by JB Williams, ©2014

(Jul. 8, 2014) — There is only one reason for House Republicans to sue Obama over his many treasonous acts against this country, the legal citizens of this nation and our Constitution – to avoid taking any real constitutional action. It’s a blatant act of cowardice!

The only constitutional solution for a treasonous runaway Executive Branch or Judicial Branch within the authority of the House of Representatives is “IMPEACHMENT.” When any person or branch of government becomes destructive of these ends, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, it is the constitutional authority and duty of Congress to solve the problem.

The Constitutional solution is impeachment, a process which must initiate in the House of Representatives. Recent campaign rhetoric about suing Obama & Co. for their many acts against American interests is nothing more than a ploy to avoid doing what must be done. Even Sarah Palin has the good sense and courage to shout it out loud – TIME TO IMPEACH!

Of course, Palin is in no position to impeach — congressional Republicans have to do that. Still, Palin is one of few public figures on the republican side with the courage to at least demand that the right thing happen here.

Numerous high-profile republicans are being trotted out to proclaim their opposition to impeachment. They all acknowledge that the entire Obama administration should be impeached, right before they begin making lame excuses for why republicans in congress shouldn’t impeach.

Every excuse is based upon shoddy political strategy thinking… and it all ignores the fundamental principles of right and wrong, the Rule of Constitutional Law and the future of a once great nation, all for poorly calculated political expediency.

Strategically speaking, the only reason to not impeach is to pander for Democrat votes, while losing more conservative voters!

Worst of all is the very real fact that a civil suit against Obama is meaningless, of no value, no authority, no jurisdiction (and) the mere act of filing such a suit would be a total abdication of all congressional constitutional authority, handing over all powers of congress to a single judge or court, most likely appointed or controlled by Obama and Holder.

Congress wants to abdicate their authority to a judge like this?

Such a suit would be the final nail in the coffin of constitutional congressional authority, most of which House Republicans have already abdicated for the time-being. Spineless cowards, one and all!


House Republicans can and MUST initiate impeachment hearings against the entire Obama regime immediately or there will be no America left to save from these anti-American thugs. They don’t even need a single House Democrat with them to do it, though I bet they will get a few.

The latest escape effort from Republican responsibility is based upon a backwards theory that “most Americans do not support impeachment.” – That’s because most Americans are totally unaware of the massive destruction to our nation and much of the free world under this criminal regime.

Place them on trial, present ALL of the evidence and then see how the American people feel about it.

How does America feel about the acquittal of O.J. Simpson after watching all the evidence that proved Simpson was a murderer?

They will feel exactly the same about the Democrat-controlled Senate if they acquit after a mountain of evidence has been presented against Obama & Co.


If House Republicans decide to do nothing, or worse than nothing, sue Obama…. Let it be known right now that it is a direct act of forfeiting all congressional authority. Congress alone has law-making authority in this country and Congress alone has the authority to remove anyone from office who is refusing to obey or enforce the laws of the United States.


Tell House Republicans to either stand up and impeach, or admit they work for the other side, and to sit down and shut up!

If House Republicans run from this responsibility and authority, there will be no one in DC you can count on to enforce the Constitutional Laws of the United States or the Bill of Rights. Any group that cannot be trusted to carry out the duties of the House should not be trusted with control of the Senate, either.

House Republicans MUST grow a spine, or there will be no one left to enforce our laws but the American people themselves.


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  1. NO,It’s time the American People, to get up off of their ***** and get these cowards out of office. Congress’s approval rating is at a 40-yr LOW of 7%, yet for some stupid reason WE THE PEOPLE are too lazy to get to the voting booths and vote these cowards out of office. WHY ARE WE STILL VOTING THE SAME PEOPLE IN OFFICE WITH A 7% APPROVAL, WHY???? BECAUSE WE ARE LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Obama is a usurper. He has never BEEN the legally elected bona-fide President. ONLY public officials who are IN the office to begin with should undergo trial by Impeachment. Obama can be ARRESTED by the DC Police or any other lawful authority in DC on a simple warrant an tried in the U.S. District Court in DC and NOT the Senate. The DC Police once arrested and detained U.S.Grant for speeding through town. The U.S. is in a real convoluted mess. If Impeached Obama,a usurper,might be retained in an office that he has never legally held in the first place. The charge is usurpation. That kind of charge should be addressed outside of the Impeachment protocol.,IN a court of Law and not the Senate Chambers.

  3. How would we be able to get Reid to resign. He must go b/c he definately has dementia. After his last remarks about “the 5 white men” referring to SC judges. He is insane and should no longer be head of Senate.

  4. Where are you going to get the 2/3 of the Senate to convict him?!?! How many times has the House voted to repeal Obamacare and can’t even get a simple majority in the Senate?!?