by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

(Jul. 14, 2014) — We all know by now that Obama is a wanna-be dictator in the White House.  He chronically and constantly bypasses Congress and attacks anyone who stands against him, even the Supreme Court.  His Czars, branches of Government, executive orders, and regulations are all used as ‘assault weapons’ on the people, our Constitution, legal system and freedoms.  We are to be destroyed.  That is Obama’s mission, while he extracts as much money out of the taxpayers as he can.

Look at the real assets we have in the face of evil

We are a nation with a majority of Christians and patriots.  Our American DNA means we are ‘starters and finishers.’  We are more gutsy than cowardly and prefer not to follow.  We are largely armed and know how to load our guns.  The people of most nations aren’t even allowed to have guns in their homes.  We don’t go down without a fight!

These are times when we must separate the men from the boys, the fake Americans from the real ones.  How do we do this and survive?  The first step is to lift up a real and healthy vision of America.  We ARE the light on a hill. We ARE the only Christian country on earth.  We ARE powerful and the leader of the free world.  We ARE inventive, exceptional and unique in many ways.  WE ARE AMERICANS.  It is more than time to stop any fear and depression about what is going wrong. It is time to fire the notion that we are to be ashamed for being a proud American.

Americans, we will win in the 2014 and 2016 elections if we first remember who we are, not who Obama tells us we are – not who the UN tells us we are  – and not who fascists and progressives say we are.  Get your power line connected directly to the living God of the Holy Bible and start praying daily for our Lord to have mercy on our country and heal our land.  Pray that God will rise up real and humble leaders to serve in the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.

Get behind real conservatives who are running and who have their egos in check.  Pray, believe and stand on your Constitutional rights no matter what Obama does or demands.  The Lord will give us courage, power and resources to stand and make a difference with our families, work places, media and political offices.

There is no reason to be intimidated by any evil aspiration or character who shows up.  God will not be mocked and will only allow evil for a time.  I strongly believe He has been disciplining America and trying to get our attention again…not destroying us.  Obama is destroying himself through his evil actions and arrogance.  The insult in our faces and God’s face will not be allowed much longer.

Get excited, prayed-up and work hard to heal our land together.  Pray for God’s perfect restoration plan and for His protection as we roll.

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