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by Sharon Rondeau

How loudly are the sabers rattling?

(Jul. 27, 2014) — On Friday, Breitbart News reported that discussions about impeaching Barack Hussein Obama have been held within the House of Representatives.

Obama has said that in the wake of Congress’s inaction on “immigration reform,” which Obama blames on House Republicans, he will “identify additional actions my administration can take within my existing legal authorities, to do what Congress refuses to do and fix as much of our immigration system as we can.”

Obama has been criticized harshly be congressional Republicans and some Democrats for overstepping his constitutional authority by issuing executive orders which, in effect, serve as new laws or amend existing federal law.

The U.S. Constitution provides Congress the ability to impeach the president, vice president, and other high-level officers of the federal government for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Obama claims that the federal immigration “system” is “broken” such that “folks don’t know the rules.”  Since last fall but also over the last several years, the number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border and being given refuge throughout the United States has increased, with fewer deportations than under Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush.  A massive influx of illegals said to be mostly unaccompanied children are being housed in makeshift facilities, including parts of U.S. military bases, in an unprecedented move.

Catholic Charities, the Catholic Church in general, and other “Christian” organizations have flocked to assist the illegal aliens with food, clothing, shelter, medical care and eventual transportation to other places.  An unconfirmed report widely circulated on the internet claims that religious organizations have been receiving millions of dollars since 2010 from the Obama regime, perhaps in exchange for their willingness to assist illegals entering the country.

Many cities and town throughout the U.S. have refused to house the aliens on various grounds.  Some cities, such as Lynn, MA, are already feeling an economic effect from the “dumping” of illegals from the border, many of whom will attend public schools and require interpreters and other special services for which there is no budget.

Rep. Steve King of Iowa told Breitbart that if additional “executive actions” from Obama, not necessarily regarding immigration, are issued, “we need to bring impeachment hearings immediately before the House of Representatives.”

Last summer, when the House was on its August break, several members told their constituents at townhall meetings that impeachment could be supported at that time.

Since then, draconian regulations issued by the EPA have created a pall over energy companies forced to file expensive lawsuits to continue to operate their businesses as they have been accustomed; Obama’s IRS has claimed that backups of emails were destroyed, then recanted that claim, after Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX36) filed a resolution calling for the immediate arrest and jailing of former IRS tax-exempt supervisor Lois Lerner in the IRS targeting scandal; and on Friday, Obama suggested that children from Honduras be interviewed in their home country for possible “asylum” in the U.S. at U.S.-taxpayer expense.

Late last year, presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy told The Post & Email that congressional hearings on Obama’s impeachment would begin in January. In the continuation of an exclusive interview which will be published this week, Judy said that he was told that certain members of Congress had changed their minds after his December report to us.  However, impeachment is now reportedly expected by the White House.

On Friday, White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer said that Obama plans to take action on immigration “after the summer” and acknowledged that it could anger Republicans in Congress enough to trigger impeachment.

Stockman told WND over the weekend that by his actions, Obama is “begging to be impeached.”

When Arizona’s 2010 immigration law was challenged and made its way to the Supreme Court in 2012, Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that alien immigration “is a federal matter,” and the high court struck down key components of the law.  However, the federal government has refused to enforce existing law, including Obama’s signing of an executive order in 2012 which allowed young illegal aliens without criminal histories to remain in the country if they met certain conditions.

Obama renewed that order last month without consulting Congress.

During the summer of 2012, Obama very nearly went to war with Syrian president Bashir Al-Assad without consulting Congress, which Rep. Walter C. Jones said would instigate impeachment.  Obama reconsidered and did not assign the military to invade Syria.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK1), who, like Stockman, was not allowed in to one of the holding facilities for the illegals without an appointment, said on the House floor on June 3, 2013 that Obama “is not fit to lead.”

Last year, Stockman distributed a book entitled “Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office” by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott to every member of the House of Representatives.

Sen. James Coburn (R-KS) said that denying members of Congress from entering the facilities was “illegal.”

Obama and members of his regime have reportedly threatened governors and Border Patrol agents from speaking out against his policies.  In January, he sought agencies willing and able to transport illegal alien children from their places of entry in the United States to alleged relatives already here, likely illegally.

The mainstream media is now reporting on the possibility of Obama’s impeachment.  However, to date, the mainstream media has remained silent on the forgery posted on the White House website purported to be a copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate from Hawaii.  A nearly-three-year investigation showed after six months that the image is a “computer-generated forgery,” along with his Selective Service registration form which has been mailed by the Selective Service System to various FOIA requesters, including The Post & Email.

It is Pfeiffer’s photo which appears next to the forgery on the White House website.

Articles of Impeachment published by the North American Law Center (NALC) on Friday state that Obama has committed identity fraud and used the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to assist in covering up the crime and making monetary payoffs to people who witnessed it in exchange for their silence.

Journalists and others investigating Obama’s background over the last six years have been the victims of ridicule, defamation, and threats against their lives as attested to by the Maricopa County Cold Case posse, which conducted the investigation into Obama’s only proffered documents and found them to be fraudulent.

Other drafts of Articles of Impeachment have been written by Atty. Bruce Fein, Atty. Michael Connolly, and by former presidential candidate Alan Keyes.  Various groups and websites have also called for Obama’s impeachment.

In 2008, thousands of concerned Americans contacted their congressmen, electors, attorneys general, governors and others about Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president, as the Constitution requires the highest office in the land to be filled by none other than a “natural born Citizen.”  Obama claimed a birth in Hawaii beginning in 2007, after he announced his candidacy, before which his literary agent’s official biography said he was born in Kenya.  Obama also claims that his father was a Kenyan citizen, and historically, the citizenship of the father or parents was a factor in determining citizenship, particularly “natural born” citizenship.

Instead of investigating Obama’s eligibility, members of Congress sent form letters to their concerned constituents in an attempt to assure them that Obama met the requirements by virtue of his alleged birth in Hawaii.

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  1. The out for these, thus far, treasonous cowards in Congress to overcome their complicity in this crime, is to publicly acknowledge they were, perhaps, misdirected by their Congressional Research Department when they were advised that Obama was eligible to hold the office of President. However, after having observed Obama and his utter distain for our Constitution over the past 6 years, it is now evident his allegiance to this Republic and our Constitution is highly questionable and it is now mandatory for the House to utilize the full powers of the House to appoint an impeachment special counsel to investigate and prosecute charges beginning with the completion of the excellent work of Sheriff Arpaio and constantly keep the public informed of the truth about the criminal acts of the Obama Regime in the forgery of all of his proffered identity documents.

    There is no need to submit any charges to the Senate for prosecution at this time. The resulting worldwide media publicity will force our media to report on these matters that will educate the public and open the eyes of these Senators that they have been nothing more than Obama’s useful idiots. The truth alone will get rid of Obama and it will probably be the manipulators behind his rise to power that will make this happen in an attempt to salvage all of the tremendous achievements they have accomplished thus far.
    The truth alone will prevail!

  2. Impeachment = no big deal. Holder was found in contempt of Congress, and nothing happened. Lerner was found in contempt of Congress and nothing happened. Bill Clinton showed total contempt for the Oval Office and nothing happened. Obama has nothing but contempt FOR Congress and impeachment. It’s no wonder Americans agree with Obama on this one thing, CONTEMPT FOR CONGRESS.