clear direction and intestinal fortitude to force their representatives to represent.

The future depends on the American people here and in the end, the buck will stop with then, not the politicians.


You can choose to not like what I have stated here. But you cannot present any legitimate argument against it that is based in Constitutional Law.

The choice is simple and it is yours to make! Our entire future depends upon this one decision. Make it very carefully!


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  1. Some of us have been trying to send Obama to Leavenworth where he and his administration belongs since the summer of 08. There are a lot of names who have been working every single day to expose Obama for the criminal liar he is. Many of us have been pounding the hell out of our congressman and senators only to be asked the standard worn out republican talking points like, “are you sure this would be the best use of out time and when we show them in black and white forensic documentation of false documents we hear, “they will just pull the race card”.

    There is plenty of stomach out there with the public sick of this fool in the White House, the lack of resolve lies with congress.