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by Joseph R. John, ©2014, Chairman & Director, Combat Veterans For Congress, blogging at Dr. Rich Sweier

(Jul. 7, 2014) — Obama is sending Federal Marshals and his political operatives are encouraging Illegal Mexican Immigrant organizations to mount a major protest against American citizens, in order  to suppress peaceful protesters in Murrieta, CA tomorrow.  The American citizens who are residents of Murrieta have been opposing, this the third attempt, to dump Illegal Immigrant children with contagious diseases (further described in the below listed article) into their community to infect the school children in local grammar schools and their families.

We encourage you to support the Patriotic and courageous Americans at 11:00 AM tomorrow on July 7th, who will be exercising their Constitutional right to oppose the Obama administration’s agents acting as human trafficking coyotes by transporting thousands of infectious-diseased children throughout the Republic in disregard of Federal Immigration Laws.  The assembly of peaceful protestors will be located at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station—the Border patrolmen are with the demonstrators.


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  1. See John Stossell’s report on the Militarization of the Police, tonight on FOX News at 10pm Eastern Time. To re-air on Sunday also.

  2. I believe Fast And Furious was a pre-payment for the Mexican Government to look the other way when orders were given. Columbia College Felon -Black Muslim Holder set this staging up for the DNC to get future votes while risking full blown disease outbreak and insane financial burden at taxpayers expense. We must demand why are RNC members not demanding arrests and prosecutions for direct Constitutional violations before our eyes that is sabotage of America in it’s purest form? Would they be more concerned about their position than the welfare and security of America? Greed has a funny way of disappearing in political and corporate realms.