May 31, 2014

Dear Supporters of Operation American Spring,

I wanted to reach out to you and personally thank you for your thoughts, prayers and presence in Washington D.C.

Daily 5.16 Patriots are gathering on the Mall to petition their Government for a “Redress of Grievances.” Issues like Benghazi, American POWs, IRS Targeting of Conservative groups, Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), Bunkerville, NV, Illegal Aliens and Amnesty, the list goes on, are at the forefront of our grievances and protests.

To keep the pressure on Congress and the White House, we must maintain a strong and growing presence on The Mall. To do so, we need you, your friends, family and associates to take a STAND here in D.C., or assist someone in getting here from your community. If we falter now, what will we leave our children and our children’s children?

Please consider coming to The Mall, in Washington D.C., and supporting our efforts to Restore Our Constitutional Republic. Visit www.oas2014.com for locations, daily agenda and updates. As always, thank you for your prayers and support. v/r,  Alex Coffey

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  1. Mr. Laity, how about founding a new “Judicial” that follows AND understands it “sworn duty” to protect the Constitution and carry out it’s intent??? How about getting the press to tell “We The People” that their “Constitutional Rights To Serve Criminal Presentments To Approach The Judicial To Investigate Government Corruption And Corrupted Officials” (who are in “Misprision Of Felony” as we speak) is being IGNORED by the people hired, paid certificated to perform those duties!!! The serving process is called “CRIMINAL PRESENTMENT” and its goal is to expose corrupted “officials” “corrupted process or activity” “violations of law and Constitution by officials” etc. to reach a process called “DISCOVERY” allowing a case docket and trial to commence for prosecution of corruption and law breaking activity?

  2. As founder of the Society for the Preservation of our American Republic (formerly known as Society for the Preservation of Democracy and Human Rights)my Prayers are with all of you who are pro-active in your efforts to make this Country strong and to preserve it for “posterity”. We have the enjoyment of the Blessings of Liberty but also have the duty and obligation to act to protect them for future generations of Americans. We MUST keep God in all we do. God will protect this Nation if we honor and serve him. It is “In God we trust”.