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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

By claiming that “our southern border is secure,” is Sen. Harry Reid in touch with reality?

(Jul. 16, 2014) — 5) Harry Reid — “Our Southern Border is Secure…”   He might as well have said: “There is absolutely no fire anywhere” while third-degree burn victims clog the streets.

4) Lois Lerner – “My computer crashed and I lost 2 years’ worth of emails.”  Dogs eat homework and IRS computers are apparently magic…eating only emails that Congress demands.  Try having lost your documents or saying your computer failed with all your files if the IRS comes after you.

3) Pentagon – They give pink slips to thousands of military officers mostly in active duty serving their country now. They then dare to reinstate to active duty Muslim radical and military deserter Sgt. Bergdahl — Shame!  If the Pentagon leadership had any guts and valor they would revolt against Obama’s orders and pressure to fire the good guys and reinstate the very bad guy.  Stand and revolt!

2) Eric Holder –  He wants gun owners to wear RFID bracelets and has even told Congress that he and Obama have been planning and thinking about this for a long time.  Apparently, ‘bitter clinger’ gun and Bible owners like myself are like dogs who must be put on a leash with a zapper collar that Holder and Obama control.  They can kiss my grits!  Don’t ever register your guns or submit to any stupid RFID bracelet or ID. Refuse to answer UN-Constitutional probing gun questions by doctors or mental health specialists about your guns and don’t turn your guns in anywhere.

1) Grand prize – Barack Hussein Obama – His latest treachery is a full-on attack on our country by masterminding the illegal and deadly invasion of thousands at our borders.  These are gang-bangers, druggies and other flavors of criminals and mostly 13 or older.  They are peppered with serious and deadly diseases.  Sources are saying Obama is busing them to small and large communities all across the country in the cover of darkness.  He has been encouraging and planning for this treasonous invasion for years.  Schools, resources and small towns are trying to figure out how to financially, legally and physically absorb this brazen and forced assault on their struggling communities.  Obama has also made sure that his controlled TSA allows illegal aliens to get on planes without ID.  Never mind the rest of us who can barely get on a plane without first going through the ‘nuddie machine’ ‘being groped,’ let alone having our purses dumped out and searched.

It is more than past time for REVOLT BY THE PEOPLE AND OUR MILITARY.

This is the systematic dismantling of America and our freedom, not just stupid moves by a few progressive liberals.  This will be deadly and permanent if we don’t wake up and revolt now everywhere possible.

The only option is to vote right and stand on all fronts.  Get passionate and focus your anger or you will be destroyed.

* Exercise your First Amendment rights everywhere you can and loudly.

* Exercise your religious speech rights and loudly.

* Exercise your 2nd amendment rights and be ready to fight for your freedom if necessary.

* Push hard locally and at the state level for your 10th amendment rights.  Demand protection from your Sheriffs, militias and Governor against federal intrusion, overreach and bogus arrests that will come.

* Demand from your Rep. and Senator real border security.

* Demand leaders of the military to rise up and protect their own and our Constitution. 

* Demand that our House and Senate impeach Obama and Holder now and do real investigations that lead to arrests with the NSA, IRS, EPA and illegal and UN-Constitutional actions (non-stop) of Barack Hussein Obama.

It is high time to STAND and REVOLT.  We are Americans, not Obama’s slaves and game tokens.

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  1. Dr. Laurie – I agree with your premise completely. Please allow me to point out one small detail, your use of the term “progressive liberals”. There is no such thing. The Peoples Republic of China has no reflection whatsoever on a “Peoples Republic”. An African-American is not a dual citizen, he’s either an African or an American, he can’t be both. The Islam religion is not a religion. When we fall into the trap of legitimizing the enemy’s label, we have already lost the battle.