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by Kathleen Gotto, ©2014

The Ten Planks of Communism as set forth by Karl Marx are enumerated here and at The Jeremiah Project

(May 30, 2014) —  Statism, the arch-enemy of capitalism, is ultimately doomed for failure.  Whether one calls it left-wing, liberalism, communism, progressive socialism, statism, socio-fascism, or some other “ism,” in its rawest form it enshrines government as the god-everyone-needs.  But it is not a benevolent force for good.  Statists hide their desired endgame under such noble pretenses as saving mankind and the planet, but such salvation must arrive through the birth canal of an unattainable Utopia.  No kidding.  If nothing else, statists evince a huge appetite for pie in the sky.  Unfortunately, they relentlessly try to force-feed their brand of pie on a population that is more in tune with reality and wants no part of the statists’ fantasy. 

Tactics that statists employ to sell the Big Utopian Lie include stoking the fires of resentment, lust and greed, those basest of men’s dark desires.  They are heavy artillery arrows in the statist’s quiver and easily find their mark in the minds and hearts of those who are unskilled in critical thinking.  Abortion, destruction of marriage between a man and a woman, and redistribution of wealth are among the most damaging pursuits by statists under the guise of women’s health, alternative sexuality, and equality.  The first kills life; the second kills marriage; and the third steals the fruit of another man’s labor.  Poseidon’s trident pales in comparison to this three-pronged weapon of the statists, which, if left unchallenged, would completely gut America.  Apparently that is their intent, because by their actions and words, they consistently prove their hate for this country and all she stands for.

Of course, those are not the only platforms the Left has set its sight on.  The environment, education, gun control, illegal immigration, racism, destruction of private property, massive surveillance of Americans, etc., are all part of the state’s fodder.  Nonetheless, their primary weapons of mass destruction in their assault against America appear to be their determined evisceration of human life, the family, and capitalism.

Statism is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, the state is purportedly man’s answer to all his needs in a utopia that is unattainable without the state’s intervention.  On the other hand, what kind of utopia is it that wields an iron fist inside its velvet glove?  Statism is neither the first nor the last attempt at deceiving mankind.   Christopher Yorke wrote a compelling article about the utopian myth and whether such an ideal can be both “conceivable” and “achievable.”  Common sense should tell us that not everything that is conceivable is achievable.  Common sense should also tell us that giving control to the state over our lives is something called slavery, without which statism cannot be sustained.

What is truly amazing is to see how easily deceived are those who have been seduced by statism.  And they consider themselves intellectuals and superior in intellect to the masses they deem in need of their help.  Statists only get to play god if we let them.  Coach Dave Daubenmire said it best —

“What the hell are you afraid of? Why have so many people become so paralyzed by what others may think? Silence isn’t golden…it is yellow. The godhaters are winning because they have silenced your voice. Your unwillingness to speak up and defend what you believe is giving the progressives a victory without firing a shot. If they silence you, they silence the voice of God.

We have become afraid to bark. Dumb dogs is what Isaiah 56 calls us. Dumb dogs…afraid to bark.

What, for Pete’s sake, are you afraid of?”

Indeed!  What are we afraid of?  The truth is plain to see — radical statists have seized control of the Executive Branch in the United States of America and there is no meaningful push-back from either of the other two branches of government.  Denying, minimizing, or ignoring the statists’ coup — for that is what it is — will not change the trajectory that Barack Obama and his advisors started imposing upon this country as soon as he was elected. 

The lack of opposition from Congress stunned many Americans.  Was it because Congress was either too impotent or self-protected to even uphold their oath to support and defend the Constitution?  Was Congress too intimidated to use the power of the purse to block radical policies and maneuvering (stalling on the Keystone Pipeline) or laws (Affordable Care Act)?  Or, were a majority of Congressmen and Senators either in agreement with the Obama administration or simply unable to muster the energy to fight back?  Only a few members of Congress have spoken out.  Then there were those upon whom conservatives pinned their hopes only to have those hopes dashed because of hearing merely indistinct or garbled messages from them. 

So, it looks like statism is winning, especially when the state of our nation is compared to Karl Marx’s 10 Planks of Communism, as commented upon in the Jeremiah Project.   When has any Republican official in recent days publicly declared war on even one of communism’s 10 planks?  When have they even mentioned Marx’s 10 planks?  Why is it We The People have been screaming for those who are supposed to represent us and the best interests of our country to break their inertia and do something?  When are impeachment hearings going to be held on all the many and ugly scandals for which the Obama administration is responsible?  When will statist radicals be held accountable to the rule of law?  When will Congress and the courts repudiate lawlessness and put this country back under the dictates and limits of our Constitution?  These are questions that demand answers, and 2014 candidates had better be prepared to respond to them satisfactorily.

It may only look as if statism is winning.  Ultimately, it will fail when the enslaved feel the weight of their bonds and wake up to realize that what they had taken for granted was so easily snatched away.  The most powerful force against any entity which seeks to usurp power that belongs only to God is God himself.  It matters not if statists do not believe in him or denigrate him; what matters is that God will not share what only belongs to him with a bunch of left-wing statists who seek to rule his kingdom.  That is dangerous business because God will not be mocked.

There is a day of reckoning coming for those who seek Utopia but do not seek God, for those who seek to control every aspect of our lives but live above such constraints themselves.  That day of reckoning is immutable because it is enshrined in the eternal law of sowing and reaping.  Statism is also destined to fail because it repudiates and seeks to destroy the Judeo-Christian construct, which was embedded in the very fabric of our founding and our Constitution. When Americans all across this land repent of their apathy and indifference to the destruction the statists have wrought in their inane quest for Utopia and total control of the masses, and turn to God and not to government to save them, then there will be hope again in our land.   We will, in a few short months, have an opportunity to find our redemption on November 4, 2014.

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