by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2014

(Jun. 5, 2014) — This month the University of California at Irvine will hold its annual commencement ceremony at Angel Stadium.  The speaker they invited to help direct their new graduates off to a life of liberty, financial success, democracy and freedom, is one who believes in absolutely none of that.

The speaker they have chosen has an impressive history. One needs to ask which of the following accomplishments and personal characteristics the people sitting on the UCI Board of Directors are most impressed with and would like to see their graduating students emulate?

  • His failure to ever take responsibility for dangerous policies, blunders and the chaos he has caused.
  • His failure to ever tell the truth about anything.
  • His attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment by turning over deadly weapons to Mexican drug cartels which then murdered hundreds of innocent people.
  • His killing of American citizens without due process.
  • His executive order which hid every document relating to his origin and academics.
  • His destruction of our economy with bogus and needless energy regulations.
  • His waste of billions of dollars given to campaign donors running renewable energy scams.
  • His intentional instigation of racial disharmony.
  • His failure to send help to Americans fighting for their lives in Benghazi.
  • His felonious fabrication of a birth certificate.
  • His use of the NSA to spy on American citizens.
  • His implementation of ObamaCare which has forced millions to lose health care coverage.
  • His allowing hundreds of veterans do die waiting for healthcare as he paid bonuses to those responsible.
  • His use of the IRS and FBI to interfere with the rights of grassroots organizations.
  • His support for and arming of Islamic terrorists in Syria, Egypt, Libya and the Sudan.
  • His release of the five murdering Islamic terrorists all of which will kill Americans at the very first opportunity.
  • His bringing an America-hating deserter back home while doing nothing to help a real hero get out of a Mexican hellhole.

Many of us know this is just a partial list of his credentials. But this compilation should give UCI officials a sufficient list of attributes that they would chose to have their new graduates take with them through life.

TPATH supports this demonstration and the organizations which are planning it.  The University needs to know that despite the title the man holds, his values, his life of obfuscation, his crimes and his attempted destruction of a great country, preclude any desire one might otherwise have for our young people to emulate anything he does or stands for.

Please repost this event anyplace and everyplace.  

Email it to your lists, your friends and families. 

It is time for America to stand up and let that usurper and those who would hold him up for something he is not, nor will he ever be, know that we have had it.  Enough!  Enough leading our country to moral and economic regression and enough leading our children down that same path.

You can download the PDF for the demonstration by clicking here.  Please keep in mind that this protest will be respectful to those who may be there and respectful to the University.  But signs and banners letting all know just how you feel are not only allowed, but desired.


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