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by Don Fredrick, ©2014, The Obama Timeline

Is Barack Obama’s mental state on the verge of collapse?

(Jul. 14, 2014) — More than a few articles have focused recently on what seems to be Obama’s declining emotional and mental state. Andrew G. Hodges, M.D. recently told WND.com that Obama is “slipping mentally. …Not madness such as total loss of control mentally, but more and more drastic behavior seen in disturbed traumatized leaders.”

I believe that rejection lies at the root of Obama’s psychological problems. He frequently says that he was “raised by a single mother” when, in fact, he was mostly raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, deserted Obama several times. She first unloaded him on her parents while she attended college. She later sent him from Indonesia back to Hawaii, while she remained in Jakarta with husband Lolo Soetoro and Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro. Of course, Obama was also abandoned by his alleged father, Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., who had virtually nothing to do with him (if he even was his father). He was then abandoned by his step-father, who apparently thought nothing of Dunham’s shipping the boy back to Hawaii to again live with his grandparents. (Strangely, Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father, refers to his Kenyan father—who was essentially a non-factor in his life. But the book was almost certainly partially—if not primarily—penned by his terrorist comrade William Ayers, and meant as a vehicle for his political career. The book was about Obama the future candidate, not his drunken socialist father in Kenya.)

Obama’s racial anger and hatred of America’s past was strengthened—if not originated—by frequent conversations with his communist mentor (and possible father), Frank Marshall Davis. Davis, a friend of William Ayers’s father, was also a close friend of Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham. Dunham worked as a furniture salesman and could reportedly “charm the legs off a couch.” Daughter Stanley Ann was also known as a frequent liar. (One acquaintance remarked, “She would make you believe anything while you were face-to-face but, a few minutes after she’d leave, you’d realize what she said wasn’t very… realistic or true.”) Genetically, therefore, Obama was a born con man. That could mean only one thing: a career in politics.

Having to deal with repeated rejections from a mother, father, and step-father could easily cause severe psychological scars. Compound those rejections with grandparents who spoiled Obama by giving him everything he wanted while neither teaching him responsibility nor holding him accountable for anything. (For example, despite poor grades they kept footing the bill for his expensive private education, and he seems not to have had to work his way through college in any type of job.) Obama was therefore rejected by some and indulged by almost everyone else. Add to that the mysterious financial support he received to attend Harvard Law School, and a letter of recommendation from Malcolm X’s lawyer, Percy Sutton, who arguably should have had no reason to believe Obama was capable of succeeding at the school. Obama became editor of the Harvard Law Review not because of any exceptional writing skills (the few articles he wrote during his college years displayed almost none), but because of rampant affirmative action. Quite simply, a smooth, level path was laid for Obama by others. He never had to work up a sweat.

Obama then worked in a variety of community activist jobs where he had to produce nothing of worth. (His boss, Gerald Kellman, said he wasn’t very good at his job.) Obama also worked at a law firm where he never tried a case, did not take his work seriously, and spent his time working on his book. (Lawyer Allison Davis noted, “Some of my partners weren’t happy with that, Barack sitting there with his keyboard on his lap and his feet up on the desk writing the book.”) Entering politics, Obama was essentially given a free ride—as long as he pushed Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s agenda. He won his first State Senate election by getting lawyers to remove his opponents’ names from the ballot. Illinois State Senate President Emil Jones allowed Obama to take credit for legislation that others, like State Senator Ricky Hendon, had written. (Once in the U.S. Senate, Obama repaid Jones with tens of millions of dollars in federal spending for his district, which Jones glibly referred to as “steak” rather than “pork”).

Obama’s other “jobs” included sitting on the boards of leftist organizations, along with William Ayers, deciding who would be given grants. He ran leadership training sessions for ACORN activists. As a part-time law lecturer (he was never a law professor), Obama taught classes on race and law. The syllabus for a class Obama taught in the spring of 1994, “Current Issues in Racism and the Law,” covered the topics, “Discussion of Reconstruction and Jim Crow,” “Discussion of Black Response,” and “Discussion of Civil Rights/Backlash.” Student discussion topics suggested by Obama included, “The All-Black, All-Male School,” “Interracial Adoptions,” “Racial Gerrymandering,” “Race and the Criminal Justice System,” “Racial Bias in the Media,” “Welfare Policy and Reproductive Freedom,” “Affirmative Action,” and “Reparations.” (For the slavery reparations discussion, Obama posed such sample questions as, “Do such proposals have any realistic chance of working their way through the political system?” and “Would there be any legal impediments to such a broadly-conceived reparations policy?”) Required reading assigned by Obama included works by Derrick Bell, his critical race theory professor at Harvard. If most of the classes taught by Obama were in a similar vein (another of his classes was called “Race, Racism, and the Law”), he should be considered a teacher of race and the law rather than a “professor of constitutional law.” (Obama’s choice of subject matter suggests that the issue of race affects every aspect of his life.)

David Axelrod was a political adviser to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. He left his position as senior adviser to Obama in 2011 to work on strategy for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign

Obama was handed the national spotlight by being chosen to deliver the keynote address at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. His insipid but well-delivered speech inspired viewers who “think” with their emotions, and Obama rode that one-trick unicorn all the way to a U.S. Senate seat. He was aided by the red-diaper-baby political operative David Axelrod, who managed to get the sealed divorce records of both Obama’s primary and general election opponents unsealed. (Without Axelrod’s trickery, Obama would have lost the primary and remained in the Illinois State Senate.) Upon becoming a U.S. Senator, Obama got right to work planning his presidential run. Even that involved thuggery, with Obama’s operatives making sure that many of the delegates Hillary Clinton won in the primaries would not be seated in the convention hall. Obama then waltzed his way into the White House, having been fortunate enough to have as his opponent one of the weakest candidates the Republican Party had ever nominated.

Enduring his second term, the voters now understand that Obama has few skills beyond manipulating their emotions, telling bold lies, attacking his opponents, recycling worn-out false choice and straw-man arguments, and exchanging governing for golf games. Obama is not and never was a leader. The more the American people come to that realization, and the more the media begin to (finally) question his skills, the more Obama finds himself without support. It was bad enough for his psyche that his mother, father, and step-father abandoned him. But he now has to deal with the fact that the American people are abandoning him. For years he had grandparents, bosses, crooked politicians, and leftist journalists making excuses for him and not holding him accountable. Now he is losing that cover.

The “race card” has always, of course, been one of Obama’s covers. But it must be understood that while many others use the tactic in a shameless and purely political manner, Obama has no choice but to rely on it. Yes, a part of him believes he has routinely suffered discrimination (as foolish as that may be, considering his life history). It is understandable, however, inasmuch as the bitter Frank Marshall Davis no doubt beat that race drum as loudly as he could for the countless hours he spent with an impressionable young Barack Hussein Obama. But Obama simply cannot afford to abandon the racial discrimination excuse for his failures, because it is practically all he has left. The further his approval ratings plunge, the more scandals his administration racks up, the more Democrat voters turn away from him and toward Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, the more he loses even media supporters like Andrea Mitchell, the more Obama must consider that the fault lies within him, and not others. For him to come to that realization consciously would be best for his mental health. But it will be difficult for him to do so because he is obviously surrounded by people who are afraid to confront him with reality. Obama’s closest advisor is Valerie Jarrett, but she cannot be trusted to tell him the truth—partly because she likely does not realize it herself, and partly because her life is almost totally invested in his. If he fails, she fails. She must therefore continue the charade.

If Obama cannot consciously accept his own failures, that leaves his subconscious to accept them—gradually, at first, and then at an accelerating pace. As that pace quickens, the internal conflict between his conscious and his subconscious also increases—possibly to an alarming level. At that point, Obama may almost completely lose his coping mechanisms. He will still attempt to use them, but they will increasingly be questioned, if not downright rejected, by others. In the past, Obama probably relied on drugs as one of his coping mechanisms. He perhaps still does—under the watchful eye of his confidante, “Valsputin” Jarrett. But his world is falling apart. He is being abandoned by Democrats who do not want him anywhere near their reelection campaigns. He is being abandoned by independent voters who have figured out that he conned them. He is even being abandoned by blacks who realize they are worse off than they were when he first took office, and who resent his opening up the borders for even more job competition. Even worse for Obama, he is slowly being abandoned by journalists, who know they have to distance themselves—and Clinton and Warren—from him if they expect to help one of them win the White House in 2016.

I believe Obama is slowly beginning to crack. In his recent public appearances, he has been either a thin-skinned, whiny, weakling who cannot tolerate criticism and who instinctively strikes back at his political opponents for his own failures, or someone who appears totally disinterested in his job and who cannot wait to hit the golf courses at Martha’s Vineyard. (Obama recently said, “What I’ve said to my team is ‘Get me out of Washington,’” and, “With [the] Secret Service, I always tease them that I’m like a caged bear and every once in a while, I’ve got to break loose.”) Some may suggest that Obama is merely tired. (In fact, he appeared to almost doze off during a photo-op in Denver.) It is more likely that the charade that has been his life is finally catching up with him. What it may take to push him over the edge is not known. It may be still-worsening approval ratings. Or choruses of boos at public events. Or a foreign policy failure that turns even Democrat Senators against him. Or a stock market crash. Or black Americans who finally comprehend that he has not been doing them any favors. But if Obama does go over the edge, even a “hit” from Valerie Jarrett’s stash may not help him. The Secret Service may find him huddled under his Oval Office desk, curled up in a fetal position, crying out, “Mommy, why did you abandon me?”

Joe Biden had better be prepared…

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  1. Joe Biden should NOT be allowed to assume the Presidency that Obama was never legally eligible to hold. BOTH Obama AND Biden should be removed from office. Obama is a usurper and fraud and Biden is complicit. Technically,Boehner is the Bona-fide POTUS and Patrick Leahy is next in line should Boehner decline. Boehner won’t even entertain Impeaching Obama. Why,I don’t know. No one really truly knows who Obama really is. His ID papers are forged. The imperative here is to arrest Obama now so he can do no more harm to America. Obama is a usurper and a spy., an enemy to America.

    1. Exactly. Boehner should issue an executive order re the border and push the envelope. The Supreme Court would have to intercede and quit lallygaggin’…There may be no country left to save. ALREADY some alternative websites, with a credible basis, are asking if Obama might really be facilitating the creation of Azlan..formed of 8 southwestern states which had once belonged to Mexico who got them from Spain who claimed them from whomever before. IT IS a leftist fantasy and we know Obama lives in a Fairy tale land where he dallies while the USA has to deal with the reality of his negligence, ineptitude, and ultimately Constitutional INELIGIBILITY.