by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

(Jun. 25, 2014) — Leftist progressives and Obama, who are allergic to American power, freedom and leadership, live for our demise.  Obama drools with delight as he chips off body parts of America and watches her bleed.  He has turned every government agency at his disposal into a weapon of mass destruction against us to hopefully get us to bleed out.  Yes…there is a lot of blood on the floor.

We see the NSA, IRS, EPA, and Immigration Services/Border Patrol defy our laws and Constitution on a regular basis by taking orders and allowing the self-imposed dictator to control them.  “Don’t arrest illegals, guard them, babysit them.”  “Spy on the American people, their phone conversations and Internet activity, then use the info against them by sharing it with the FBI and IRS.”  Obama enemies must be crushed, and those on this special list include Christians, gun owners, conservatives, Republicans and conservative Jews.  Essentially, that is 90% of America he is against.  How many names have I been called…domestic terrorist, birther, bitter clinger and racist.

It has been out and exposed for some time the sea of criminal and UN-Constitutional behaviors tracking back to Obama and the Zombies that surround him.  NSA spies on us all, shares and illegally uses information on us.  IRS plays pretend with Lois Lerner emails and can’t turn over the requested emails to Congress because of the evil and crashing hard drives that are magic.  They crash and destroy emails only during the times that Congress demands.

The Obama tentacles of crime and conspiracies not only involve the heavy assaults and lies by the NSA and IRS, but now we also see the escalating treason at our borders by making sure hundreds and thousands of children come across the borders, then create the sham to bring all their families, drug cartels, criminals and Islamic radicals along behind them.  Obama now controls most of the Border Patrol and demands they don’t do their job and arrest anyone or else.  Really…and they submit and obey?

Illegal immigration and wide open borders and ports is not only treason against this country but is making sure rapists, pedophiles, Islamic terrorists, drug cartels, and mystery people from all over the world are brought in to steal everything possible from Americans, the whole time hating us.

We know how Obama plays…above the law, above the Constitution, above Judeo-Christian values and above the truth.  He and his narcissism take him higher and higher as he peers down on us.  He takes his finger and draws pictures on the sidewalk with our blood.

Obama thinks he is above us all.  I have two words for him: “HUMPTY DUMPTY.”  Pride does come before a fall and God hates arrogance.  God will not be mocked forever.  The hourglass has been turned over by God Himself for Obama and his crimes.

We must act like 100% Americans again.  Not American-light or Obama’s diet version.  Get behind real conservatives and patriots who have their egos in check in the 2014 elections.  Exercise your speech, gun and land rights no matter what schemes of control Obama throws down at us.

Stand up tall and be willing to take heat for your freedom and country.  We ARE the largest branch of government, and we can throw out the cowards and thugs peppered through the HOUSE and SENATE in 2014.  Then we can get back the Executive branch in 2016 and throw a whole lot of heat back at Obama and his agenda.

The wagons, investigations and real leaders in D.C. are waking up and finding their voices.  Now, let us hear even more volume from the HOUSE and SENATE as they show us real courage.

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