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by OPOVV, ©2014

Where is the sudden influx of illegal immigrants, particularly unaccompanied children, coming from?

(Jun. 11, 2014) — Obama and his “amnesty,” “Dream Act,” and “Immigration Reform” is the epitome of, well, “stupidity” doesn’t quite cover it; neither does “speechless.”  “Incredulous” comes close, but is not quite there. Allow me to suggest the phrase “totally beyond defensible reason”, or “TOBE-DERE”: an act so out-there that there is no possible defense, includingColombian drug dealers.”

Shocking, isn’t it? Who needs war anymore when an invading army can just walk in, or, get this, bused-in. All the Chinese or North Koreans have to do is buy plane tickets to every international airport in Canada and then walk across our border. “Are you here on business or pleasure?” Maybe they’ll all show up in uniform. Do you think any of our border guards would notice or actually bother to inform their superiors of thousands of young men in some kind of Chinese or North Korean army uniform? Why bother, because all they have to do is look at our southern border to see how the border guards down there are treated: if the “guest workers” throw stones, the border guards have been instructed to “Run and hide and, if possible, empty wallets; leave fresh water conspicuously and conveniently placed; whenever possible, leave the keys in the ignition with a full tank of gas.”

But we’re not (now) being overrun by the Chinese or North Koreans (at least that I’m aware of), but we are being invaded by an army of another sort, an army nevertheless and just as effective: an invading army of blood-suckers, draining our country of its resources and soul, transforming the USA into just another barrio of the slums of Mexico City. “Press #1 for Spanish, #2 for English.”

I was brought in as a superintendent of a construction site which had a workforce made up overwhelmingly of illegal immigrants.  The quality of the product (houses) was, at best, barely marginal. Truthfully, the building inspectors were either blind or taking money under the table to sign off on the shoddy construction, code notwithstanding. The words “sloppy,” “poor,” and “should-be-ashamed” come to mind. I complained and was fired.

This so-called “immigration problem” isn’t a problem at all. None of us has a problem with legal immigration; it’s the illegal immigration that is the topic. There is one, and only one, solution to illegal immigrants in our country: deport by using every resource of our government to accomplish the mission.

Utilize the Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force to remove the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS  from within our borders. Bring our troops home and give them the task to assist the “guest workers” out of our country; help the illegal immigrants, a “humanitarian” exodus back to the country they so miss; back to the homeland that they yearn for; back to where they belong; back to where they should’ve stayed. The Tea Party has spoken: time to listen. No immigration “deals,” no “amnesty,” no “reform,” no “pathway to citizenship.” Deportation is the ONLY answer.

Notice to businesses: if you are caught employing an illegal immigrant, you’ll be shut down (fined exorbitantly).

Semper Fi


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  1. Military Bases: Obama’s New Illegal Alien Dumping Grounds
    Michelle Malkin’s column is released once a week.
    “As I’ve said for two decades, illegal alien amnesties guarantee two things: more illegal immigration and more Democratic voters. Now we have a White House forcing U.S. military bases to provide interminable benefits and services to illegal aliens for political gain, while said White House evades responsibility for allowing military veterans to die waiting for the most basic of medical services.”


  2. COTUS Article VI SECTION 4.

    The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

    I can not park in a Handicap parking space without a permit but MEXICO can park its children and others in the U.S. without consequence…?

    I have no cultural disdain for the Mexican peoples, I pity them for the people that Rule them.

    But I love the Constitution more and PITY US for the Administration, ney, Regime, WE now have……and THAT extends to the various State regimes as well, that allow this lawlessness to continue.