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by OPOVV, ©2014

Where is the leadership in freeing Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican prison?

(May 29, 2014) — Look, I’m just a regular guy, but something’s been really bothering me, so much so, that I’m now, right now, a few notches on the other side of ticked-off. I’m talking about one of ours, a U.S. Marine, being detained by the Mexicans: “You pay big bribe, Gringo, maybe you get him back.”

I don’t do “maybes,” and I don’t threaten. I just tell it to you the way it is, just as G.W. Bush told Saddam Hussein, “Get out within 48 hours or we’ll come on in and kill you and your two worthless sons.”

If I were the president, or the Commandant of Camp Pendleton, I’d put the question to the Marines stationed in the San Diego area: “What say we saddle-up and go on a rescue mission? And anyone else in any of the other services want to lend a hand, you’re more than welcome to join us. A carrier battle group just off the coast of Tijuana would be nice.”

“The Mexicans have two choices: stand aside and let our guy out, or we’ll come on in and take him out.”

How come the borders haven’t been closed? How come we’re not deporting illegal Mexican immigrants? How come we still have NAFTA?

If I were the president, this Marine never would’ve been detained more than 24 hours. That 911 operator should’ve said, “I’m sorry to hear the stupid Mexicans want to play games. I will immediately inform the Commandant of Camp Pendleton. I’m sorry, I won’t waste our time contacting the worthless State Department headed by our worthless Secretary of State.”

Kerry “worthless?” Is our Marine still in the Mexican jail?

Semper Fi


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