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by Sharon Rondeau

A rally is being held on Saturday to protest illegal alien arrivals in Massachusetts organized by radio host Jeffrey Kuhner

(Jul. 26, 2014) — Radio show host Jeffrey Kuhner of WRKO has organized a protest in Boston, MA at the state house to protest the arrival of hundreds of illegal aliens which are taxing community services, schools and personnel, particularly in Lynn, a town on Boston’s “North Shore.”

Lynn Mayor Judith Kennedy told Fox News’s Stuart Varney on July 16 that she was not informed of the sudden recent arrival of 248 school-age children, most of whom do not speak English or Spanish and require special services.  However, Kennedy said that unaccompanied children from Guatemala have been arriving in her community since 2010.

The protest began at 11:00 a.m. EDT and will run until 1:00 p.m.

Kuhner was outspoken about the forced incarceration of Connecticut teenager Justina Pelletier by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families for apparent medical experimentation when her parents were never abusive or deemed unfit in her home state.  Custody of Justina was seized by the agency in February 2013, but as a result of public outcry, including Kuhner’s assembly at the Massachusetts statehouse in May of this year, Justina was returned to her parents’ custody last month.

National Review Online reported that some illegals are “posing” as children to take advantage of the public school system.  On Friday, a caller to the Rush Limbaugh Show said that “Lynn, Massachusetts, for the last year and a half, has been a dumping grounds for illegals mainly from Guatemala.  Now, the mayor, Judy Kennedy, is gonna be speaking there, and this has been orchestrated by Jeff Kuhner of WRKO radio. It’s gonna start at 11 o’clock tomorrow ’til one, and they’re expecting many, many of thousands people, believe me.”

Earlier this month, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick compared the arrival of more than 50,000 illegal aliens through the southern border to the Holocaust.

Lynn, MA is the home town of this writer’s parents, where they met while in high school.  Both were the children of legal immigrants.  Her father, a World War II veteran of the China/Burma/India campaign known as “The Hump,” is registered at the World War II Memorial as hailing from Lynn.

Last month, Kennedy told The Salem News that her town has received “no help from the federal government” for the illegal aliens making their way to Lynn over the last several years.

Limbaugh responded to the caller, “Lynn, Massachusetts, is fighting back — and let’s not forget, folks, one of the reasons we he would be against King George is because he was forcing the people of Massachusetts to board British soldiers.  So the people of Lynn, Massachusetts, have a long history of refusing these kinds of demands, which led to our independence.”

Lynn was settled in 1629 by arrivals from nearby Salem who “wanted to find a less crowded area with greener pastures.”

General Electric was a major industrial force in Lynn during World War II, and manufacturing has always been a part of its history.

This writer recalls childhood trips to Lynn Beach during visits to relatives, who did not pronounce the letter “r” at the end of a word and utilized the “broad ‘a.'”

In 2008, Obama promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and on Friday suggested that illegals could be “screened” for “refugee” status in their home countries, then brought to the United States at taxpayer expense.  Thousands of illegal aliens are reportedly seriously ill in various “camps” around the country, where health care workers have reportedly been threatened against speaking to the media about the conditions inside.

Some contend that Obama has planned the “invasion” of America’s borders by funding church organizations currently providing assistance to the illegals.

A growing chorus urging Obama’s impeachment on grounds that he has violated his oath to the U.S. Constitution and to uphold the nation’s laws has been acknowledged laughingly by White House operative Dan Pfeiffer.  Pfeiffer is the same regime employee who vouched for the birth certificate image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 which was later deemed a “computer-generated forgery” by a criminal investigation.

Update, 4:25 EDT:  The Boston Herald posted a short video of the protest which can be viewed here.

This story was updated on July 27, 2014 at 9:19 a.m. EDT.

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  1. In relation to the “growing chorus urging Obama’s impeachment”… The Constitutional Law division of Patriots Union The North American Law Center, has issued a full set of Articles of Impeachment of the Obama Regime.
    ARTICLE 1 – Usurpation of the Oval Office by criminal identity fraud
    ARTICLE 2 – Malfeasance[i], misconduct and abuse of the Oval Office
    ARTICLE 3 – Aiding and Abetting known enemies of the United States
    Take a look there is nothing in them you will disagree with.
    Semper Fi

  2. Somewhere in the town of Lynn is a marker in the cemetery for Samuel Whiting. It is in the form of an obelisk and we do have photos of it. He was the preacher who helped to settle the town and it was named partially for his hometown in England, Lynn Haven.
    Gene is a direct descendant of Samuel Whiting and we have a grandson named after him. It is good to see they have some backbone there and will rise up and speak out about an invasion into their town. Bravo to them and wish we were there to be a part of this.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: What a wonderful connection to the nation’s founding and to my family specifically!

  3. Sgt Tamhoreesi is incarcerated for a wrong turn into Mexico while Mexicans et al, are given the Red Carpet treatment when they pay organized Crime operators to illegally enter our Nation.


    When a Christian Woman is threatened with Decapitation in Sudan,


    while Michelle (some say real name “Michael”) visits the youngest son of Osama Bin Laden in a Boston Hospital coinciding with the Boston Marathon Attack.

    Multiple Millions of American dollars flow into Hamas controlled Gaza (Hamas with ITS historical ties to the Gran Mufti and Adolph Hitler from the era of the Second World War), but the eradication of Christianity in Mosul occurs and


    This is because OBAMA is practicing


    under our noses.

    Dear Mrs Rondeau, please consider interviewing WALID SHOEBAT who recently asserted that Obama is aligned with Sunni Islam and is facilitating the establishment of their Caliphate using American resources and distorting his position as “president.”

    May Arpaio release his information as expeditiously as possible.

    It is as bad as the Allies NOT cutting off rail lines into various Concentration Camps during WWII.