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by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), Chairman, CombatVeteransForCongress

Is Eric Holder fulfilling his role as chief law enforcement officer of the United States?

(Jul. 14, 2014) — Eric Holder has not been fulfilling his responsibility to protect and defend the US Constitution and enforce federal laws passed by Congress; he is threatening the Separation of Powers upon which the Republic was founded, as explained in the below-listed article.  Holder sued Arizona for trying to secure their wide-open southern border and protect the citizens of Arizona from entering criminal illegal immigrants, drug smugglers, human traffickers, gang members, and terrorists. Holder has refused to investigate the criminal activities by employees of the IRS for restricting the ability of conservative Americans to participate in a Presidential election campaign.  Holder continues to file suit against any state that passes a law requiring that voters show their photo IDs in order to vote, even when the state offers to provide the photo IDs free of charge.

Holder, Obama, and Rice supported the release of the five most dangerous terrorists in the world for an Army deserter (one of the terrorists was involved in the “death” of CIA Officer Mike Spann in the Qala-i-Jani Fortress in Afghanistan).  Rice lied on five Sunday morning TV news shows to cover up Obama’s “Dereliction of Duty” during the Battle of Benghazi for refusing to issue Cross Border Authority that led to the “death” of four Americans. Holder’s Justice Department covered up the illegal gun-running operation to Mexican drug cartels entitled Fast & Furious that led to the “death” of a Border Patrol Agent by a Mexican drug smuggler with one of the smuggled guns.   Holder refused to investigate the criminal activities by managers in the Veterans Administration that have led to the “death” of Veterans who were refused medical treatment.

For nearly six years the administration has refused to secure the southern border with Mexico.  Central American parents of 90,000 children have been paying human smugglers to transport their children to the United States because Obama assured them the children would not be deported.  In order to send a message to human smugglers and parents in Central America, Obama could close the border as President Truman and President Eisenhower did with the National Guard.  Instead of sending a message to parents in Central America not to send their children to the United States, Obama does nothing and permits 90,000 children from Central America to enter a wide-open southern border.  A number of the smuggled children are infected with contagious diseases which would require that they be quarantined for several weeks, but instead the Obama administration, acting as coyote smugglers, has been transporting them on commercial aircraft to cities throughout the United States, without informing the public health officials or elected officials in those cities of their smuggling activities.

Neither Holder, Obama, nor Rice are on the same page as the average American citizen; there is a cultural disconnect with how millions of Patriotic Americans want to protect the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic, and how the three of them have directed government affairs for nearly six years.  Clear-thinking Patriotic American would not perpetrate the above-listed lies and violations of Federal Laws.  Please click on the below listed link to understand what is meant by Bill Whittle’s phrase, “They are not one of us.”


“Obama’s ‘Enforcer’ Threatening ‘Separation of Powers'” by Greg Corombos, WND:


Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt              USN(Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

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San Diego, CA 92108

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Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

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  1. Good Morning Sharon:
    I now believe that Obama and his administration have been following and accomplishing George Soros’ (Obama’s puppet master) anti-American agenda(s) to the “T” as outlined in my recent letter to our NM U.S. Representative-You Decide:

    Letter to our NM U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan-Grisham (re: Return of Government to Our Constitutional Principles)!

    “Food For Thought”
    Thanks again for all you do on a daily basis to keep us informed.
    In My Eyes You Are A True Patriot!
    Semper Fi!