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July 21, 2014

Rep. Walter Jones served as a member of the North Carolina legislature for five terms before becoming a five-term congressman representing the state’s third congressional district.

Dear Editor:

The following information has been submitted to Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC3):

Issue: OTHER

Message Subject: I’m informing you, under 18USC 3 of your oath of office and am asking you to act

Message Text:

Congressman Jones: I have voted for you for the last 5 elections. I am, like you a Conservative.

I am a retired Naval Intelligence Officer and hold a Ph.D. in Psychology. I do NOT write to you often or lightly. I am writing to you today to remind you that under your oath of office, under 18 USC 3, you are REQUIRED to both listen to reports of criminal activity and for you to take appropriate action.

I am writing to inform you that such CRIMINAL ‘RICO’ activity has occurred and wish to make an appointment with your Greenville office staff to share them with you and to request a response from you, in writing, as to what you will or will not do about them.

These charges concern Barack H. Obama (if that is his real name) hidden and possibly illegal use of forged documents to hide his real identity, including the suppression of his educational records and his passport. NOTE: Do NOT come back and give me the ‘he was born in Hawaii excuse’….this is NOT about his birth certificate (although virtually EVERY forensic document expert states that BOTh his COLB & his 4/27/2011 birth certificate is a forgery).

In short Congressman Jones, what I am asking YOU to do is to request what is going out hopefully to every single Congressman who CLAIMS to be a Conservative to ACT to stop this impostor. I know that you know, that Obama’s past is a lie, that the courts have been ‘had’ and refuse to allow anyone to have STANDING in order to force open his ‘sealed’ records. Obama’s very first official act in office (from the liar in chief who claimed to be ‘the MOST open administration in history’) is anything but….he has prevented both YOU & the American people from ever discovering his hidden past) was to SEAL every single one of his records from kindergarten on.

Note: I have overwhelming evidence of criminal activity on his part….that is, if you care to hear it. However, that is NOT what I am requesting from you today, Congressman Jones. I am requesting that YOU, as an American DEMAND Obama prove (and we do NOT have to go to a court of law to do this) as described below, that he is who he CLAIMS to be.

If you REFUSE to reply or Congressman Jones, if you jerk me around with another bs ‘talking points’ answer about Obama’s past has been thoroughly vetted, then I will and every North Carolinian I can, or my fellow Patriots in the NC Tea Party, my friends and neighbors, tell every voter that YOU are part of a criminal conspiracy that is nothing more than a Racketeering (RICO) project, and as such, YOU are an accessory to Obama’s crimes by both refusing to uphold your oath of office (Misprison of Treason & Misprison of FelonY) as well as violating the RICO laws by allowing this to continue by doing nothing about it.

IF, Congressman Jones, you play the same games as have been done before, I can promise you this. I will urge (as will hopefully, every TEA PARTY member I can reach, WILL VOTE ….IN NOV…NOT FOR YOU…BUT FOR ANYONE RUNNING AGAINST YOU.

Obama is destroying the country. He IS a ‘taquyya’ muslim. He IS a sunni, Saudi Arabian plant and we have overwhelming evidence that he is. I am offering you a complete set of proof that Obama’s entire life and history is a fabricated lie…If you REFUSE to act, then we will know EXACTLY where you stand, and which ‘God’ you serve.

I am requesting two things from you. 1. For you to EASILY & simply request what is below. If you and only one other Conservative Congressman acts…its OVER for Obama and 2. I am requesting a meeting, in your Greenville office, with you or a member of your staff, to present the evidence that is overwhelming and irrefutable that Obama’s entire life story is a lie, contrived to usurp the office of the Presidency.

The time for playing the ‘Ruling Class’ games by the elites in CONgress is over Congressman Jones. Either you are another phony liar, as is Obama OR you are a Patriot. Your response(s) or lack thereof, WILL BE shared with untold numbers of people who CAN AND WILL VOTE YOU OUT IF YOU REFUSE TO UPHOLD AMERICA & OUR CONSTITUTION.

If hopefully Walter Jones, you are on our side, here is what you can do….NOW>>>IMMEDIATELY!


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  1. Thank you for posting readers’ letters to congressmen/women and senators. It is bolstering to read of others’ efforts to communicate clearly to their elected officials how much has to be done if we are to maintain the foundations of our Republic.