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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 17, 2014) — On Wednesday, The Post & Email interviewed George (Zack) Taylor, Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), whose letter written on June 10 was widely referenced by organizations such as Judicial Watch, FAIR.org, and The New American to illustrate the severe national security threat caused by the current illegal alien incursion into the United States at its southern border.

The NAFBPO believes that national security, public health, public safety and people’s livelihoods require the protection of immigration law which maintains that “no foreigner may come to the United States without our permission.”

In its own proposal on how to deal with illegal aliens, former NAFBPO chairman Thomas J. Cronin wrote that “People from around the world want to come to this country to reside but we cannot uncritically open our borders to the masses of the world. What we must do, then, is create immigration policies that address, first, national needs and well-being, and second, honor our history as a nation of immigrants.”

Recent news reports have stated that young Central Americans entering the U.S., particularly through Texas, have been encouraged by Obama’s public statement that it “doesn’t make sense” to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.  News services in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, for example, have broadcast that the U.S. is likely to award “amnistia,” or “amnesty” to young illegals entering the country unaccompanied.

On Tuesday, Breitbart reported that it is already known that many of the aliens who crossed the border and were instructed to appear an a hearing within 15 days are interpreting the documents they are given as “permisos,” or permits to remain in the country and “are not showing up to their scheduled hearings.”

The number of unaccompanied children crossing the Mexico-U.S. border this year is predicted to more than double over last year, and arrests of illegal aliens by Border Patrol agents have increased by approximately 70% over last year.  Texas Gov. Rick Perry said on Tuesday that Obama appears either “inept” or “making some decisions that are not in the best interest of American citizens.”

A spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 located in Tucson, AZ said that known gang members are not barred from entering the country because they “are afforded the same rights provided to anyone crossing the border.”

Dan Stein of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) told Fox News that Obama’s policies are responsible for the huge influx of illegal aliens.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the aliens are escaping violence in their home countries, which has been refuted by the U.S. Border Patrol, which, while acknowledging increasing violence in Central America, claims that the “surge” is due to “the rumor of a free pass in the U.S.”

Andy Ramirez, a border security expert who has testified about corruption within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Congress, told The New American that the overwhelming numbers of people traveling from Central America to the U.S. necessitated “collusion between governments” for it to be successful.

As reported by The Washington Times, Border Patrol Deputy Chief Ronald Vitiello wrote in a four-page memo dated May 30 that the Obama regime has not accurately described the crisis at the border, but rather, “paints a picture of a government struggling to cope, leaving the children suffering poor conditions, agents unable to focus on major security threats and little sense that it will get better.”

Obama has been pushing for a new bill from Congress on “immigration” following the Senate’s passage of S.744 last year, but the House of Representatives has not passed its own version of immigration legislation.

Earlier this year, Obama stated that he has “a pen and a phone” and would act unilaterally if Congress did not accede to his wishes.  On Tuesday, he announced that he will use those tools to “create the largest ocean preserve in the entire world.”

The results of a report revealing that more than 36,000 illegal aliens convicted of crimes were released into the general public on a “discretionary” basis last year included violent criminals, drug peddlers, and kidnappers.

Two years ago, Obama signed a “policy memorandum” which allowed illegal aliens age 30 and under who were brought to the U.S. as children by their parents to enter a “deferred action” program for two years after Congress failed to pass the “DREAM Act.”  Obama recently renewed the “DACA” policy and urged Congress to pass an “immigration reform” bill this summer.  On Tuesday, ten of those illegals were “honored” by Obama at the White House.

FAIR reports that the means by which DACA applicants are evaluated for deferred deportation could include the submission of “forged documentation,” which Obama himself has been accused of offering to the American public by the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse in the form of a fraudulent long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form.  Many suspect that Obama may be a citizen of another country or that he attended college as a “foreign student.”

While making “law” by executive order, Obama has also chosen not to enforce U.S. laws with which he disagrees.  He has failed to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, certain provisions of his Affordable Health Care bill, and other laws passed by previous Congresses.  In 2009, Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, chose not to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers who were clearly guilty of voter intimidation in 2008 in Philadelphia, a point which Taylor raised in his hour-long interview with us.

The Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC reports that “thousands” of Americans are killed by illegal aliens each year in “Deaths that could have been prevented if Congress and the President would have secured our border and enforced existing U.S. immigration laws.”  Many of the killers had been convicted of previous crimes but released into the general population.  Many of the perpetrators were driving while intoxicated.  Victims are infants, children, young adults, military veterans, students, college graduates, and grandfathers.

In November 2006, WorldNetDaily reported that 12 Americans are killed daily by illegal aliens.  When Rep. Steve King related the same information, his remarks were considered “controversial,” despite the source of King’s information having been cited in the article criticizing him..

On Friday, Breitbart News reported that “more than 3,000” border agents have been “instructed” by a supervisor not to speak with the media about the conditions in makeshift shelters where the illegals are presently staying where many are sleeping on floors in overly-crowded, unhealthy conditions.

Taylor told The Washington Times last year after the U.S. Senate passed an “immigration reform” bill, S.744, that more border agents are not what is needed, but rather, enforcement of the nation’s laws in regard to illegal aliens’ presence in the country.  Taylor described the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border as something orchestrated by the Obama regime by people who “hate America” and are patiently dismantling our immigration laws.

Taylor worked as a Border Patrol agent for 26 years and, along with other retired agents, became concerned when President George W. Bush began to speak seriously of his desire to see Congress pass a bill dealing with “guest workers” and an “earned legalization program” for millions of illegal aliens residing in the country.  As a result, the NAFBPO was formed, and since that time, the organization has been educating politicians, members of the public, and groups about the harm posed to each community by illegals’ criminal activity, primarily surrounding the narcotics trade.

There are an estimated 12 million illegal aliens currently residing in the U.S.  Many of those overwhelming the southern border are seeking relocation with their relative(s), which the Obama regime has determined the American taxpayer will fund with free legal assistance in another apparent violation of federal law.

Hundreds of children being housed in “warehouses” has been portrayed by Obama as “a humanitarian crisis,” but Taylor and others believe it was wholly preventable.  The illegals are receiving food, shelter, medical care, transportation, education, relocation and legal assistance, family planning services and counseling.

Taylor stated that Obama’s claim that minors are “fleeing violence” in their home countries to come to the United States is false, as if it were true, “the South Side of Chicago, all of Detroit, would be devoid of minors.”  He continued, “The violence that is happening in our country primarily is happening with minors and young adults, which is exactly what this administration is encouraging to come here.  So it is going to very likely foment a conflict, because they’re a different social-economic group.  They are going to form into a group that resists this violence and become violent themselves, if they’re not already.  I’ll tell you: a 15-year-old from the streets of Guatemala or Honduras is far more capable of wreaking havoc than a 15-year old, even out of Detroit.”

Taylor said that many people have trouble understanding the massive implications of the illegal alien problem in the U.S. today.

The Post & Email asked Taylor if an illegal alien “crisis” began with President Ronald Reagan’s signing of an “amnesty” bill in 1986, to which he responded:

The whole idea of an ‘amnesty’ was a bad idea; Reagan said so.  His attorney general, Edwin Meese, said it was a bad idea before they signed it.  The only reason Reagan signed it is that they promised the leaders of the House and the Senate that there would never be another amnesty.  There’s another thing:  they initially thought there were less than a million aliens here.  When they first started, they told the president and the House that there were somewhere around 800,000 and it could expand to 1,000,000.  Even back then, that was not a small number people.  The arguments that they used then and the same ones they use now are that we need to have someone to harvest the grapes and cut lettuce and pick the strawberries.

The very first thing that happened when they legalized these people was that they went to the cities and got better-paying jobs.  So the people out there with the farms still had nobody to harvest.  So that lasted about 18 months, at about the second harvest cycle, and then they started to bring in illegals again.

Now we’re up to 1989, and George H.W. Bush is president.  Instead of 800,000-1,000,000 people, we had 3.7 million applicants.  Seventy-five percent of the applications and some of the legalization offices were fraud on their face.

So now Bill Clinton is president, and he wanted all these people legalized.  Well, there was all this stain on their applications because they were obviously fraudulent.  We still had some of these legalization centers and immigration examiners looking at this, and he wants everybody to get to “yes.”  So all these people who were actually criminals or imposters – they’re using identification of a person they’re not – over 12,000 of them had serious criminal records in the United States, which wasn’t found out until they were fingerprinted and processed for a green card.

The Post & Email asked Taylor if today’s illegals are screened for criminal records before they are sent to processing centers, to which he replied, “All they do is process them.  This is what the agents in the field are telling us right now:  these people are not being properly screened for two things:  they’re not being properly identified, and they’re not given a proper medical screening.”

Taylor said that the proper term for people who breach our borders is “illegal alien” as set forth in 8 USC 1365. “The reason the administration and the press have gone to calling them ‘immigrants’ is part of the deception, becasuse the American people look at that word ‘immigrant’ in print and they hear it in their ears, and they look at New York City and the Statue of Liberty and the immigrant population that came here legally, through Ellis Island, and they relate to that because that’s how their family got here.  So they’re equating them with legal immigrants who are now coming to the United States; but they’re not; they’re illegal aliens.  An ‘illegal immigrant’ would be somebody who comes through a port of entry with a visitor’s visa whose intent is to remain and violate the provisions of that, but the other side of that, since he’s deportable, is that he’s an illegal alien, and we’re not making the distinction.”

MR. TAYLOR:  Let me tell you about how bad this deception is in Hartford, CT.  Did you ever hear of Mayor Bloomberg in New York?

THE POST & EMAIL:  Yes, of course.

MR. TAYLOR:  My job for 26 years was catching and intercepting drug and alien smugglers coming across the border.  I trained other people how to do it, so I really understand smuggling.    At the same time that Bloomberg was sitting up there talking about trans-fats in French fries, 32-ounce sodas and the amount of sugar they had and how dangerous they were, in New York City, heroin was selling for $1.00 a milligram, a historically low price for heroin in New York City. When you have a historical low price for an illegal drug in a location, that means the supply exceeds the demand.  So while he was talking about trans-fats in French fries and sugar in soda, 11- and 12-year-old kids were overdosing in school with heroin.  Probably all of the media attention to him standing up talking about trans-fats in French fries and sugar in sodas was deflecting the attention of the people of New York and the United States away from this huge heroin problem.

THE POST & EMAIL:  My big complaint with the corporate media is that they do not report on what really impacts Americans.  What Hollywood movie stars are doing or wearing does not enable parents to keep their children safe or Americans to become informed of what they need to know.

MR. TAYLOR:  At the same time that Bloomberg was standing up there talking about the 32-oz. sodas, in Hartford, CT, a five-year-old child who was living with a male illegal alien brought heroin to his kindergarten class for show-and-tell to tell the five-year-olds about heroin.


The remainder of our interview with Mr. Taylor will be presented in Part 3.

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  1. The evidence is surfacing. See link at end of this comment. Like the Fast and Furious gun running scheme of Obama the new border crisis with the surge of illegal immigrant children suddenly arriving is an orchestrated/manufactured crisis (Cloward-Piven Strategy http://www.scribd.com/doc/61004896/ ) created by Obama to overload the security of our southern border as part of his open borders goals and immigration plan: http://www.teaparty.org/breaking-obamas-plot-import-illegal-alien-children-uncovered-44757/

  2. Of course it is orchestrated as no one come spontaneously. The passage must be paid to criminal coyotes who work with pimps, terrorists and cartels. The president is an agent of doom and perhaps Jesus was right when he said, in Aramaic, that he saw Satan as a “lightning bolt from heaven” which is pronounced Burak Ubama in the Lord’s native tongue.