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by OPOVV, ©2014

Has Obama been hiding behind anonymity?

(Jun. 4, 2014) — From this day forward, this is how we employers of our government’s employees are going to run our ship. We’ll still remain steadfast in spreading the word that the Clown, the Nation’s Joke (Obama), is Constitutionally unqualified to be the de facto president, but we’ll now require that EVERY government employee give a card with his name, email and physical address, and phone number, to whomever they come in contact with while working on our behalf.

Here’s an example: an EPA employee knocks on your door, or sends you an email, or contacts you via snail-mail, for any reason (doing government business): they are hereby required to inform you of all the information about themselves as they have about you. It’s called “Playing by the Rules,” “Playing Fair,” “Do unto others as you would have done upon yourself.”

NO EXCEPTIONS. No more hiding behind an illegal, quasi-legal, made-up, vindictive, bogus or, for that matter, harassment excuse or “reason.” No more, “The IRS has determined that you owe ‘X’-amount.” We demand, instead, that the request be in the following form: “Mr. Jones, of this address, this email, this home phone number, says you owe ‘X’-amount.” It’s called “being held accountable.”  Our government should try it sometime.

This pushing of massive debt on future generations doesn’t cut it. I’m sorry to say this, but we all should be eating rice and drinking water until we grow up and act our age: a little over 200 years old. WE have NO financial or moral license to cheat those who are not even born to be shackled with less money than they deserve. The system that we now live under is just a simple scheme where there’s a bully on the block who controls our money. We ought to stand up to this bully (the Federal Reserve Bank) and tell him to take a hike.

Wouldn’t it be something if our politicians would publicly state how much debt they rang up for your children, grandchildren and so on down the line?

Anyway, no more hiding behind closed doors, get it? “Dear Miss Wilson. My name is Officer Nelson and I live at __, my email is __ and my home phone # is __. I shot your dog. Your dog was ‘‘acting in a threatening manner,’ so I killed it. I broke into your home on police business. Actually, we got the wrong address on a drug bust. We looked for drugs in your home and didn’t find any, but we did find drug paraphernalia (teaspoons in the kitchen drawer, matches out near the hibachi on the back porch) so I was ‘justified’ in the shooting. Too bad about the mess: broken door and lock, six bullet holes in the foyer floor, stained rug, slashed mattress, sofa and pillows. You can’t sue the department or me for damages to your home or for the death of your pet; after all, we did determine that you are either a drug user or dealer, perhaps both. If you make a complaint, or run your mouth, a warrant will be issued for ‘possession of drug paraphernalia,’ so you just better think twice about calling any of the numbers on my card. Sincerely, Officer Nelson.”

Not only do we have the duty to replace the present government, but we have the obligation to sustain our Constitution; there’s just no way around it. If votes were bullets, huh? Guess what? The other side is cheating. “Free and Honest Elections?” Not in America, not since before 2008. Ponder away, but at least do so armed. Let’s not let the “Anonymity” of our government employees remain “politically correct.”

Semper Fi


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