by Sharon Meroni, Defend the Vote, ©2014

(Jun. 12, 2014) — How can the vote be stolen? In our modern world, the iconic image of someone slipping extra ballots into the ballot box on Election Day seems outdated, yet that’s exactly what some Illinois politicians are trying to do for the November election.

On late Friday evening, May 30th, HB0105 was passed by the Illinois General Assembly out of the public’s discriminating eye; a common tactic for Illinois government over the last few years. The November election features businessman Bruce Rauner (R) going head to head with Governor Pat Quinn (D), who now has a bill on his desk that will make stealing the vote as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

House Bill 0105 attempts to impose Election Day voter registration on Illinois exclusively for 2014 without public debate. If signed by Governor Quinn, there will be no requirements for anyone to show photo or state issued ID if they register to vote on Election Day in November. The bill also extends early voting by one day and grace period voting through Election Day. Unbelievably, those who register to vote on Election Day can cast a ballot, which is counted at 7pm on Election Day, before anyone has had a chance to verify the new voter’s registration.

Filed under the Public University Act, HB0105 mandates that each public university[i] maintains an in-person absentee polling place where students can vote in-person absentee ballots on Election Day. HB0105 also requires every election jurisdiction to offer Election Day voter registration at a permanent polling place through Election Day. Anyone can register to vote with a fake lease, or any form of paperwork that has an address on it, and no one will know it’s fake until after the ballot has been cast and counted.

That’s right; Governor Quinn is contemplating signing a bill which allows Election Day voter registration without requiring any verification of ID provided at the moment of registration.

But HB0105 doesn’t stop there. One thing that has kept early voting secure is that voters are required to show ID before they can cast their ballot, but that won’t be true for the upcoming election if this bill is signed into law. “Except for during the 2014 general election, the applicant’s identity must be verified…” (10 ILCS 5/19A-35, B iv).  Under HB0105, state-issued photo ID is no longer required for people who wish to cast an early voting ballot in the 2014 November election. Mickey Mouse could register to vote on Election Day and cast an early voting ballot, and it would be counted without anyone wondering what he’s doing outside of TV land.

There is some real confusion as to whether or not each early voting site will be morphed into a grace period voting location two days before the election based on the designation of the site as permanent, or not.  There is also confusion as to whether or not the Bill requires grace period ballots cast on the day before the election and on Election Day must be cast as provisional ballots.  Defend the Vote believes the law does not require the ballots to be provisionally cast; HB 0500 only provides that they may be cast as provisional ballots.

This omni-bill changes how your vote is secured in Illinois, and most of the changes are for the upcoming governor’s election. Worse, most of the changes make the vote more susceptible to untraceable fraud. If Governor Quinn signs this bill into law, you can bet that Illinois will see one of its messiest voting seasons yet, and it won’t only be the dead who are rising to vote.

If you believe in having a clean election, make sure your voice is heard! Call Governor Quinn’s office in Springfield at 217-782-0244 and in Chicago at 312-814-2121. Tell him that you don’t approve of politicians who change the security of their vote for their own potential political gain.

[i] 5/1-12 The Public University Act is changed to permit in-person absentee voting in at least one high traffic location at the following campuses:, University of Illinois at its campuses in Urbana-Champaign and Springfield, Southern Illinois University at its campuses in Carbondale and Edwardsville, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois State University, Northern Illinois University, and Western Illinois university at its campuses in Macomb and Moline.



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