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by Neil Sankey, P.I., ©2014, blogging at Sankey, P.I.

(Jun. 29, 2014) — In reply to: The Buffalo News, Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An open letter to William AYERS, and a conversation we never had, maybe someone should!

Are you SENILE Mr.  Ayers?, Whatever do you mean

”Nobody can decide: Were we freedom fighters, or were we terrorists?”

What a pathetic statement, I, (and thousands of others, incidentally,) have absolutely NO trouble in deciding exactly what you were and ARE!.

Yes, you, DOHRN, and the rest of your “sicko cronies” who are, today, in no small part responsible for the abhorrent state of this Great Nation.

You are and always were TERRORISTS  Mr. Ayers, that’s it, plain and simple!.

You were a typical little “rich” boy, Ayers, who thinks it was funny to disrupt the Country, terrorize people, break and destroy property. People died because of you Mr. Ayers, just as surely as if you pulled the trigger.  A lot more people would have died also, if you had not been such incompetent bomb makers. Oh yes, I know, you try so hard these days to make out that you were such “harmless young things, who meant so well, we did it for our Country”, what utter crap!. You were a crowd of vicious, hate-filled, anti-social psychopaths, that’s all, nothing more.

Did you write “Prairie Fire – “The Policy of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism”, also known as, “The Weatherman’s Manifesto”,  Mr Ayers?

And, in it, did you write “We are a guerrilla organization. We are communist women and men, underground in the United States for more than four years”.

Is that not exactly who you and Barak still are, Mr. Ayers ? I understand, Barak is more Antonio Gramsci, but you, Sir, are a pure Marxist, Is that not correct, Mr. Ayers?

Did you not write: “We are deeply affected by the historic events of our time in the struggle against U.S. imperialism.  Our intention is to disrupt the empire, to incapacitate it, to put pressure on the cracks, to make it hard to carry out its bloody functioning against the people of the world, to join the world struggle, to attack from the inside.”

Is that not exactly what you and Barak are trying to do, Mr. Ayers? Attack from the inside? I must compliment you, you did a fair job, so far, people were lulled into a secure state without seeing where you and your ilk had weaseled themselves into the hierarchy of academia. That is where you are seriously dangerous, Mr. Ayers. You, I believe, probably more than anyone else, are solely responsible for the total demise of the Education system to where it is controlled by Ideologues and stuffed to capacity with communistic principles.

And, how dare you suggest that:

“We took great risks. We could have hurt somebody, we could have killed somebody”

– You DID Sir, you killed and maimed people completely without regard for any normal standards.

Let’s look at the true lists of you and your friend’s accomplishments, shall we? Let us take it from Wikipedia for sake of argument.

Read the rest here.

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  1. Ayers family paid for much of Obama’s college tuition to make sure baby Muslim Obama made it to the POTUS status even though he is a dual citizen and illegal by Art.2 qualifications that Pelosi and Biden signed and falsified on DNC Vetting papers in 2008. Ayers was also with Elizabeth Ann Newman when they bombed the Washington Navy Yard Computer Building in 1969. Who was Elizabeth Ann Newman aka Elizabeth Duke aka Ann Duke? She was the daughter of Dr. Fred Dalano Newman of the Bronx community organizer and Marxist married to Jackie Salit of the same fame who had two children-David and Elizabeth Ann before divorcing Dr. Fred in 1967. Being a radical child she got pregnant with Malcolm X in 1959 and took the pregnancy of Baby Bari Malik Shabazz aka Barrack Obama aka Bari Soetoro aka Bari Soebarka aka Barrack Hussein Obama II to the Coast Province General Hospital in 1960 in Kenya after Malcolm was shot down by Farakhan’s Black Muslim Clan in New York. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo tried to find those flight records but some one in the DNC Operative crown got there first and the records were gone for those flight records. Woops! Kind of like missing hard drive info. Bernadine Dohrn if I remember was part of the Charlie Manson gang that didn’t do any of the slicing and dicing but was an “observer” to all the blood lust. Now, after her recent release from Federal Prison-she is promoted to Honorary? College Professor? Say what??? Well, “Bomber Bill” Ayers has also been catapulted to Honorary? College Professor??? He was on FOX the other day and he was absolutely charming with his earings and smile that could sell snake oil on any street corner. You always have to wonder if you took away the rich Chicago DNC family what would you have left? Maybe the earings? Not a lot of substance. It is scary to see the real college professor intellects that have been replace by pseudo-intellects like this sad being. When I was a on active duty-his sick creepy weasel comrades used to call in bomb scares to the base I was on here in the states at 2am and force us to stand outside in underwear in 27 degree weather. They may think it’s funny but I would love to get near this freak to give him a love kiss for all the joy and for my fellow service members that repeatedly had to endure this for over a year. “Turn The Swords To Plowshares” was their motto. One base we were on had riots going on downtown and we were ordered not to go off base in uniform-you had to be afraid to wear your uniform off base on U.S. soil. It got so bad in Memphis that a CO there declared “dungaree liberty” when Military Authority over rides civilian and swarms of military active members would walk the streets looking for punks that didn’t like the military. Your imagination can take it from here. It tends to return respect for the military when respect goes away and military members are being beat up or killed by gangs and punks looking for thrills that hate the military. Being a Veteran wasn’t always welcoming on U.S. soil. Don’t forget David Axelrod who is one of the DNC kingpins but keeps a low profile like so many other DNC Communist/Marxist/Muslim members. Profits are good-in the trillions- while taxpayer’s sleep and watch MSNBC. Ayers and Fonda should be turned over to the Viet Vets while they are still alive. Just imagine having a party in their honor! Fonda could tell the story about how she told the VC leader about the men trying to pass a note to her and one Vet was beaten so badly that he almost lost his eye sight and still is blind in one eye. After the next election, America may have trouble getting quality recruits after seeing what has been done to our military by Marxist groups with Obama’s coup. It could happen again if Democrats are ever again installed in DC power teams. Obama’s mother was recently removed from the FBI Most Wanted List by a phony adjunct Judge and Eric Holder’s blessings and has been seen travelling around with Obama on Air Force One, the African trip/safari with Michelle, and sitting near Obama at the Whitehouse and wears disguises at times to hide her identity. Obama’s Boma’ Moma’ is having a great time. Crime can pay in DC for a while, until the people find out about it. Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud, Murder, Obfuscation, Misprision Of Felony can draw the DEATH PENALTY but how many criminal associates will be charges remain to be seen. So far, not even a traffic ticket. Has anyone seen “Obama’s $35 million dollar retirement mansion in Hawaii” ??? Try the search box on http://www.wnd.com Being a DNC puppet can be profitable-for a while. Don’t lose your hard drive.