by Kirk MacKenzie, from Citizenswire Newsletter, ©2014

(Jul. 28, 2014) — Massive immigration, legal and illegal, has been used as a stealth weapon to bring about the New World Order for decades, under administrations from both parties. It is not the immigrants that are the problem. For the most part, they are good people. It is the globalists and the discriminatory system they created that are.

While Americans were led to believe government was doing everything it could to conduct a responsible immigration policy, and win the illegal immigration fight, the reverse was made policy: Jobs, contracts, venture capital, preferred bank loans, SBA loans … via affirmative discrimination. Free/subsidized: housing via HUD, education via Supreme Court decision, food via food stamps, transportation via public transportation, medical care via emergency rooms, translation services. Multi-lingual ballots and education. And on, and on, and on.

People from the most populated countries in the world, such as China and India, are magically transformed into minorities, who allegedly have to be protected from racism (not nationalism), while all are given reasons, real or manufactured, to hate the majority (without actually say white or Western Civilization because, well, that would be racist).

Now, we are finally getting the message, at the threshold of losing it all.

I Smell a Rat

Given the already massive legal and illegal adult immigration, and voter fraud, why all the children who can’t vote? And why now?

The 2014 election, to put it simply. Obama’s final 2-year opportunity to overthrow the United States, as we know it, rests upon keeping the Senate and Harry Reid. To counter the patriot movement, the administration is attempting to motivate and turn out its voter base in November. If successful, we haven’t seen anything yet.

Their voter base is being motivated by meeting commitments to open the border, and using the response of patriots to continue portraying whites as racists. Part of this has been the goal to get all “minority” ethnicities and races to view themselves as allies on the same side, just as women were lumped in with blacks to pass the Affirmative Discrimination Act, despite women making up 51% of the population.

The election will reveal a lot of things, and have a huge impact on the future of the world.

Useful Information

Tons of information is available. However, these few good links are sufficient to reveal the true dimensions of the problem.

The Numbers: Immigration numbers are off the charts. A great, simple, and visual presentation by Roy Beck. watch

Beheadings: Retired Border Patrol agent makes a non-partisan presentation to show how national park and monument designations have created corridors for illegal immigration, drug trafficking, corruption, and violent crime, even including beheadings and bodily dismemberment. watch

Smuggling: Border Patrol agent Hector Garza states the U.S. government is “completing the smuggling cycle” of unaccompanied minors. watch

Intentional: DHS anticipated, as early as January, 60,000 illegal child border crossers. read more

Bribes Used: Ad promises $6,000/month tax-free to housing illegal immigrant children. (Dolores H) read

Employment: All employment growth since 2000 went to immigrants. read more (Brooks)

Business: Federal government sues a private U.S. company, says English language requirement is discrimination. read more

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