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by Sharon Rondeau

McMinn County, TN was the scene of “The Battle of Athens” in 1946, which expelled a corrupt sheriff and his deputies from the county after a brief gun battle

(Jun. 24, 2014) — On Tuesday afternoon, a jury in the case of State of Tennessee v. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, 14-CR-69, convicted the defendant of aggravated perjury and extortion for attempting to submit a petition to the McMinn County grand jury in March.

He was acquitted on a charge of “harassment,” and on Monday evening, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood threw out the charge of “stalking.”

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III discovered corruption in the Tennessee courts in late 2009 when he attempted to submit a petition to the Monroe County grand jury.

Monroe, McMinn, Polk and Bradley Counties comprise the Tenth Judicial District, which prosecuted the case.

While the dictionary definition of “extortion” states that it involves money, “extortion” in Tennessee can mean that a person uses force to:

(1)  Obtain property, services, any advantage or immunity; or

(2)  Restrict unlawfully another’s freedom of action.

During the trial hearing on Monday, Cunningham admitted to abusing the power of the foremanship and made several inconsistent statements, including that he was not actually “threatened” by Fitzpatrick.

Grand juries and trial juries have been tainted for decades with the appointment of the foreman by the criminal court judge, which Blackwood said is not a problem.  State law mandates that a grand jury comprise 13 individuals chosen by random, “automated means.”

Cunningham is a licensed attorney and CEO of Athens Federal Community Bank.  After Cunningham denied that he was Fitzpatrick’s accuser in a hearing on June 16, no accuser was identified.

Cunningham testified at length on Monday, June 16 and Monday, June 23 as the main witness in the case.

Sentencing is expected within 60 days.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Rondeau,

    Please excuse my ignorance, but what is an 0-6 Army discharge mean?

    The prosecutor is a pastor at a local church, and he dares to do this to an innocent man!?

    Should I even ask if any members of his congregation were among the jury?

    Thanks in advance.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: An O-6 is his rank upon leaving the service: http://www.defense.gov/about/insignias/officers.aspx Carter is a “full-bird” colonel, which is a high rank. Does our military really accept people with such a low level of integrity, or does it create them?

  2. Sharon,

    Was the jury that convicted Walt itself properly and impartially constituted (namely, from a random pool of citizens, including the foreman) in accordance with the Tennessee law that you have cited in previous articles and respect for which Walt has been fighting so valiantly to restore?

    Is an appeal in the planned?

    Thanks again for your reporting.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The foreman was specially-appointed just to review Walt’s case, which curiously already was assigned a criminal case number before the grand jury “reviewed” it. The grand jurors were, of course, chosen by Judge Amy Reedy last December.

  3. Seems like bogus charges coming out of a Kangaroo court. I was hopeful Walt would finally get some justice. Is this courtroom somewhere in America or not? No accuser ever identified? What about the right to be confronted by your accuser provided by the 6th Amendment?

  4. These “judges” are taking orders from on high, probably Pelosi/Biden/Obama/Axelrod/Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm. Most everyone in that town is a Democrat that works or is hired as a “public trustee”. Where’s the prosecution for the Police Chief and the three LEO’s that killed Republican Commissioner Jim Miller? Do you think they care about a Naval Officer? Walt has been a thorn in their side who has exposed the complete corruption and legal filth that has been going on there for decades. The people that live in small towns are terrorized by the locals to play along. If you don’t, you find out what will happen, especially in the South where it’s a type of Northern Mafia but the Southern version. Southern Democrats are the same as Northern Democrats, they just speak with a different accent and are less shy to be violent than in the north. The Kennedy’s were from a bunch of “bootleggers” as Grandpa’ Kennedy could attest. In the South, they have “moonshiners” which are the same as the Kennedy clan but just sound a little different and drive pickup trucks. They want Walt buried at this time since things are getting too hot and if this story hits the main stream it will blow them wide open. I have emailed and begged FOX to get involved with this for several years and never got a “smidgeon” of an answer or any contact.

  5. The words ‘miscarriage of justice’ fall short in identifying the kangaroo-court sham run by a good-ol’-boy network that has aligned itself against Walter Fitzpatrick and against the rule of law in Tennessee.

    Sadder still is the fact that the people of Tennessee are spineless.

    When such tyranny as is aligned against Mr. Fitzpatrick is permitted to run rampant against the rule of law as it is, then the spineless citizens of Tennessee are little more than surfs–peasants–slaves–only too willing to do their master’s bidding.

    Tennessee: Cowards and spineless Liberal-socialist worms.

  6. Dear Editor;
    “a jury convicted Fitzpatrick of aggravated perjury and extortion” portrays that the word “impartial” can no longer be used with a jury, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE COPS IN THE COURTROOM KNOW WHO THE JURORS ARE AND WHERE THEY LIVE.
    But then the reverse is true also, isn’t it?
    Semper Fi
    OPOVV, a REAL COMBAT VETERAN and not some yellow-backed-streaked cop who pretends he’s a man because he (thinks) he can get his kicks by pushing people around by hiding behind a badge. Playing policeman is NOTHING like being in the military. I have always advocated that all members of the court be veterans because they all took the Oath, FOR REAL: defending the Constitution may very well mean not getting home, EVER. Veterans accept that fact: all cops want to do is conduct shakedowns, eat donuts and talk about pensions.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The prosecutor, A. Wayne Carter, left the U.S. Army as an O-6 and is the pastor at a local church.

    1. Dear Mrs. Rondeau,
      Yeah, that’s right.
      A member of my family was in the Air Force and took the Oath, and he’s an Obot.
      Go figure.