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by Gerry Donaldson, ©2014, Drawaline.org

Gerry Donaldson is a constitutional and Biblical scholar who educates the public in his spare time on liberty issues

(Jul. 10, 2014) — My last email on Tuesday was entitled, “With Masses of Illegals Getting Licenses, It is Time to Restore Our Right to Travel.”

As expected, I received complaints such as, “with this massive issue of Illegal Immigrants crossing our borders, you talk about our drivers licenses?”

I must be honest, I wrote the article to see if anyone has been paying attention over the last 5+ years that I ran my radio show, spoke at events around Texas, and been sending out articles such as this one. I’ve been speaking out for over 20 years on the fundamental principles and the misinformation that we have been taught regarding our rights and the strict boundaries of the Constitution.  Unfortunately, something has not made it through the fog and propaganda from the left and the right!

Of course, the floodgates have been opened wide for illegals crossing our borders and being given carte blanche to the American welfare state. I don’t disagree with the outrage.

I could name many other serious issues:

1. The Patriot Act turned patriotic Americans into domestic terrorists.

2. Both the Bush and Obama administrations have devastated our economy and blown the deficit through the roof.
3. Millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed, our industry has moved overseas, and the devaluation of the dollar has gone into overdrive due to ignorant economic policies.
4. Over 100 Million Americans are now on some form of welfare (and the illegals will double that number in a few years).
5. The National Defense Authorization Act, the NSA spying, along with the Department of Homeland Security policies have now blatantly turned America into a police state.
6.  Obamacare (jokingly called the Affordable Care Act) is set to destroy an already crumbling economy and destroy the middle class.
7. The Homosexual Agenda has now gone mainstream and the Hate Crime legislation is going into effect in every state.
8. The states have refused to stand up and nullify all the unconstitutional acts that have been foisted on the American people and no amount of Tea Party activism will be able to turn things around in less than 50 years at this pace.
9. Our President is a fraud and has taken over our executive branch, passing executive orders that, in every fundamental way, have made the Constitution null and void.
10. Etc… Etc… Etc…
However, these are all simply SYMPTOMS of the real problem!
Every time we hear the next “bombshell” issue, the outcry comes out and the American people voice their outrage and focus their attention on the ISSUE rather than the CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM!
The real problem is we Americans have forgotten how to stand up for our rights, to control the government and be its master, or to even live up to our founder’s principles and exercise our moral authority in our own lives.
In the previous article, I talked about the Right to Travel. This is a fundamental right that is considered one of our primary expressions of individual liberty. There are others, but like all of the infringements of our rights, our God-given, unalienable rights have ALL been converted to privileges. Without conscious, deliberate disobedience to these infringements, we are no more than cattle to be used and fed off of by the ruling elite.
They have no intention of slowing down on these abuses, so we might as well recognize that fact and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! We need to stand on rulings like the following:

“The claim and exercise of a constitutional Right cannot be converted into a crime.” – Miller vs. U.S., 230 F. 486, 489

If you don’t know enough about the ABSOLUTES of your rights, then you cannot stand up and opposed their infringement.
We are in a desperate situation in America and, while we need to individually prepare for the worst, we can no longer just protest and complain in rallies and social media, and attempt to change things using our rigged voting process. We must take individual action to defy the operations of a government that is out of control. Our founders said it best when they dedicated their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to the creation and preservation of our God-given liberties and freedom.  We MUST DO THE SAME or condemn ourselves, our children, and our posterity to a hellish, demon-driven, future.
Please forward this article on to everyone you know and plead, if necessary, that they take some action that will have a real effect to not only stop this insanity, but return us back to a “beacon of liberty to the world!”

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  1. We the people have been dumbed down in public schools and traumatized to such a degree that we are incapable of standing up for what is right. The few of us left, who really understand, are shaking our heads in amazement that this could happen and yet we see it all to clearly! Unless we repent and turn back to God this nation as we knew it is lost.