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by Sharon Rondeau

Hitler and his “Brownshirt” security force in 1928

(Jul. 2, 2014) — In a column published on Tuesday, Fox News opinion and faith-based writer Todd Starnes reported that health care personnel charged with providing medical screenings to illegal aliens flooding the southwest border for at least the last eight months have been threatened by federal agents who call themselves “Brown Shirts,” reminiscent of Adolf Hitler‘s security force (SA) during his rise to power in Germany in the 1920s.

The SA was later converted to the Gestapo, which rounded up Jews, gypsies and the infirm and either shot them in cold blood or imprisoned them in concentration camps.  If one was considered “an enemy of the state,” he was arrested without a warrant, beaten until submissive, sent to a labor camp or killed.

Starnes spoke to several sources working within the makeshift holding centers for the illegals, one of which is at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.  The sources, one of whom resigned his or her post after making out a report to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on a child deemed to be at high risk of suicide, all feared for retaliation and possible prosecution, therefore remaining anonymous.

During his filibuster of Obama’s CIA chief nominee, John Brennan, Sen. Rand Paul invoked the memory of a democracy having allowed the rise to power of a madman such as Hitler who ordered the extermination at least 6,000,000 Jews and many others who he deemed unfit to live.

According to U.S. Army official footage, German “labor bosses” “denied knowledge” of the atrocities carried out against people from many European countries who were tortured, starved, or killed in the camps, often in mass killings (Warning:  very graphic; not for children).

Those later charged with war crimes at the Nuremberg Trials claimed that they were “just following orders” when they carried out the imprisonment and atrocities against millions of European citizens at Hitler’s order.

Starnes’ sources informed him that “Brown Shirts” was the name the federal agents gave themselves.

Rampant disease was reported, including scabies, head lice, strep throat and mental and emotional issues.  Starnes quoted one worker as having described the makeshift center at Lackland as “a giant emergency room – off limits to the public.”  One of the workers, who since resigned her position, opined that “They are overwhelming the system,” presumably meaning the federal government which has not only allowed, but encouraged, illegals to make the dangerous trip from Central America or Mexico to the U.S. border.

The cost of paying for the health care of illegal aliens in the U.S. is reportedly sometimes $2,000/day for an individual in intensive care, paid for by the American taxpayer.

While calling for a new “immigration” law to be passed by Congress and decrying what Obama characterized as a lack of cooperation in a press conference on Monday, the regime has failed to enforce existing immigration laws and called for a “constant, unrelenting stream” of people from other countries ostensibly to help grow the economy, which contracted during the first quarter of 2014.

Obama said he will use “executive action,” as he has on numerous other occasions, to enact changes when Congress “chooses to do nothing.”

As increasing numbers of child aliens and adults who are likely members of gangs and may have other criminal histories enter the U.S. with impunity, some communities are refusing to accept them.

On Tuesday, the town of Murietta, CA held a protest upon the arrival of busloads of illegal aliens who were to be released into their community after “processing” at a U.S. Border Patrol station in the area.  Following the protest, during which some held signs saying “Impeach Obama” and “Support U.S. Border Patrol,” the buses changed course, reportedly for the Chula Vista Border Patrol facility, where they were welcomed.

In 2010, the late Henry Lamb raised the specter of “Obama’s private army” as a result of the passage of “Obamacare,” which contains a provision for the assembling of a “Ready Reserve Corps” to “fulfill the need to have additional Commissioned Corps personnel available on short notice (similar to the uniformed service’s reserve program) to assist regular Commissioned Corps personnel to meet both routine public health and emergency response missions.”

Late last year, a U.S. congressman confirmed to a constituent that the “Ready Reserve Corps” indeed exists as part of HHS.  The Corps is tasked with “protecting against the spread of disease from sailors returning from foreign ports, maintaining the health of immigrants entering the country and supporting communities affected by natural and manmade disasters.”

Illegal aliens have killed and seriously injured an unknown number of Americans, including children, while driving intoxicated; retaliating after being confronted by Americans who they threatened; committing robberies and kidnappings; and in the course of law enforcement duties.

In striking down the majority of a law passed in Arizona in 2010 to protect itself from the illegals invading its borders, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that immigration enforcement is the purview of the federal government.

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  1. PS Orly Taitz has been reporting on the Border fiasco also and has been taken down and hacked again on her website.

    Obviously, the powers that be do not want us finding out what lies behind the TAQIYYA being practiced in the White House.

    It makes Mrs Robinson’s voodoo incantations with chickens. as reported in the early years of her stay at the White House, seem like child’s play.

  2. Rush Limbaugh reminding AMERICA that ELLIS ISLAND was set up in part to KEEP SICK IMMIGRANTS OUT!

    There were MANDATORY health exams and those with TB, etc. were TURNED AWAY.

    We read now from doctors who are being intimidated that they are HORRIFIED that people of all ages with infectious and contagious diseases are being transported on buses, vans, airplanes, etc, without having been treated, cured, vaccinated etc.

    Sounds like BIO TERROR, and there are enough Islamist cells in Central America and Mexico to both INFECT the children, pay the coyotes to get them across, and let complicit American forces, under a compliant Caliph-in-Chief, to help infect the entire Nation.

    Al Qaeda promised to bring AMERICA DOWN FROM THE TOP right under our noses, unperceived by anyone until TOO LATE.

    Paul Revere’s Ghost is shouting across the land that DESTRUCTION is COMING, DESTRUCTION is coming….from “within” and “without.”

    1. The Sacramento Bee now reporting that there is a TB outbreak in their High School. TB OUTBREAK in an AMERICAN SCHOOL? Sounds improbable, but we are now witnessing the NEW REALITY which Witch Doctor Soebarkah has conjured up with his deceit.